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An Easy Trick to Tell if an E-Commerce Site Is Legit
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We’ve all seen the horror stories posted on Facebook: Person orders garment for a price that’s too good to be true only to learn upon the package’s arrival (if it ever comes), that yeah, the deal was too good to be true. With so many retailers on the interwebs, it can be hard to tell whether the site is real or if it just really wants your money.  

Luckily there’s a quick trick to figure out if the site you’re on is legit: a reverse Google image search.

What’s a reverse image search? Instead of combing the web for keywords or answers to a question, Google image searches hunt for any and all instances in which a particular image appears online. To do one yourself just open the website in question in Chrome, right click on the image and select “Search Google for Image”and bam! 

Why does this work? Your reverse Google image search will show you where else that exact image appears online. If you see the image appearing on multiple e-commerce sites, particularly international sites or, worse, only Pinterest, then it’s probably best not to buy merchandise from them because, chances are, they don’tactually have that exact product.

So there you have it. When in doubt, do yourself—and your bank account—a favor and flip it and reverse it.

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