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Fact: Taking the perfect selfie is never easy. There’s the lighting, the angle and the background to worry about, not to mention what kind of expression to make (duck face? fierce vogue? no-teeth smile?). But thanks to the newest trend on Instagram, we have the ideal setting for our next portrait already figured out. Ladies and gents, welcome to your neighborhood Michael's or JoAnn's (aka an underrated playground for Instagram aficionados).

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According to Mashable, it all started when one Twitter user shot portraits in a craft store for the “Ugly Location Challenge,” proving that a good photo crop of a fake-plant-filled aisle can turn a big box store into a tropical oasis in just a few simple taps.

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Since last month, the challenge has taken off, and the hashtag has gone viral on Instagram and Twitter.

A little finesse (and, um, a lot of editing) make these some of the most gorgeous selfies we’ve ever seen.

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So what are you waiting for? Swipe to your iPhone’s portrait mode, find some giant fake sunflowers and get snappin’.

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