38 Healthy Fall Recipes Under 500 Calories (That Still Taste Delish)

Fall is all about cozy, stick-to-your-ribs meals that feel like a hug in a bowl (or on a plate), and it’s no secret that we love it. But we still want to nourish our bodies, and sometimes, keep things on the lighter side. Thankfully, these healthy fall recipes (all under 500 calories!) will do the trick—they’re roasty, toasty and packed with the flavors of seasonal produce and warming spices…but won’t make you want to hibernate until next spring. Now, who wants a bite of buffalo-stuffed sweet potatoes?

105 Fall Dinner Ideas Starring Easy Seasonal Recipes

1. Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed With Barley Risotto (480 Calories)

These stuffed ’shrooms look fancy and taste decadent, but they’re so easy to make (not to mention super healthy and filling, too).

2. Quinoa Vegetable Soup With Kale (280 Calories)

Vegetable soup on its own is delicious but not all that substantial. Adding quinoa is an easy way to make it more filling (and add a bunch of protein).

3. Three-cheese Spaghetti Squash (303 Calories)

Welcome to comfort food heaven, where the meals are satisfying yet light (and packed with Fontina, Gruyère and Parm).

4. Tandoori-inspired Roast Cauliflower Bowls With Tahini (277 Calories)

Thanks to a spiced yogurt marinade, these veggie bowls taste like they cooked for hours. (In reality, it’s more like 40 minutes.)

5. Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Carrots And Chermoula (266 Calories)

The fresh, herby chermoula (a North African sauce) brightens up the entire dish.

6. Sweet Potato Chowder (319 Calories)

Corn and clam chowder can step aside. We having sweet potato tonight.

7. Sweet Potato, Tomato, Kale And Halloumi Sheet Tray (130 Calories)

When you don’t feel like cooking but still need to eat something nutritious, this gorgeous sheet tray has your back. Everything melts together in the oven while you sit back and relax.

8. Instant Pot Spicy Thai Butternut Squash Soup (447 Calories)

Puréed soups are a go-to when we want to eat healthy and feel indulgent—they’re filling and creamy while still feeling light, just like this spicy number.

9. Vegan Keto Coconut Curry (425 Calories)

You don’t have to be vegan or keto to enjoy this warming curry. It’s packed with scallion, coconut milk and cilantro for maximum flavor.

10. Creamy Vegan Lentil And Roasted Vegetable Bake (438 Calories)

Caramelized roasted vegetables meet satisfying lentils and cashew cream in this rich casserole. To make it gluten-free, omit the topping and garnish with toasted pine nuts instead.

11. Spicy Stir-fried Chicken And Shredded Brussels Bowls (300 Calories)

Never had Brussels sprouts in a stir-fry before? You’re in for a treat.

12. White Turkey Chili With Avocado (344 Calories)

Swapping ground turkey for the usual beef keeps things light and lean, while avocado adds creaminess. Oh, and it’s ready in an hour—that’s important.

13. Chicken Sausage, Spelt And Pepper Skillet (489 Calories)

It’s as healthy as it is convenient, plus there are hardly any dishes to clean afterward. Basically, it’s the perfect weeknight dinner.

14. Roasted Squash And Farro Salad With Avocado Dressing (432 Calories)

In a room of grain bowls, be a farro salad with homemade avocado dressing.

15. Yotam Ottolenghi's Roasted Butternut Squash With Lentils And Gorgonzola (298 Calories)

Lentils are a winner when it comes to healthy, satisfying meals. They’re packed with protein but won’t weigh you down, and go with everything from salad to soup.

16. Carrot Pasta (489 Calories)

Gnocchi, but make it really good for you. (We’ll take seconds, please and thanks.)

17. Slow-cooker French Onion Soup (338 Calories)

Mmm, rich, caramelized onion broth and a cheesy crouton topping? We’ve found our favorite fall soup.

18. Buffalo-stuffed Sweet Potatoes (455 Calories)

These have Saturday football (and Sunday meal prep) written all over them.

19. Freekeh Vegetable Soup (227 Calories)

Proof that a veggie-based soup can be just as hearty and soul-warming as any meaty one. The secret is freekeh, an heirloom grain that’s rich in protein.

20. Oven-roasted Sweet Potatoes With Crispy Chickpeas And Yogurt Sauce (442 Calories)

The key to crispy taters is all in the sheet pan. Skip the usual aluminum lining so all the moisture evaporates evenly. (But don’t skip the three-ingredient yogurt sauce.)

21. Baked Chicken And Ricotta Meatballs (454 Calories)

We adore meatballs in all forms, so why should they be limited to appetizers and spaghetti? These are quick-cooking and require minimal cleanup.

22. Cauliflower Chili (185 Calories)

This is obvi the bowl of our wildest dreams because—hello—cauliflower, but it’s also super healthy and ready in about 30 minutes.

23. Keto Instant Pot Sausage-kale Soup (363 Calories)

Use any type of sausage (kielbasa, chorizo and Italian are all great choices), and switch up the greens to customize this bowl.

24. Sausage, Corn And Poblano Chowder (420 Calories)

Psst: This one freezes really well, so make a double batch and thank yourself on a lazy night in three months.

25. Polenta With Roasted Mushrooms And Bacon (482 Calories)

It’s hard to believe something so creamy can be so low-cal. We’re in heaven.

26. Butternut Squash Risotto With Crispy Leeks (457 Calories)

Risotto is the ultimate comfort food, even when unadorned. But butternut squash adds flavor, sweetness and richness without a ton of calories.

27. Baked Coconut-curry Meatballs (387 Calories)

In our humble opinion, baking meatballs is superior to frying them. Easy cleanup, tender meatballs and less oil? Check, check and check.

28. Alison Roman’s Roasted Squash With Yogurt And Spiced Buttered Pistachios (264 Calories)

This dish is extremely cozy and extremely hands-off. Most of the work is done in the oven—huzzah!

29. Crisp Fall Green Salad With Benne Seed Ginger Dressing (440 Calories)

With all the rich food that the colder months bring, it’s nice to have a bright and refreshing salad to remind us what fresh produce tastes like.

30. Roasted Squash And Tofu With Soy, Honey, Chili And Ginger (324 Calories)

Don’t skip the step of pressing the tofu. It’s crucial to get a gorgeously browned, crisp exterior.

31. Spicy Lemon Ginger Chicken Soup (387 Calories)

Number one on our list of comfort foods? Chicken soup. This version wins bonus points for flavor, ease and versatility. (Go ahead, add noodles if you please.)

32. Pumpkin Polenta (305 Calories)

Is it just us, or is canned pumpkin a miracle ingredient?

33. Fall Harvest Quinoa Salad (450 Calories)

We’re suckers for anything with squash…and halloumi. This dish happens to have both.

34. Butternut Squash And Red Lentil Soup (421 Calories)

It’s worth seeking out red lentils for this recipe, since other colors would make the soup look muddy. They’re also quick-cooking, and who doesn’t want that?

35. Vegan And Gluten-free Curry Chickpea Potpie With Sweet Potato ‘crust’

Trust us, you won’t even miss the flaky biscuit crust.

36. Roasted Squash Salad With Crispy Shallots And Balsamic Reduction (311 Calories)

Oh hi, one-ingredient dressing. We see you and we respect you.

37. Fall Harvest Honeycrisp Apple And Kale Salad (312 Calories)

The season has so much to offer when it comes to fresh produce, so why not toss it all in one beautiful salad?

38. Instant Pot Carrot Ginger Soup (217 Calories)

It’s dairy-free, vegan-optional and ready to eat in 30 minutes—more time to cozy up on the couch with good book (or a scary movie).