Kelly Ripa’s Son Appeared on ‘Live’ Yesterday and Fans Can’t Believe How Much He Looks Like His Dad

Kelly Ripa’s son, Michael Consuelos, is looking more like his dad, Mark Consuelos, by the day.

Yesterday, Michael appeared as a guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan. During the episode, the 24-year-old actor helped his mom and her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, make a foolproof potatoes au gratin recipe.

The clip shows Seacrest introducing Michael, who looks like a miniature version of his father. They begin with a little small talk—like when Seacrest asks Michael what his parents do behind closed doors, to which he gives a relatable answer: they watch Succession.

“Whenever I’m on [Live], I spend the night at their place because it’s close to the studio,” he says. “And I was at the dinner table with them, and they were just going on and on about the show.”

The trio then dive into the recipe that Ripa randomly found. “We’re making a recipe I saw in the newspaper. Because why not?” she explains. “Crispy hassleback potatoes au gratin.”

Basically, the dish calls for four russet potatoes, which must be sliced hassleback-style. This involves cutting the potato into thin slices, but instead of slicing all the way through, leave a small space at the bottom, so the spud remains in one piece. (Try placing one chopstick on each side, so the knife stops at the stick—not the cutting board.)

The vegetables are then smothered in butter, cheese and herbs before entering the oven until they become crispy. For the full recipe, click here.

Fans immediately filled the comments section with praise for the holiday-appropriate recipe. However, the majority of the messages focused on Michael’s likeness to Mark. “Wow does he ever look like his dad,” one person wrote. Another added, “Nice family! He looks like his dad!”

BRB, adding hassleback potatoes au gratin to our Thanksgiving menu.

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