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We all have that one friend who whips up a five-course meal for fun, knows what sous-vide means and is always talking about cheese. Want to show them how much you love their gourmand tendencies? Gift them any one of these 15 gifts for foodies (all with our food editor’s seal of approval).

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Courtesy of Momofuku/Mia Jacobs

Momofuku Seasoned Salts

The team behind David Chang’s restaurant empire spent ten years researching, developing and fine-tuning three restaurant-quality seasoning blends: Savory (think umami salt and pepper), Spicy (savory meets chili flakes) and our personal favorite, Tingly (a mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorn mix). Add them to everything from popcorn to steak.

Buy it ($28)


Hedley & Bennett Addy Classic Apron

They’ve always secretly wanted to dress like their favorite YouTube cooking stars, and this fully adjustable unisex apron will last for years to come.

$95 on Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

John Boos 24-Inch by 18-Inch Reversible Edge Maple Cutting Board

It’s sturdy, reversible and won’t dull the blades on their fancy, expensive knives. Gift it with a bottle of conditioning oil to really go the extra mile.

Buy it ($144)

Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Classic Cheese of the Month Club

A rotating selection of favorite fromages is ideal for cheese aficionados and newbies alike. (Plus, it will secure you a spot on their dinner party guest list.)

Buy it ($175)


ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide Machine

This futuristic appliance circulates water at a constant temperature, so they can cook almost anything—steak, eggs, you name it—to the ideal doneness. You know, if they don’t have one already.

Buy it ($246)


Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Self-Watering Indoor Garden

This takes “farm to table” to a whole new level.

Buy it ($100)


Unicorn Magnum 6-Inch Black Pepper Mill

It’s not just a pepper mill, it’s a *cool* pepper mill. (And by that, we mean it’s easy to refill, adjust coarseness and doesn’t leave a trail of pepper dust in its wake.)

$50 on Amazon

Burlap & Barrell

Burlap & Barrel Chef’s Choice Spice Collection

Impress them with this out-of-the-box curation of six spices: black urfa chili, cured sumac, ground cinnamon verum, flowering hyssop thyme, wild Icelandic kelp and cloud forest cardamom.

Buy it ($49)


Technivorm Moccamaster 40-Ounce Coffee Brewer

This expert-approved coffee machine whips up a pot of pour-over coffee in minutes. It’s like having a live-in barista in your kitchen.

$309 on Amazon


Maldon Sea Salt

A three-pound bucket of the chef-beloved flaky salt is the gift that keeps giving (and giving and giving).

$26 on Amazon


Lodge 6.5-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

This itty-bitty skillet is just the right size to fry up a single egg—our idea of a cute stocking stuffer.

Buy it ($8)


Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over by Alison Roman

Packed with foolproof recipes and genius tips for impromptu gatherings, it’s the coolest cookbook on the block (and a New York Times best seller) for good reason.

Buy it ($20)


Mikuni Wild Harvest Mountain Rose Apples

These rare apples are as pretty as they are tasty. Slice into one and you’ll be surprised and delighted at the striking pink flesh.

Buy it ($44)


Sagaform Picadilly Pie Dish

Here’s hoping the baker in your life takes this as a hint that you’d like some pie, please.

Buy it ($45)

East Fork Pottery

East Fork Fall/Winter Nesting Bowl Set

A set of handmade bowls in seasonal colorways (and from one of our favorite dishware brands) is both beautiful and utilitarian—when they’re not filled to the brim with something delicious, they can double as a centerpiece.

Buy it ($166)


Banner Butter Small Batch Grass-Fed Cultured Cream Butter Set

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to receive the gift of artisanal compound butters?

Buy it ($44)

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