Gwyneth Paltrow Had the Best Comment on Those Viral Photos of Ethan Hawke with Rihanna

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We haven't been able to stop thinking about Rihanna's showstopping Super Bowl performance (and that legendary pregnancy announcement), and apparently, Ethan Hawke, 52, hasn't been able to stop thinking about it either.

Soon after the 34-year-old wowed football fans with her medley of hits, Hawke made an Instagram post showing his love for the performance, and he dug up a series of viral photos that were taken of him and RiRi back in 2015. “After Rihanna’s brilliant half time performance, I’m hoping my son can find it in his heart to forgive a Dad for taking his moment,” he wrote in the caption.

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In case you don't remember, the iconic pics appeared to show his son, Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke, 21, sitting next to the “Umbrella” singer during the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. However, Hawke seemingly traded seats with him so that he could sit next to the pop star...and Rihanna did not look amused.

Many people took to the comments, reminiscing on these viral photos. One user wrote, “Top 10 iconic moments of all time.” Another joked, “You miss 100% of the [shots] you don’t take.”

However, Hawke's friend, Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, won with the best comment, when she wrote: “Could you sit up straight, for god’s sake? You’re sitting next to Rihanna!” (Fans clearly loved the comical remark, as it currently has over 17k likes.) Actress Alyssa Milano echoed Paltrow's sentiment, commenting, “Not sure I would have gone with this posture whilst sitting next to a goddess.”

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Of course, Paltrow's comment seemed to all be in good fun, and she and Hawke have known each other for years, since they starred together in the romantic drama Great Expectations back in 1998.

Hawke's son, Levon, can seemingly laugh about the moment now too, given that he wrote, “Iconic content.”

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Well played, Gwyneth.

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