Katy Perry Just Changed Her Hair Again (and This Might Be Our Favorite Look Yet)

Katy Perry is no stranger to changing up her hair. From jet black to ice blue, Khaleesi-length waves to super-short pixie, no one can deny that she's the ultimate chameleon.

And though we've loved all of her various looks through the years, we're especially feeling the long, platinum-blonde locks she debuted on the American Idol finale last night. To clarify, we mean the retro glam style above (though we thoroughly enjoyed the massively voluminous hair she rocked during her performance with Daddy Yankee—which, by the way, took 72 wigs to create).

The glamorous change comes courtesy of celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton (aka Kim Kardashian's mane guy and longtime stylist to Perry). Given that just weeks before, she was seen rocking her now signature blonde pixie at the Met Gala (along with a full-on hamburger costume, natch), we're guessing she's wearing a very convincing wig (just one) or extensions.

Bottom line: We love that she isn't afraid to try things out and look forward to seeing what she does next.

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