Are You Guilty of ‘Hometown Holidating?
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We’ve all been there: After approximately 12 hours with the family during a long holiday weekend, we’re shooting out texts left and right for any excuse to hit a bar for a little liquor-filled “fresh” air. That is, until we run into our high school ex at Sneaky Pete’s. Chaos (and a rekindled flame) ultimately ensues.

The tendency has a name: “Hometown Holidating,” where a return to Ye Olde Stomping Grounds means inevitable run-ins with the Ghosts of Exes Past. And it’s very real, according to relationship expert and NYC matchmaker Eileen Fisher.

Holidating can be “a chance to date the woman or man we always crushed on during the holiday season,” Fisher said. Or it can be a major regret the next day.

Of course, old flings die hard, so if you are looking to rekindle a former love, now’s the time. “Hometown visits always intrigue Tinder users in November—so if you’re looking for that crush from high school, they will likely be swiping with you,” Tinder’s Dating and Relationship Trend Expert (yes, real title) and E! host Dr. Darcy Sterling said.

But if you’re not looking to fall prey to tattooed former high school wrestling captain Kris? Make like Santa’s reindeer and *sleigh* somewhere other than Sneaky Pete’s (or whatever local dive bar serves as the cigarette-smoke-filled meeting grounds each holiday break).

You’ve been warned.

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