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Jimmy Fallon, his mustache and Amy Poehler went back to elementary school on last night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and faced off in a friendly game of Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?

The brainy duo teamed up with two young girls, Maya and Anaya, to put their collective math, U.S. history, grammar and geography knowledge to the test. 

Poehler and her partner were the first to have their aptitude assessed with the question, “If you have nine pizzas and then cut each pizza into eight slices, how many slices do you have?” The comedian got a bit too excited and promptly answered “73 slices” before realizing that her math was a bit off and correcting herself. “No. Nope. No! 73 after I buy an extra slice,” she said. (Hint: The right answer is 72.)

The game continued with more riveting questions revolving around some of Benjamin Franklin's inventions (bifocals), announcer Steve Higgins's favorite lake (Lake Titicaca) and how many bones are in the human body (206). 

How did Amy and Jimmy do? Let's just say we're on Team Smart Girls.  

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