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kintsugi 921

True story: We've lost many a prized ceramic to errant arm flinging, hip bumping, child ramming and all other manner of general clumsiness. And whenever we attempted to glue them back together, they’ve just came out resembling porcelain Frankensteins.

This is why we were so excited to stumble upon the Japanese practice of Kintsugi. Roughly translating to “to patch with gold,” it's the art of repairing broken porcelain with golden glue.

The philosophy behind it? That by enhancing these “flaws” and quite literally gilding them, the fissures become part of the object’s story, and it becomes even more beautiful.

In ancient times, Kintsugi repairs were done with binding rice flour mixed with a gold-laced lacquer, and took up to two months per individual piece. While you can purchase artisanal pieces involving more traditional practices, there are simple DIY kits available today (our favorite is from Humade) that use a more modern glue with golden powder, and are ready in just a few hours.

We think it's a super-beautiful metaphor. (And a super-beautiful way to mend the beloved stoneware bowl you just shattered to pieces.)

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