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5 Apps That Make Every Moms Life a Million Times Easier

You’re constantly getting side-eye for using your phone too much around the kids. But what if you were actually using it for something useful? (You know, something other than Facebook stalking?) Make screen time helpful with these must-have parenting apps. “Because raising children is totally easy,” said no mother ever. 

Mint. We all want to stick to a budget, but it’s hard to limit yourself when there are so many cute baby onesies on sale at Target. Mint helps you organize your money, set goals, pay for camp and save for your children’s college fund—all in one place. Now if only it could physically stop you from entering that sample sale...

Keepy. If your son’s folder of art projects has turned into an entire closet of finger paintings, then you should probably try this app, which helps you digitize copies of your kiddo's artwork, and even share with grandparents and friends. (Meaning you can look back at your budding Monet’s earliest work without saving every physical copy.) 

Choremonster. Giving kids chores is a great way to teach them the value of hard work. But getting kids to actually do said chores? Yeah, we’re tired just thinking about it. Choremonster turns the whole thing into a game and offers rewards for things like teeth brushing, table clearing and, you know, rubbing mommy’s very very tired feet.

Playground Buddy. When you’re on the go, finding a place for your toddler or preschooler to blow off a little steam can be a challenge. (Surely there’s a swing set in walking distance, riiiight?) This app helps you scope nearby playgrounds—and see the amenities (and benches) each has on hand. 

PBS Kids. Two words: Daniel Tiger.

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