Move Over, Botox: Jane Seymour Says *This* Is the Best Anti-Aging Tool...and It’s Free
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Aging gracefully doesn’t have to mean smearing $100 creams on your face, praying at the altar of Botox or even going under the knife. At 67, Jane Seymour says she’s found the fountain of youth and, bless, it’s completely free (and non-invasive).

The actress chatted with People about her perspective on aging and shared the natural remedy that she thinks is much more effective than a facelift. “I tell people that the best facelift on the planet is free. It’s a smile,” Seymour said. “The whole face lifts.” Now that’s much more doable.  

She went on to explain her relaxed approach to growing older, saying, “You have to feel that this is who you are. At any age, including my age now, I always look to see what suits me best in terms of cut and style and how I can make the most of the features that I still feel OK about and sort of hide the ones that I think have maybe had their moment.”

There you have it: You’re never fully dressed preventing signs of aging without a smile, so show off those pearly whites.

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