What’s New at Trader Joe’s in September? Mini Tacos, Instant Boba and More

Our grocery store boo Trader Joe has done it again. His shelves are positively brimming with snacks, mains and pantry staples that you'll want in your back pocket this fall. Read on for nine of our favorite new products hitting Trader Joe's this September, from mini tacos to gluten-free pizza crust.

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whats new at trader joes september 2022 mini tacos
Trader Joe's

1. Mini Chicken and Beef Tacos

Pulled breast meat makes these teeny-tiny tacos surprisingly filling. If chicken isn't your thing, go for the mini beef tacos instead, made with tender pulled beef and roasted tomatillo salsa. (Both are fried in soybean oil for extra crunch.)

whats new at trader joes september 2022 instant boba kit
Trader Joe's

2. Instant Boba Kit

This ingenious tea kit is viral for a reason, boba lovers. Simply microwave the brown sugar tapioca pearls, add them to your favorite ice-filled glass and top with the milk of your choice. The kit even includes wide paper straws for sipping.

whats new at trader joes september 2022 gochujang
Trader Joe's

3. Gochujang Paste

If you don't have this pantry staple on hand 24/7, you're missing out. Dating back to at least 17th-century Korea, the paste is a mix of fermented soybeans, rice, barley and spicy red peppers. Use it in soups, marinades, glazes, dips and so much more.

whats new at trader joes september 2022 gf pizza crust
Trader Joe's

4. Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts

Every wheat-free eater should have one of these versatile crusts in their freezer. Made in Italy with cauliflower, rice flour and chickpea flour, the dough has been folded to create crispy, thin layers when baked, just like standard pizza crust.

whats new at trader joes september 2022 vegan sour cream
Trader Joe's

5. Vegan Sour Cream Alternative

Baked potatoes, burritos, chili, cake—this plant-based sour cream can do everything its dairy-licious predecessor does. Crafted from coconut oil, corn starch and potato starch, it can be used as a 1:1 replacement for the O.G in sweet and savory dishes alike.

whats new at trader joes september 2022 organic pineapple chunks
Trader Joe's

6. Organic Pineapple Chunks

Not so fast: Banana split season isn't over yet. The only two ingredients in this sundae topper are organic pineapple and organic pineapple juice, both from Thailand. Grill, stir fry and bake to your heart's content (or nosh on it straight from the jar).

whats new at trader joes september 2022 jamaican beef patties
Trader Joe's

7. Jamaican-Style Beef Patties

These Caribbean hand pies never get old, thanks to their savory beef filling encased in impossibly flaky crust. Buckle up for aromatic spices, like curry powder, fenugreek and cayenne.

whats new at trader joes september 2022 turkeyless ground
Trader Joe's

8. Turkeyless Ground

Meatless Monday just got a whole lot more exciting. This blend of pea protein and wheat protein simulates the texture of turkey, but don't let the plant-based mix fool you. It's still decidedly satisfying at 21 grams of protein per serving.

whats new at trader joes september 2022 to the power of c juice drink
Trader Joe's/Background: amguy/Getty Images

9. To the Power of C Organic Juice Blend

Drink eight ounces of this tropical sipper and you'll have consumed your daily recommended dose of vitamin C—kudos. It contains organic orange, pineapple and lemon juices and mango puree, plus a dash of acerola cherry powder.

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