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Arie Luyendyk Jr. will claim his throne for the season 22 premiere of The Bachelor on Monday, January 1, 2018. To prepare us for the onslaught of drama, ABC just released the lineup of ladies who will consume our Monday nights in just 21 short days. So if you’re looking to make predictions on who will be this season’s Ashley S. (onion girl from season 19) or Alexis (dolphin girl from season 21), keep reading for a complete list of the 29 women vying for Luyendyk Jr.’s heart and final rose.

Bachelor contestants Jessica
ABC/Craig Sjodin

1. Jessica, 26

Television host from Santa Monica, California.

Bachelor contestants Kendall
ABC/Craig Sjodin

2. Kendall, 26

A creative director from Los Angeles with a penchant for wearing multiple necklaces.

Bachelor contestants Rebecca
ABC/Craig Sjodin

3. Rebecca, 27

Publicist from Minneapolis.

bachelor contestants Amber
ABC/Craig Sjodin

4. Amber, 29

Business owner from Denver.

Bachelor contestants Brittane
ABC/Craig Sjodin

5. Brittane, 27

Marketing manager from Los Angeles.

Bachelor contestants Lauren B
ABC/Craig Sjodin

6. Lauren B., 25

Technology salesperson from Dallas, who looks awfully similar to another Lauren B. we know and love.

Bachelor contestants Chelsea
ABC/Craig Sjodin

7. Chelsea, 29

Real estate executive from Portland, Maine.

Bachelor contestants Caroline
ABC/Craig Sjodin

8. Caroline, 26

Realtor from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Bachelor contestants Bibiana
ABC/Craig Sjodin

9. Bibiana, 30

Executive assistant from Miami Beach, Florida. 

Bachelor contestants Tia
ABC/Craig Sjodin

10. Tia, 26

Physical therapist from Weiner, Arkansas, with exceptional brow game.

bachelor contestants Seinne
ABC/Craig Sjodin

11. Seinne, 27

Commercial real estate manager from Newport Beach, California. 

Bachelor contestants Lauren G
ABC/Craig Sjodin

12. Lauren G., 26

Executive recruiter from Los Angeles.

bachelor contestant Rebekah
ABC/Craig Sjodin

13. Rebekah (Bekah), No Age Provided by ABC

A nanny from Los Angeles who is too cool to reveal her age.

Bachelor contestant Jacqueline
ABC/Craig Sjodin

14. Jacqueline, 26

Research coordinator from New York City. 

Bachelor contestant Jennifer
ABC/Craig Sjodin

15. Jennifer (Jenny), 25

Graphic designer from Chicago, who clearly has a thing for the ’90s.

Bachelor contestants Maquel
ABC/Craig Sjodin

16. Maquel, 23

A photographer from Orem, Utah.

bachelor contestants Krystal
ABC/Craig Sjodin

17. Krystal, 30

A fitness coach from San Diego, who appears to be retaking her sorority composite portrait.

Bachelor contestants Jenna
ABC/Craig Sjodin

18. Jenna, 28

Social media manager from Raleigh, North Carolina, who could use a strapless bra.

Bachelor contestants Brianna
ABC/Craig Sjodin

19. Brianna, 25

A sports reporter from Portland, Oregon.

Bachelor contestants Annaliese
ABC/Craig Sjodin

20. Annaliese, 32

Event designer from San Francisco. 

Bachelor contestants Valerie
ABC/Craig Sjodin

21. Valerie, 25

Server from Nashville, Tennessee.

Bachelor contestants Olivia
ABC/Craig Sjodin

22. Olivia, 23

Marketing associate from Chicago. (Bonus points for a trustworthy smile.)

Bachelor contestants Ashley
ABC/Craig Sjodin

23. Ashley, 25

Real estate agent from West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Bachelor contestants Lauren S
ABC/Craig Sjodin

24. Lauren S., 31

Social media manager from Dallas.

Bachelor contestants Brittnay
ABC/Craig Sjodin

25. Brittany, 30

Tech recruiter from Austin, Texas. 

Bachelor contestants Lauren J
ABC/Craig Sjodin

26. Lauren J., 33

Recent master’s graduate from New Roads, Louisiana. (Not to be confused with the three other Laurens.)

Bachelor contestants Alison
ABC/Craig Sjodin

27. Alison (Ali), 27

Personal stylist from Dallas.

Bachelor contestants Marikh
ABC/Craig Sjodin

28. Marikh, 27

Kim Kardashian lookalike Restaurant owner from Salt Lake City.

Bachelor contestants Nysha
ABC/Craig Sjodin

29. D'Nyasha (Nysha), 30

Orthopedic nurse from Anderson, South Carolina.

The Bachelor premieres on January 1, 2018, on ABC.

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