*These* Are the 25 Happiest Cities in America and We Want to Move ASAP
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Thinking about relocating to a new city? Well, you might want to take these fascinating findings into account.

Personal-finance website WalletHub looked at 182 of the largest cities in the country and rated them across 28 different criteria, including life expectancy, income growth rates, job satisfaction, weekly work hours and divorce rate. Also on the list? The frequency of “ideal weather.”

Fremont, California, is rated the happiest city in the U.S. (hey, we’ll take that sunny weather any day). And next on the list areBismarck, North Dakota, and San Jose, California. Check out the 25 happiest hubs in America below and find out more about the study here.

25. Irving, Texas
24. Des Moines, Iowa
23. Lincoln, Nebraska
22. Santa Rosa, California
21. Austin, Texas
20. Gilbert, Arizona
19. St. Paul, Minnesota
18. Oakland, California
17. Glendale, California
16. Santa Clarita, California
15. Overland Park, Kansas
14. Scottsdale, Arizona
13. San Francisco, California
12. Columbia, Maryland
11. Madison, Wisconsin
10. Grand Prairie, Texas
9. Huntington Beach, California
8. Irvine, California
7. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
6. Fargo, North Dakota
5. Plano, Texas
4. Pearl City, Hawaii
3. San Jose, California
2. Bismarck, North Dakota
1. Fremont, California

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