‘Instapurging Will Make Your Life 50 Percent Less Stressful

Remember back in 2010 when you first got an Instagram account? It was a simpler time, full of grainy remnants of drunken nights out and the occasional delightfully nostalgic #TBT.

Now, though, we sometimes find ourselves getting stressed out about during our daily (OK, thrice daily) Insta scroll. 

If you're like us, you need to get on board with "Instapurging," ridding your feed of any accounts that make you feel stressed, inadequate or any other negative emotion. 

All you need to do is go through the list of people you follow and take stock of how each makes you feel. If there’s a lifestyle blogger whose picture-perfect shots make you feel bummed out, unfollow. Keeping up with your favorite celebs and pseudo-celebs can be fun, but staring at Kim Kardashian's superhuman waist-to-hip ratio for the 700th time can start to weigh on your psyche. 

And yes, this might mean missing out on Blake Lively's trip to Disneyland, but if it means improving your overall sense of well-being, we say it's worth it. (Plus, you can totally read about her fangirling over Mickey on PureWow.)

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