Iced Coffee Lemonade Is One Part Weird, One Part Refreshing and Why Didn’t We Think of This Ourselves?
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You’re hip to cold brew, you love a good latte and you’ve even tried sparkling coffee. What’s your next fix for that 3:30 feeling?

Iced coffee lemonade.

Yep, we know it sounds kinda crazy—but trust us, it’s delicious.

Think: refreshing, sweet-tart lemonade mixed with just-bitter-enough coffee and lots of ice. The resulting drink is kind of fruity, kind of caramel-y and exactly what we want to drink on a hot summer day. (And FYI, the Swedes have been drinking it for years. It’s called kaffelemonad.) Here’s why it works: Coffee often has citrus and floral tasting notes, so lemonade is actually a perfect pairing to bring out those underlying flavors.

Arnold Palmer, make way.

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