Jennifer Lopez Walked in on Katy Perry Switching Costumes in the Met Gala Bathroom, and the Video Is Everything

Leave it to Queen of the Met Gala Katy Perry to pull out all the stops for the biggest night in fashion. 

At 2019's Met Gala, the "I Kissed a Girl" singer went full-on kooky with her "camp"-themed costume, transforming into a giant walking chandelier that reminded many of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast (though, we must admit: The candlestick/chandelier mix-up is not lost on us...and we never thought we'd type that sentence).

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

After dodging questions about how she'd actually sit down once inside the Metropolitan Museum (she reportedly rolled her eyes and answered, "You don't sit down at the Met"), Perry walked away signing Sia's "Chandelier."

Yes, she's only just getting started, ladies and gents.

Perry switched out of her 40-pound chandelier costume and into a giant hamburger by Moschino. Taking a cue from Lady Gaga, who had four costume changes on the Met Gala red carpet alone, the "Fireworks" singer had to complete the epic transformation in the bathroom.

Kevin Tachman/Getty Images

The hamburger costume proved a bit difficult to switch into in the Met Gala bathrooms, however. A video of her costume change was posted on Twitter, and Jennifer Lopez casually walks out of a nearby toilet stall trying to avoid the fiasco that is Perry's outfit switch. The video, needless to say, is priceless.

Perry, who recently got engaged to Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom, proceeded to dance the night away in her burger costume, proving Eva Chen, who posted a video of the frolicking fast-food, right.

That no burger is complete without a shake on the side...