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The best kind of present is one that you can eat, of course. Whether it’s a birthday cake for your sister, a gourmet popcorn tin for your cinephile coworker or a bottle of red that your best friend will love, leaving something delicious on someone’s doorstep is always a good idea. But figuring out just the right thing to order can be tough. Fear not, friend: We're here to guide you through the 32 best food gifts—from baked treats to cheese spreads to snack subscription boxes—to add to your cart right this minute.

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Milk Bar

1. Milk Bar’s The Sweet Spot

Best for birthdays

This variety pack from Milk Bar comes with a dozen B’Day Truffles, six creative cookies (we’re talking blueberry cream and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow) and their famous Milk Bar Pie. We’re pretty sure anyone would be happy to receive this in the mail, but it’s especially fitting for birthdays or a celebration you won’t be able to attend in person.

Buy it ($90)


2. Mouth’s All the Snacks Gift Box

Best for midnight snackers

Here’s a present for the serious snacker in your life, whether it’s your popcorn-obsessed partner or that one friend who always has a few munchies in her purse. It includes a whopping selection of 16 snacks, ranging from cracked pepper turkey jerky to vegan raspberry gummy fish and even habanero-cayenne pistachios.

Buy it ($151)

Murray's Cheese

3. Murray’s Holiday Feast Deluxe

Best for cheese lovers

Grazing board, anyone? Bust out the fancy cheese plate and deck the halls with this holiday-ready spread. It includes three cheeses—Stilton, Gruyère and Selles-Sur-Cher—plus tart cranberry orange preserves, sopressata, prosciutto, dried cherries, two types of crackers and Castelvetrano olives (whew!). Sure, it’s ideal for an aspiring cheese monger, but also for anyone who’s ready to feast on some festive fromage.

Buy it ($190)

Candy Club

4. Candy Club Gift Box

Best for those with a sweet tooth

Candy fanatics often belong to one of two camps: all about sweet or dedicated to anything sour. This brand caters to both teams with rotating gift boxes (choose Mostly Sweets or Mostly Sours) packed with six signature candies each. That includes everything from Gummi Unicorns to Sour Pink Cadillacs to stackable cupcake gummies. If you’re the one with a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, we won’t blame you for signing up for a tailor-made subscription box all for yourself.

Buy it (from $30)


5. Winc Subscription Box

Best for winos

Your picky aunt is one six-question quiz away from four bottles of vino she’s basically guaranteed to love. And if they don’t meet her, ahem, particular preferences, that’s not a problem at all. In fact, Winc will replace it with bottles she does like. A membership with this California winery provides access to exclusive vintages created and curated by Winc, all with sustainability in mind. We’ll drink to that.

Buy it ($60/one month)

Jenny Huang/Omsom

6. Omsom’s The Omsom Bundle

Best for adventurous home cooks

Gift your fave cooking aficionado one the most flavorful meals of their gosh darn life, thanks to Omsom. Founded by sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham, the company is all about making flavorful, authentic meals starters for home cooks to use when cooking Asian meals. It's great for those who might not have Eastern spices on hand or access to harder-to-source ingredients. This bundle includes the full East Asian line (Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki, Korean Spicy Bulgogi and Chinese Mala Salad) and the full Southeast Asian line (Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, Thai Larb and Filipino Sisig) in one set.

Buy it ($55)


7. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Pint Club

Best for ice cream lovers

If we’re being honest, we think this might be the one gift that any person on your list would appreciate (…including yourself). The club perks include four assorted pints of Columbus, Ohio-based Jeni’s ice cream delivered four times a year. As for the flavor selection, we’re talking everything from gooey butter cake to frosé sorbet and even dairy-free cold brew with coconut cream. FYI, Jeni’s is PureWow’s top pick for the best vanilla ice cream.

Buy it (from $200)

Atlas Coffee Club

8. Atlas Coffee Club Coffee Lover 12-Month Gift Subscription

Best for coffee aficionados

While you can’t give the gift of brewing a fresh pot of coffee for your pal every morning, you can sign them up for a rotating selection of beans curated from around the world. Which is almost as good. Each month brings a new bag of freshly roasted, single origin coffee beans, with the option to choose between whole or ground and light or dark.

Buy it ($240; $184)

Heidi's Bridge/Pineapple Collaborative

9. Pineapple Collaborative The Olive Oil

Best for full-fledged foodies

Pineapple Collaborative is a women-founded food company that hosts community events and also sells a really delicious extra-virgin olive oil. It’s California-grown, organic and made by women—not to mention, it comes in an artfully designed 500-milliliter tin that will look so cute on their countertop. Gift it to your buddy who sounds like Ina Garten with their talk of “good olive oil.” (For what it’s worth, they also have an excellent apple cider vinegar.)

Buy it ($34)

Craft Beer Club

10. Craft Beer Club Subscription

Best for beer nerds

Whether they’re always ordering IPAs or are “really into sour beer right now,” a Craft Beer Club subscription is sure to please the brew-lover in your life. Each box contains selections from two different small-production breweries from different regions in the U.S., and the offerings change each month. It also includes tasting notes for each beer as well as beer trivia (because why the heck not?).

Buy it (from $45)


11. Popcornopolis 12-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

Best for at-home cinephiles

You’re about to upgrade your BFF’s movie night. While logging onto Netflix, she’ll get to dig into a dozen popcorn flavors of your choosing—and, just a heads up, it may take you a while to decide. Options range from almond caramel and jalapeño cheddar to red velvet and hot cocoa marshmallow.

Buy it ($93)


12. Mouth’s Peck of Pickles

Most unexpected

We all have that one pickle-obsessed friend, right? (If you don’t, you probably are that friend.) Lucky for them, this basket is fully loaded with five jars of artisanal, small-batch pickles. They’ll love snacking on sweet pickle chips, habanero-horseradish dills, pickled string beans, deli-style garlic dill halves and more. All that’s missing? A sandwich.

Buy it ($80)

Snap Kitchen

13. Snap Kitchen

Best for busy schedules

So many of us want to eat healthier but don’t have the time to cook fancy dinners every day. Enter Snap Kitchen, a meal delivery service that makes it as easy as opening a box and popping your food in the microwave. There are tons of dietary preferences to choose from (Paleo! Low-carb! Whole30!) but all of the meals are clean and good for you. Chicken butternut macaroni, anyone?

Buy it ($70/week)

Sun Basket

14. Sun Basket Subscription

Best for newbie cooks

Inspire an aspiring (or beginner) cook with wholesome meal kits from Sun Basket or give a general gift card, so they can pick what they’ll have delivered. And if the person you want to surprise would love nothing more than not having to make dinner, go for the oven-ready dishes instead. FYI, $200 will cover two weeks of Sun Basket for two people (or three recipes per week).

Buy it ($200/two weeks)

Williams Sonoma

15. The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

Best DIY

Help your spice-loving work wife go from hot sauce collector to sauce boss with this easy project. It comes with two distinct spice blends—one smoky and one citrusy—and all the tools needed to ferment their own spicy blends. They bring the peppers, this kit will bring the heat.

Buy it ($50)


16. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Subscription Box

Best for aspiring mixologists

You know that one friend who loves playing bartender every time you come over? Get them a Shaker & Spoon subscription and they’ll be thanking you, big time. It’s the most reviewed cocktail box on Cratejoy and makes hosting a breeze. Each month features a different liquor and includes everything you need to make 12 seasonal drinks from three unique recipes. Cheers to that.

Buy it ($40/one month)

James Ransom/Food52

17. Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

Best for your meat-loving S.O.

While a bouquet of flowers is certainly thoughtful, your partner might just appreciate this kind of bouquet more. Choose from a bundle of three “stems” (including one each of French, Spanish and Italian salami) or six (two Italian, two French, one Spanish and one Greek), all wrapped up in butcher paper and a bow. Even better, salami is technically shelf stable, so none of it will go to waste.

Buy it (from $50)

Wild Alaskan Company

18. Wild Alaskan Company Fish Subscription Box

Best for pescatarians and plant-based diets

Finding a reputable fish market is difficult enough; finding quality fish that’s sourced sustainably is even harder. Wild Alaskan Company removes all that guesswork—choose from salmon, white fish or a combination plan, and it will be delivered to your door on dry ice at the frequency you choose. Gift it to your friend, dad, brother…or anyone who’s skeptical about the salmon at their local grocery store.

Buy it (from $132/month)

Rocky Luten/Food52

19. Adopt a Beehive Gift Box

Best for environmentally-conscious eaters

Are we encouraging you to save the bees? Yes, yes we are. This set supports small-scale family farmers in Puglia, Italy, who are using sustainable and organic methods to harvest the tastiest honey possible. The gift box will arrive with two seasonal jars of that aforementioned liquid gold, plus a tea towel and a sweet certificate of adoption with the number of your hive and date of harvest.

Buy it ($100)

Williams Sonoma

20. Williams Sonoma x Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit

Best for families

You’ve seen this viral rainbow surprise cake all over your timeline. Now you can take a crack at it yourself. It’s the real deal too—New York City’s Flour Shop was involved in crafting the kit, from the cake mix to the color gels to the frosting mix. It also includes polka dot and rainbow explosion sprinkles, but feel free to go rogue with whatever treats you find in your pantry.

Buy it (from $60)

Rocky Luten/Food52

21. Stone Hollow Farmstead Farm-to-Table Bloody Mary Mix

Best for diehard brunchers

It’s time to upgrade their cocktail game from boring canned tomato juice. Each of these gourmet Bloody Mary mixes are prepared using fresh, local ingredients by a family-run farm outside Birmingham, Alabama. Choose from seven varieties (like the OG Ordinary Mary and peach-based Sweet Mary) and pair it with a bottle of vodka, to up the ante.

Buy it ($22)

Chicago Steak Company

22. Chicago Steak Company Best Seller Assortment

Best for grill masters

We’re predicting a barbecue in someone’s future. With top sirloin, filet mignon, lobster tail, ribeye and boneless strip steaks, there’s a cut for every meat-eater in this box. All the steaks are aged four to six weeks and graded top one-third USDA Choice or higher. Your family’s resident grill master will be psyched.

Buy it ($310; $200)

Burlap & Barrel

23. Burlap & Barrel Chef’s Choice Spice Collection

Best for avid cooks

We’ll let you in on a secret: We’re kind of obsessed with Burlap & Barrel’s single-origin spices, probably because they’re some the most flavorful seasonings we’ve ever tasted. Any foodie will appreciate the chef’s collection, which includes buffalo ginger, wild mountain cumin, Purple Stripe garlic, ground black lime, royal cinnamon and new harvest turmeric.

Buy it ($54; $50)

Williams Sonoma

24. Williams Sonoma Pie Baker’s Dream Set

Best for aspiring pastry chefs

This gift set will elevate anyone’s pastry game to new heights. It includes an Emile Henry ruffle-edged pie dish, a rolling pin, pastry cutter, pastry blender, pastry mat and pie weights (aka everything they’ll need to whip up a pro-level dessert). Gift it with a copy of Erin McDowell’s The Book on Pie, for major bonus points.

Buy it ($170)

The Caker

25. The Caker Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf Cake Kit

Best for chocoholics

A chic shortcut for your favorite sweet tooth? Sounds like a genius idea to us. These cake mixes—from New Zealand-based cake company The Caker—each arrive with everything you need to create a gorgeous cake from, well…you can just say it’s from scratch because it looks and tastes that good. The included gold leaf accent is just the cherry on top.

Buy it ($25)


26. GODIVA Assorted Chocolate Gold 36-Piece Gift Box

Most versatile

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want a little chocolate for the holidays, so this pick likely works for everyone on your list. Gift them more than a little with this extravagant 36-piece box of assorted Godiva chocolates. Don’t worry: There are milk, dark and white varieties to please any recipient (and all sorts of fillings, too).

Buy it ($71)

27. Café du Monde's Mid-City Basket

Best bargain

If you're on the hunt for a gift that's thoughtful and impressive without breaking the bank, look no further than this basket from the iconic New Orleans café. It comes with a tin of signature chicory coffee and a box of the famous beignet mix, plus two vintage-inspired souvenir mugs. Anyone else hungry for breakfast?

Buy it ($26)

28. Katz's Holiday Box

Best for sandwich fans and ex-New Yorkers

Nothing says "happy holidays" like a pound of NYC's most famous pastrami. Savor additional deli offerings like corned beef, house-made sour pickles, rye bread, sauerkraut, mustard and Swiss cheese. You won't need to worry about dessert, either—the kit also includes a pack of mini black and white cookies for good measure.

Buy it ($120)

29. The Spice House Cocoa Collection

Best for someone you miss

The holidays look different this year, meaning you may not be seeing all the friends and family you usually do. In your absence, send those you're eager to reunite with something soul-warming and comforting. This hot cocoa collection boasts four different flavors—classic, hazelnut, salted caramel and masala—that can be made in minutes on the stove. You can even order the collection yourself instead to make your friends homemade hot chocolate bombs.

Buy it ($32)

30. United Sodas of America Variety Pack

Best for soda and seltzer drinkers

We're no stranger to this artisanal soda brand with a dozen one-of-a-kind flavors, each only 30 calories a can. In fact, we tried all 12 and ranked them from tasty to damn, that's delicious. The sodas are naturally flavored and organically sweetened, as well as pasteurized so they can retain their natural freshness without the help of any weird ingredients.

Buy it ($35)

31. North South Confections Fruits Both Familiar and Curious

Best to treat yourself

We're nothing short of in love with this recently launched chocolate brand from Justine Pringle of Nunu Chocolates. The 12-piece collection has six different unique flavors, but we're particularly infatuated with salty Licentious Lime and decadent Well, Hello, Coco. Each piece is filled with what's possibly the richest, creamiest caramel you've ever eaten, since it's infused with fresh fruit purée and white or milk chocolate before being coated in dark chocolate.

Buy it ($52)


Best for the person who loves to entertain

Featuring three types of Italian salami and three types of cheese, this Harry & David delivery will make your charcuterie board fanatic a very happy camper. Just make sure they have crackers on hand when it arrives, since they’ll probably want to start cutting into it right away.

Buy It ($80)

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