Whoa, Meghan Markle Cost Prince Charles *This* Much Last Year
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We know we cost our parents a ton of money growing up (sorry, Mom and Dad). But more than $8 million?! Not even we could blow that much at the mall in one year…

Turns out, that’s the estimate for how much Prince Charles’s estate shelled out for Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last year, which marks a 40 percent increase from the previous year (before Markle’s engagement to his son, Prince Harry). In 2017, Prince Charles paid out $8.61 million for the fab four, compared to $6.11 million in 2016, according to a report from The Telegraph.

Prince Charles finances his children’s activities (including their wardrobes and staff salaries) via the Duchy of Cornwall (a private estate that has been passed down to the oldest child of the monarch since 1337), and the 40 percent increase coincides with Markle’s engagement and entry to the royal monarchy. So, yeah, technically, Markle’s entry could’ve cost Prince Charles about $2.5 million (holding all expenses from the other three constant). Exhibit A: Remember the $78,000 Ralph & Russo engagement dress?!

Previous reports stated the Duchy of Cornwall would not have paid for any of the now-duchess’s expenses before the two were officially married, but the royal family has been known to bend the rules for Markle before.

Before Markle’s arrival on the monarchy scene, no fiancees were allowed to spend Christmas with the queen (Kate Middleton didn’t spend Christmas with the royal family until she was officially wed to Prince William). But, in 2017, Queen Elizabeth made an exception, and Markle spent Christmas with the royal family before her and Harrys wedding in May.

We just hope Prince Charles pulls the ol’ dad joke when Harry and Meghan ask for more dough for the yoga studio at Frogmore: “What do I look like?! An ATM?”

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