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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

This week on season 22, episode eight of The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. meets the final four women’s families and comes face-to-face with his hardest decision yet. Here’s what went down.

The Bachelor season 22 episode 8 recap Kendall
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Kendall's Hometown Date

Arie meets Kendall in Los Angeles for the first hometown date of the episode, where they take part in one of the most bizarre interactions we’ve ever seen. Yep, Kendall wastes no time introducing him to her lifelong passion: taxidermy.

After mounting a few rats (seriously), the couple heads to Kendall’s parents’ house, where he meets her mom, dad, identical twin sister and brother. When they sit down for dinner, her dad is quick to express his concerns about the fact that they met on a TV show.

Later on, Kendall’s sister pulls her aside and presses her on whether or not she’s ready to settle down. Although she isn’t 100 percent confident in the couple’s future, she convinces Kendall to let her guard down and confess her true feelings to Arie…before it’s too late.

The Bachelor season 22 episode 8 recap tia
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tia's Hometown Date

Next up? Weiner, Arkansas. To kick things off, Tia brings Arie to a dirt track to race vintage sports cars. They suit up, squeeze into the vehicles, complete several laps around the track and then sit down for a beer. Tia preps him on what’s to come and tells him that she’s falling for him before taking him to her family’s house.

While there, Tia’s brother wastes no time grilling Arie on his playboy reputation and says he needs to prove that he’s not the “kissing bandit” everyone makes him out to be.

When Tia’s dad pulls him aside, he presses the professional race car driver about his past relationships. Arie handles the interrogation like a total pro and assures him that he’s not only falling for Tia but also ready to settle down. At the end of the night, her dad offers his blessing for a proposal. Awwww.

The Bachelor season 22 episode 8 recap becca k
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Becca K.'s Hometown Date

For the third hometown date, Arie meets Becca K. at an apple orchard in Prior Lake, Minnesota, where they spend the day—you guessed it—apple picking. Becca K. briefly tells Arie about her tight-knit family and reveals that he will meet her overprotective uncle, who stepped in as a father figure after her dad passed away.

When they arrive, Becca introduces Arie to her family before they sit down for dinner. When her uncle pulls Arie aside, he becomes emotional when he realizes that Becca’s dad should be the one having this conversation. Nevertheless, he doesn’t hold back on telling Arie that it’s too soon to rush into an engagement and expresses his concerns about the couple’s spiritual differences.

Meanwhile, Becca is chatting with her mom, who admits that she’s not comfortable giving her blessing to Arie. But when Becca defends her relationship by comparing Arie’s characteristics to her dad’s, her mom seems to come around and says she trusts her daughter’s instincts.

The Bachelor season 22 episode 8 recap lauren b
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Lauren B.'s Hometown Date

Last but definitely not least, Arie greets Lauren B. in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the final hometown date. This time, they ride horses on the beach before climbing to the top of a lighthouse to enjoy the picturesque views.

However, the real fun begins when they arrive at Lauren’s parents’ house and take part in one of the most uncomfortable hometown visits to date (awkward silences and all). You see, Lauren’s dad is a military veteran, so he doesn’t hold back on making Arie feel extremely uncomfortable, which forces the Bachelor to step out in the middle of dinner to regain his composure.

When he returns, he sits down for a one-on-one conversation with her dad, where they bond over their passion for the military. Although he’s not sure if Lauren is ready to settle down, her dad seems to trust his daughter’s instincts. Her mom, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to express her concerns about the other women in the picture and admits the process makes her nervous.

The Bachelor season 22 episode 8 recap arie
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony, Arie comes face-to-face with the women for the first time since meeting their families and, well, he’s in over his head. After excusing himself to get his emotions in check, Arie asks to speak with Kendall one-on-one and tells her that he needs to know if this is something she’s ready for. Kendall says she sees something in him and can picture herself getting engaged.

When they return, Arie gives a rose to Becca, Lauren B. and Kendall, leaving Tia to walk away empty-handed.

Who will Arie choose? We’ll be another step closer to finding out when The Bachelor returns for the Women Tell All episode on Sunday, February 25, followed by the overnight dates on Monday, February 26, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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