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We may be past pumpkin season, but we’re not through with snack season—at least if Trader Joe’s has anything to say about it. Here’s what we’re adding to our cart this month, from rainbow carrot chips to bite-size cheesecake cones (and a holiday candle or two for good measure).

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trader joes organic dehydrated carrots of many colors
Trader Joe’s

1. Organic Dehydrated Carrots of Many Colors

A crispy, crunchy snack with only two ingredients? Sign us up.

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

trader joes apple blossoms
Trader Joe’s

2. Trader Joe’s Apple Blossoms

According to Joe, these cinnamon streusel–topped apple bites have been a customer favorite for nearly 20 years. Need we say more?

Trader Joe’s ($2.29)

trader joes harvest grain salad
Trader Joe’s

3. Harvest Grain Salad

Farro, black barley and quinoa mingle with squash, cranberries and all the toppings for a hearty, lettuce-free salad that’s just as good as homemade.

Trader Joe’s ($4.99)

trader joes cuban style citrus garlic bowls
Trader Joe’s

4. Cuban Style Citrus Garlic Bowl

You could serve this spicy chicken bowl as is…or you could whip out some corn tortillas and have an extra-delicious taco night.

Trader Joe’s ($3.49)

trader joes gluten free cornbread mix
Trader Joe’s

5. Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix

Made with brown rice flour instead of wheat, this easy mix requires only an egg, some oil and milk. Of course, you could add cranberries and orange zest if you wanted to get really fancy.

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

trader joes sliced alpine semisoft cheese
Trader Joe’s

6. Sliced Alpine Semisoft Cheese

Stock up for grilled cheese and lunch sammies, or as TJ’s suggests, Everything Ham & Cheese Roll Ups.

Trader Joe’s ($4.99)

trader joes mini cheesecake cones
Trader Joe’s

7. Mini Cheesecake Cones

Florentine cookies rolled into cones and filled with ricotta cheesecake. In a word, yum.

Trader Joe’s ($3.99)

trader joes hold the corn appetizers
Trader Joe’s

8. Hold the Corn! Appetizers

These little guys have “holiday party” written all over them.

Trader Joe’s ($3.99)

trader joes cornbread bites
Trader Joe’s

9. Cornbread Bites

They’re not just tiny pieces of cornbread. They’re tiny pieces of cornbread filled with cheese, corn and jalapeño pepper.

Trader Joe’s ($3.99)

trader joes candle tin trio
Trader Joe’s

10. Candle Tin Trio

Come for the snacks, stay for the seasonal candles.

Trader Joe’s ($7.99)

trader joes crispy rice salmon bites
Trader Joe's

11. Crispy Rice Salmon Bites

Chicken nuggets meets fish sticks meets sesame salmon in the best way possible. Don’t skip the sriracha mayo dipping sauce.

Trader Joe’s ($6.99)

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