Jessica Simpson Shares Rare Pic of Daughter Birdie Mae & Her *Massive* Shoe Collection on Instagram

Jessica Simpson's daughter, Birdie Mae, has a massive shoe collection that puts our own shoe closet to shame.

On Instagram, the 40-year-old mom shared a photo of her daughter surrounded by enough shoes to open up a mini store. In the caption, she wrote, "The irony to Birdie’s love for shoes is that I was so swollen when I was pregnant with her that I couldn’t wear any. It’s true what they say—the third child gets the hand-me-downs! #BIRDIEMAE."

In the pic, the 2-year-old is seen sitting in the middle of many pairs of shoes, which range from shiny ballet flats to multi-colored sneakers. And of course, in Birdie's hand is a leopard-print heel sandal (if you recall, the toddler is quite fond of cat prints, as seen from her leopard-print tee).

The impressive collection comes as no surprise, since Simpson revealed in a previous Instagram post that "shoes" was Birdie's second word. The Open Book author wrote, "Birdie definitely takes after mom...her second word was 'Shoes!' She demands to switch shoes 4x a day, and it doesn’t even matter whose—Ace’s and dad’s size 15’s too."

In the pic, Birdie wears a pair of brown Uggs with a green romper and, naturally, a leopard-print head wrap. One fan wrote, "She’s SO cute! Love her style too."

Jessica, can we get some of these fab hand-me-downs?

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