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This Crazy Ménage à Trois of a ‘GoT’ Theory with Littlefinger & the Stark Sisters Is So Sinnister
Helen Sloan/HBO

Something is rotten in the state of Winterfell and the tension is real between sisters Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Arya (Maisie Williams) Stark. Throw in that weasel Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) and only bad things can happen. 

Since the Stark sisters first reunited in season seven, episode four, things between them haven't been all hair braiding and fur cape swapping. Arya found the scroll Sansa wrote in season one that was essentially responsible for her father's death. Meanwhile, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was almost murdered by White Walkers, and Littlefinger made us feel uncomfortable (again) with his creepy facial expressions as he planted negative thoughts in Sansa's head about Arya's motivations. 

In season seven, episode sixSansa expresses concern over her little sister's transition into a serial killer (natch) and tells Littlefinger she worries Arya may jeopardize her prestigious standing as the Lady in the North. Littlefinger reminds Sansa that Brienne of Tarth swore an oath to her mother to protect her, but Sansa claps back that Brienne promised to protect both Stark sisters. Conveniently, Sansa received a raven requesting her presence in King's Landing. Unable to leave her people because she “has work to do,” Sansa sends Brienne off to King's Landing as her official representative and therefore renders Arya protector-less (though we all know Arya doesn't need Brienne as her muscle). Should Sansa feel her place as Lady in the North is in jeopardy due to her little sister's angry vengeance, Brienne of Tarth certainly won't be around to protect either sister...

The divide between the Stark sisters is further augmented when Arya finds Sansa digging around in her bag of faces (ew) and threatens to cut her own sister's face off. Before she magically vanishes and leaves Sansa alone and afraid, Arya taunts her one last time with Littlefinger's dagger.

Could this mean that Arya cut Littlefinger's face off and has been posing as him to learn of her sister's genuine intentions since her return to Winterfell? Or, is Littlefinger getting closer to successfully manipulating the Stark sisters to turn against each other now that Brienne of Tarth is out of his hair? We can only hope we'll find out when season seven comes to a close this Sunday, August 27, at 9 p.m. ET. 

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