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Tonight on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, the ladies come face-to-face with Arie Luyendyk Jr. for the first time since being sent home. From Tia’s emotional return to Krystal’s shocking remarks, here’s what went down on tonight’s episode.

The bachelor women tell all
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Welcome to ‘The Women Tell All’

The episode opens on Chris Harrison recapping Arie’s “dramatic” season of The Bachelor. The host reintroduces us to the ladies before playing a video featuring the most memorable moments from season 22, which prompts the women to dive into a conversation about Chelsea “glam shaming” Marikh.

Harrison then transitions the conversation to Tia and asks her about when she threw Bekah under the bus in episode seven. Bekah is quick to point out that Tia came after her for no reason and admits that she thinks she’s much more mature than some of the other contestants. (Ahem, Krystal, ahem.)

The Bachelor season 22 women tell all krystal
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Oh, Krystal

It’s no surprise that Krystal is first up in the hot seat. When Harrison shows a video of her time on the show, the women are shocked to see never-before-seen footage of Krystal saying horrible things about Arie and the other contestants.

Krystal explains that the experience took a toll on her emotions and says she wishes she built more relationships with the women in the house. Naturally, they aren’t buying it. Bekah calls her out for being fake, while Caroline blows up about the nasty things Krystal said behind their backs.

When the conversation turns to Krystal refusing to attend the post-bowling group date, the women don’t hold back on accusing her of talking poorly about, well, everyone. Krystal defends herself by saying it was a moment of weakness and blames her annoying high-pitched voice on The Bachelor’s intimate setting.

The Bachelor season 22 women tell all Seinne
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Seinne Takes the Hot Seat

Next up? Seinne. After reliving her breakup with Arie, she opens up about feeling disconnected before being sent home on episode seven. Now that she’s been able to watch the show, she feels at peace knowing that her relationship wasn’t as strong as the others.

As for the next steps, Seinne says she’s dating but still single before exiting the stage to join the other women.

The Bachelor women tell all bekah
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Bekah Tells All

At long last, it’s Bekah’s turn. She says she feels her experience ended prematurely and admits she’s still upset about being judged for her age. Tia explains her side of the story, and Bekah counters by asking Tia why she didn’t come to her with her concerns.

Much to our delight, Harrison transitions the conversation to the whole missing-persons debacle and encourages Bekah to call her mom, the one who reported her missing, to settle the debate once and for all. When Harrison gets her on the phone, he tells Bekah’s mom that the 22-year-old will likely be missing for two weeks this summer, considering Bachelor in Paradise is returning to Mexico (#Bless).

The Bachelor women tell all tia
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Tia's Tearful Goodbye

Tia joins Harrison onstage and becomes emotional when she watches a clip of her goodbye with Arie. She explains that she really put herself out there, despite the risk, and is upset that she was sent home after the hometown dates and walked away feeling like it was her fault.

Although she is still heartbroken, she feels lucky to have fallen in love and now knows what she deserves from a future partner.

The Bachelor women tell all Arie
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Arie Versus the Women

Finally, Arie takes the stage to face the women. When Harrison brings up Tia, she confronts him about not making eye contact with her when he sent her home. Arie reassures her that sending her home had nothing to do with his last-minute conversation with Kendall. It did, however, have everything to do with the status of his relationships with the other women.

Harrison switches the conversation to his relationship with Bekah. Arie explains that he was hopeful about their relationship but took a step back when he realized their age difference.

When Krystal asks to join Arie on the couch, she says their goodbye felt “cold.” But Arie doesn’t hold back on telling her that she acted completely differently with the women than she did with him. Krystal tries to explain that her emotions got the best of her, but Arie is quick to express his frustrations over Krystal’s possessive nature and dismisses her apology.

the bachelor season 22 women tell all
ABC/Paul Hebert

The Conclusion

The special concludes with a first look at tomorrow night’s episode featuring the dramatic overnight dates and, yeah, it’s going to be good.

The Bachelor returns to ABC tomorrow at 8 p.m. You know where to find us.

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