Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Young Daughter's Second Word (& It's Totally Fitting)

Jessica Simpson's youngest daughter, Birdie, is already following in her mom's footsteps, complete with her own stylish pair of boots.

On Tuesday, the Open Book author posted a new photo of her 20-month-old daughter, proving that the toddler is already becoming a fashion icon. But Simpson also revealed an interesting detail about her daughter's second word. She wrote, "Birdie definitely takes after mom...her second word was 'Shoes!' She demands to switch shoes 4x a day, and it doesn’t even matter whose—Ace’s and dad’s size 15’s too [laughing emoji]."

In the pic, Birdie poses with her knee bent, rocking a cheetah-print head wrap with an olive-green romper and cozy Uggs. One commenter wrote, "She looks so grown up!" Another fan said, "She’s SO cute! Love her style too."

TBH, it comes as no surprise that "shoes" would be Birdie's first word, since her mom has already proven to be a huge shoe-lover herself. In fact, when it comes to her fashionable outfits on Instagram, her shoes are typically the first thing to steal the show. And if you need proof, just check out the post below.

While doing her morning yoga, fans couldn't help but gush over the singer's colorful footwear. One fan commented, "Dying to know where these boots are from! I need them in my life [heart emojis]." Another said, "Please share the details on the boots! Soooo cute!"

Clearly, great style runs in the Simpson family!

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