Anne Hathaway Celebrates the Anniversaries of Her Two Most Iconic Films and Totally Nails Her Look

The devil wears Prada and so does Anne Hathaway.

It's a big year for the 38-year-old actress, who is celebrating the anniversaries of two of her biggest movies. Back in June, the star's hit fashion flick, The Devil Wears Prada, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. And now, her breakout film, The Princess Diaries, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

Hathaway commemorated the milestones by getting all dressed up—and what better way than in a Prada dress?

The actress showed off a custom-made, purple gown from the couturier that was stitched with sparkling silver gems. The look was styled by Erin Walsh, who paired the gown with some NAKARD earrings courtesy of Nak Armstrong. Hathaway's makeup was done by Molly R. Stern while her hair was styled by Mara Roszak. The photos were taken by Christian Högstedt.

The Academy Award-winning actress showed off the stunning gown in a slideshow of photos where she is seen eating a bag of potato chips. In her caption, she said, “#TFW The Princess Diaries turns 20 the same year The Devil Wears Prada turns 15. Shut up! That’s all.”

Hathaway marked the anniversary of The Princess Diaries earlier this week, when she posted a series of stills from the movie, along with some rare behind-the-scenes photos. She said, “Miracles happen… Happy 20th Birthday to #theprincessdiaries, AKA the film that launched a thousand sleep overs.”

Meanwhile, back in June, the actress joined the rest of her Devil Wears Prada cast for a special interview with Entertainment Weekly, where they discussed the quote-worthy film. Hathaway wrote, “#DevilWearsPrada15 with @entertainmentweekly (Link in bio to watch.) That’s all.”

The Devil Wears Prada cast also marked the film's anniversary by launching an auction in partnership with the Lollipop Theater Network, where the winner gets the chance to chat with lead members of the cast. The fundraiser was organized in an effort to bring new movies to children in hospitals nationwide due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Congrats on making two iconic movies, Anne. We're gonna go have a movie marathon to celebrate.

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