John Legend isn't the only person getting trolled by Chrissy Teigen. The Cravings: Hungry for More author had to shut down someone on Twitter who was upset over Teigen's use of the word "carbonara" in her Pad-Thai Carbonara recipe, and the resulting Twitter war was glorious. 

In response to one fan who had the meatballs to Tweet, “Pad Thai carbonara??? Omg Italians are crying. I am crying. No no no no no. Carbonara, pancetta, parmigiano, uova, prezzemolo, pepe nero,” Teigen responded “there is a reason I didn’t call it ‘your Italian mom’s super authentic carbonara from childhood.’” 

Of course, the clap-back started an all-out Twitter brawl, and the sarcasm was flowing like Chianti. 

 While some responses made us want to go hug our Nonna immediately

Some people just never learn, as one fan pointed out: Don't come for Chrissy "unless she sends for you"!

And, BTW, we'd eat anything made with carbs, and this recipe looks damn delicious.

Case. Closed. 

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