It appears calculating one’s age does not get easier over time.

On today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Helen Mirren received the shock of a lifetime when she realized she’s not the age she thought she was.

It all began when the daytime host pointed out that Mirren is very proud of her age. The revelation that happened next added an entire year onto Mirren’s lifespan.

One minute and 40 seconds into the video, DeGeneres refers to Mirren as a 72-year-old, but the actress is quick to insist she’s 73 years of age. Suddenly, confusion sets in.

Mirren starts to backtrack on her story, saying, “I think I’m 73! My husband and I, we forget.” But DeGeneres is confident in her findings and reassures the actress that she is, in fact, 72 years old.

The Leisure Seeker star’s hilarious response is a brilliant reminder that age is just a number. She says, “Are you sure? I’m 72? This is fantastic! I’ve just made a whole year. Because my husband and I thought we were 74 and then we worked it out and no, we’re 73. So we both went, ‘Oh, fantastic, we’ve got a whole extra year!’ And now I’ve got another year.”

Classic mix-up.

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