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Give the leftovers in your fridge and the goods in your pantry new life with these five dinner-worthy recipes.

purewow bacon fried rice
Erin McDowell

Have cooked rice?

Transform it into bacon-fried rice topped with eggs.

purewow black bean burger
Erin McDowell

Have canned black beans?

Turn them into hearty veggie burgers.

purewow avocado pasta
Erin McDowell

Have a box of spaghetti?

Slather the pasta in creamy avocado sauce.

purewow mini burritos
Erin McDowell

Have leftover rotisserie chicken?

Build cheesy mini burritos.

purewow goop pasta
Ditte Isager

Have canned tuna?

Mix up a tangy olive-caper pasta.

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