The Parenting App Kristen Bell Swears By to Keep Her Chaotic Family Life in Check

kristen bell marco polo app

It's the holy grail every mom is constantly in search of: A trick, a technique, an app—anything—to help organize the constant chaos that little ones (and sometimes spouses) frequently create.

That's why we asked funny lady and supermom (in our opinion) Kristen Bell at the New York City Hello Bello launch—for her new line of plant-based baby products with hubby Dax Shepard—if she had any recommendations to share.

She did: Bell says she swears by the Marco Polo app to communicate (and video chat) with her family when she is on the go—or a time zone away from her kids.

What's Marco Polo? Kristen gave us a quick demo, but basically it allows you to record video messages for family, friends and loved ones whenever you have a moment to chat, even if your schedules don't match up. This way, you can talk when you're on the move, between appointments—whenever it's convenient—and whoever you're reaching out to can catch up in real time later.

As Kristen explained it, her kids can drop her a video message and if she's busy, she can view it later versus missing the call (and then reply with a personalized video message back).

Even cooler, the app is cloud-based so videos don't disappear—you can watch whenever you want.

And we thought FaceTime was cool.

Kristen Bell Swears by This Technique for Editing the Chorus of OpinionsWhen You Become a Mom

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