‘Schitt's Creek’ Actress Jennifer Robertson Revealed That *This* ‘Hocus Pocus’ Star Is ‘Always Up for Mischief’ on Set

We often wonder what it's like on the sets of Hollywood movies, especially when major stars team up for a project.

In Netflix's new Christmas rom-com, Single All the Way, the cast is stuffed with stars, including Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Barry Bostwick (Spin City) and more.

But according to Schitt's Creek star Jennifer Robertson—who plays Urie's sister, Lisa, in the film—there was one actress who was always ready for fun when the camera stopped rolling: Kathy Najimy.

While sitting down with PureWow, Robertson revealed that Najimy was possibly the most playful person on set. “Kathy was always up for some mischief in between takes,” Robertson said. “She's really fun and really kind.”

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Philippe Bosse/Netflix

But Najimy wasn't the only one who could get a laugh out of the cast and crew. Robertson added that Coolidge was also quite funny while on set.

“Jennifer could make you laugh just standing there,” Robertson said. “She didn't have to do anything and she's making you laugh.”

Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast couldn't spend a lot of time together on set, and they had to distance themselves when they weren't shooting. But in the moments where they were together, Robertson said everything clicked.

“It was a great group,” she said. “It was so easy and everybody got along and immediately clicked. And Michael [Mayer], our director, was so amazing and he just made it a fun place to be.”

Single All the Way will be available to stream on Netflix on December 2nd. Until then, we'll be dreaming about getting into mischief with all the iconic stars of this cast.

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