Hi, we’re PureWow, and we’ll drink wine in any form…but you already knew that. We’ve sung the praises of canned and boxed wine, but we’ve never had kegged wine (!), until now.

We just found out that North Fork winery Bridge Lane Wine offers kegs of wine. (That’s in addition to bottles, boxes and pretty pastel cans.) The kegs are available in all five of the sustainable, small farm-winery’s varietals: white Merlot, unoaked Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, dry rosť and a red blend. (Yes, rosť. We’re stunned we didn’t know about this sooner.)

Each keg contains the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, or 130 glasses. And according to the winery’s website, the average price per keg is about $240…aka $10 per bottle. We’d be remiss not to mention that you can purchase the wine online.

Delicious, eco-friendly and economical? This calls for a toast.

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