If there are two things I love in this world, it’s baby animals and high fashion. So when I came across photos of Harry Styles (ya know, that kinda hot British guy who was in One Direction?) dressed in head-to-toe Gucci posing with a menagerie of farm animals, I was into it. I mean, ewe wouldn’t be?

First off, I feel compelled to point out that Styles is wearing both a floral ascot and a lamb as a scarf in this photo.

That’s a lot of neckwear for one pic, and yet he pulls it off flawlessly. Even the lamb agrees.

Sadly, Styles and the little lamb’s relationship appeared to sour in another photo, where they both looked sullen. What a juxtaposition with his cheery 2019 resort collection brocade dinner jacket!

The “Sign of the Times” singer went on to pose with a friendly black-and-white goat in—wait for it—a black-and-white photo. So meta.

Here, Styles lives my personal dream and feeds a mini pig straight from his palm whilst his other mini pig friends frolic about. 

If this was my Gucci campaign then the pigs would also be wearing patent leather dress shoes, but alas it is not.

Perhaps it’s for the best. If they were wearing tiny shoes, then this little piggy wouldn’t have been able to show off his impeccable Barbie feet pose.

Time for me to move to Vermont and start a mini-pig modeling agency. Who’s with me?

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