‘Gatsbying Is the Latest Dating Trend, but Its Not as Great as the Name Implies
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We’re pretty sure even F. Scott Fitzgerald couldn’t have called this one: The titular character in one of his most famous novels would become a dating trend for millennials (or, really, anyone on social media).

But such is the case for “Gatsbying,” according to the lifestyle blog Tomboy (via the New York Post), which first penned the term. The trend, which refers to a massive display of pomp and circumstance in order to get a crush’s attention, is based on Jay Gatsby, the main character in The Great Gatsby book.

Similar to the “thirst trap” selfie, wherein a person posts a scantily clad selfie or obviously flirtatious picture on social media to “trap” their crush, “Gatsbying” is more about showing off. It’s a bit less in-your-face and more highbrow than just a flirtatious selfie, like when Gatsby throws lavish parties to win Daisy over. Think: Instagrams of you at a trendy dinner spot with a bunch of your girlfriends, swigging champagne and cheers-ing the lavish Saturday you’re all having together, just so that your crush may see it and think, “Wow, this person is really someone...”

Then again, you could always just send a simple text. 

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