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Admit it: At some point in your life, you’ve imagined yourself as a mermaid. It may have been when you were 10 years old and watched The Little Mermaid for the first time, or it may have been just last week while you were lounging by the pool. Regardless, we’re willing to bet it’s happened at least once. Well, the latest Instagram trend wants you to keep on living that mermaid life all in the name of body positivity.

The hashtag #MermaidThighs is currently going viral as a positive way to describe thighs that touch. The idea is that having your legs naturally come together puts you one step closer to looking like a mermaid (get it?), which is awesome.

It all started with an Instagram post by blogger Kenzie Brenna. In it, she celebrates her body and acknowledges that being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean having slim legs.

The movement seems to be a direct response to the recent thigh-gap trend, which praiseswomen for having legs that don’t rub together, indirectly shaming those who do.

We’re all for trends that make women feel beautiful in their own skin, whether that means standing on legs that resemble twigs or a glittery fishtail. And really, who wouldn’t want to pretend to be a mermaid for a day?

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