The 19 Best Cookies to Order Online & Gift Anytime

Because *everyone* loves getting a sweet surprise in the mail

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Best cookies to order online: A shot of cookies
Levain Bakery

Someone you know probably loves cookies—and we have a sneaking suspicion that person is you. It should come as no surprise that a fresh batch of sweet treats is one of the best gifts you can give, whether you're treating yourself or searching for a last-minute gift idea. But finding time to bake (especially at the eleventh hour) is tough. That's where our list of the best cookies to order online comes in.

Whether you're seeking freshly baked choices in an array of yummy flavors—like black and white and ever-popular chocolate chip—or beyond-speedy delivery, these are the 19 most delicious options to order online, including gluten-free, keto and vegan cookies from Levain Bakery, Milk Bar, Goldbelly and more.

Levain Bakery Just Launched Vegan & Gluten-Free Cookies and We're Buying them by the Dozen

How We Chose the Best Cookies to Order Online

We used our food team's expertise and asked our editors for their top recommendations to cull a list of buzzy cookie brands that ship efficiently across the country. We also made sure to include a wide range of prices and cookie types on our list.

The Top 5 Best Cookies Online at a Glance


Gooiest Cookies

Levain Bakery

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Most Fun Flavors

Milk Bar

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Most Options


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Best Flavor Variety


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Most Impressive Packaging


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Gooiest Cookies

1. Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery

  • Our Pick: Cookie Tin Bundle
  • Shipping: From $12
  • Delivery: All states except Alaska and Hawaii

Perhaps you’ve heard your NYC-dwelling bestie mention this iconic bakery before? A favorite of Manhattanites and PureWow staff (yup, we taste-tested them and have been ordering them nonstop ever since), Levain Bakery makes some of the chunkiest, gooiest cookies around. While you can choose between various cookies and gift sets, we think the Cookie Tin Bundle, packaged beautifully in a blue container and filled with eight cookies wrapped in cellophane bags and hand-tied blue ribbons, can't be beat. For one, you have several assortments to choose from, whether they go nuts for chocolate chip walnut or are gluten-free or vegan. Most importantly, the cookies will arrive fresh to your giftee's doorstep at lightning speed, at which point all they have to do is warm them up at 350°F for five to ten minutes to make them melty all over again. Psst, don't sleep on Levain Bakery's caramel coconut chocolate chip that's loaded with coconutty, buttery and caramel-y goodness.

Most Fun Flavors

2. Milk Bar

Milk Bar

Another Big Apple favorite, Milk Bar’s leftover cake scraps-turned-truffles, creamy soft serve and, of course, cookies, are just a few go-tos on the menu. The secret ingredient? The cereal milk that Milk Bar’s batters, doughs, icings and ice creams are all mixed with (hence, the name), which gives its treats a uniquely nuanced layer of sweetness. Choose from individual cookie flavors, like corn or confetti, or gift all six varieties by ordering an assorted tin instead.

Most Options

3. Goldbelly

Shopping for someone with a sweet tooth? We suggest turning to Goldbelly, since they have endless options to choose from. From massive molasses cookies made in Texas to New York’s infamous black and white cookies, there are hundreds of purveyors across the United States to shop on Goldbelly (like Cookie Dō, The Baked Bear and Big Fat Cookie) for freshly baked, delicious goodies that will be delivered right to your loved one’s door.

Best Flavor Variety

4. Mouth


Mouth is a one-stop shop for all types of food gifts. We're talking everything from cheese and cocktail mixers to an ample selection of cookies and desserts. They offer unique flavors, like s'mores, plus classic stalwarts, like triple ginger. They even have gluten- and dairy-free options. TLDR: Come to Mouth if you want a wide range of options.

Most Impressive Packaging

5. Sugarwish


If you’re in search of high quality desserts (like, melt-in-your-mouth, straight-out-of-the-oven, good) Sugarwish is the place to go. Each cookie is individually wrapped to preserve its flavor and freshness. Just pick the box size and let your giftee choose from up to 12 flavors, like stuffed chocolate caramel pretzel, stuffed peanut butter Nutella, white chocolate macadamia nut and stuffed red velvet.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

6. Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields

When it comes to cookies, Mrs. Fields is the undisputed queen of chocolate chip. That’s because the brand uses huge chocolate chunks in every made-to-order batch, so that each bite you take will be full of cocoa-laced goodness. Needless to say, a package of them—or Mrs. Fields’ smorgasbord of chocolate chip cookie cakes and gourmet cookie towers—are bound to make your cookie-obsessed friends very, very happy.

Best Edible Cookie Dough

7. Doughp


  • Our Pick: Cookie Monsta
  • Shipping: From $8
  • Delivery: All U.S. states

If your friend is the type to eat half the cookie dough before it’s even popped in the oven, Doughp is their match made in cookie heaven. Each of the company's pints of raw cookie dough is egg-free and made with treated flour, so they can get their fix without the risk. With a stamp of approval from Shark Tank investors, this company allows you to build your own pack from options like Peanut Butter Kiss (peanut butter chocolate chip cookie), Ride or Die (chocolate chip) or Brownie Beast (brownie and chocolate chip. If you don't know what they'll like, just go with the best-seller pack for good measure.

Best Allergy-Friendly Cookies

8. Partake


Allergy-ridden eaters, rejoice! Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and baked without many of today’s top food allergens, Partake’s cookie packs were born from a mother’s frustration after her daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergies, leaving her with minimal snacking options. Today, they make allergy-friendly goods in flavors such as crunchy birthday cake, soft-baked double chocolate, and traditional chocolate chip, so even your friend with the most severe dietary restrictions can enjoy them.

Best Keto-Friendly Cookies

9. HighKey


  • Our Pick: Snickerdoodle
  • Shipping: Free with Amazon Prime
  • Delivery: All U.S. states

If your fitness buff of a best friend is currently doing the whole keto thing, you may think that a giant container of cookies is off limits. However, HighKey’s assortment of sweet treats and savory snacks are low in carbs and sugar, so they can get their fix without totally blowing their goals. Try the assortment with chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and brownie bite varieties on for size, or keep it simple with vanilla shortbread. While we could tell they weren't packed with sugar and additives, we were seriously impressed with their flavor when we tried them.

Most Gift-Worthy Cookies

10. Harry & David

Harry and David

Harry & David has every kind of edible gift you can imagine, including a plethora of cookies. They offer all the classics (think raspberry shortbread, candy-coated chocolate chip and even artisanal macarons), along with unique picks, like peach galettes and Belgian chocolate salted caramel cookies.

Best for Frosting Lovers

11. Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl's Cookies

Cheryl’s Cookies has every kind of flavor you can imagine, so you’re sure to find something, even for your relative who turns their nose up at chocolate. The brand is most famous for its decadent buttercream frosting, which is just the ticket when you're looking to break out of a chocolate chip rut. There’s even a sprinkle decorating kit, complete with plain cookies, sprinkles and a tub of icing, so the giftee can make their batch to suit their taste.

Best for Chocolate Lovers

12. Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies


Who knew cookies could be this elegant? These chocolate-covered sandwich treats from Barnett's are delicious, yes, but the pretty toppings of sprinkles, crushed peppermint, dried fruit and chopped nuts really take things to a whole new level. Wash them down with a cup of cold milk or a mug of hot coffee.

Best for Late-Night Snacking

13. Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies

If you were a college student in the 2000s, odds are you’ve heard of Insomnia Cookies (and eaten dozens of their sweet confections). Gaining fame among coeds for delivering boxes of warm cookies to dorms into the early hours of the morning, the brand’s treats are about as gooey and chewy as they get. And now, you don’t have to be cramming for a final to enjoy them: This joint will deliver its famed goods, in flavors ranging from birthday cake to double chocolate mint, to any location in the United States. (They have a few vegan flavors too, BTW.)

Best Vegan Cookie Dough

14. Deux


  • Our Pick: Brownie Batter
  • Shipping: Free shipping on purchases $38 and up
  • Delivery: All states except Alaska and Hawaii

Allow us to introduce you to Deux, a line of vegan, gluten-free, raw cookie doughs that double as a wellness snack. Whether you eat it straight out of the jar or roll it into balls to bake, Deux's dough is mixed with high-quality ingredients, like zinc for immune support, maca for a positive mood boost and ashwagandha to aid in stress relief. Popular flavors include s'mores, buttercream sugar cookie and cinnamon roll.

Best Thin Cookies

15. Tate's Bakeshop


Crispy and crunchy, yet light as air and melt-in-your-mouth good, Tate's cookies are the kind that you're not going to want to put down once you start eating them. And the list of flavors is nothing to scoff at either: vegan vanilla maple and lemon are just a few of our favorites, but you can never go wrong with the brand's cult-favorite chocolate chip. Start with this assortment of oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip walnut and more.

Best Homestyle Cookies

16. Granny Bella's Chocolate Cookie Gift Basket

Granny Bella

If you're searching for a place to find sweet treats that taste as good as grandma's, then Granny Bella's is the choice for you. Every batch is handmade and given the stamp of approval by Granny Bella's grandkiddos, so you know they're tasty (even to picky eaters). Better yet, she doesn't just stick to traditional flavors, so if you're looking to snag something outside of the box, like jelly thumbprints, marble shortbread or delightfully crunchy poppy seed cookies, this spread will deliver (both figuratively and literally).

Best Imported Cookies

17. Matilde Vicenzi Shortbread Cookies

Matilde Vicenzi

  • Our Pick: Chocolate Cream Puffs
  • Shipping: Free with Amazon Prime
  • Delivery: All U.S. states

You may not be able to hop a flight to Rome, but you can certainly take your tastebuds abroad in the meantime. Matilde Vicenzi offers tins of authentic Italian confections that you can order by the dozen. Each one is filled with traditional Italian puff pastries, cream-filled cookies, shortbread, flaky Danishes and more, so you can have a true international nosh right from your own kitchen.

Best Protein Cookies

18. Naked Cookie

Naked Cookie

  • Our Pick: Sugar
  • Shipping: Free with Amazon Prime
  • Delivery: All U.S. states

PSA: Cookies can have protein, too, and Naked Cookie shows us exactly how it's done. Their individually wrapped treats are baked with clean ingredients and no artificial flavors or sneaky add-ins that you're trying to avoid. But the real kicker is that each cookie packs a whopping 10 grams of protein per serving.

Best for DIY Decorating

19. Supernatural


So, your friend has a favorite cookie dough recipe, but needs help in the decorating department. Hook them up with coconut sugar, sprinkles, frostings and food colorings from Supernatural. Free of preservatives, chemicals and artificial colors, the brand's cookie toppings are vegan, gluten-free, allergy-friendly and made with plant-based ingredients. Might we suggest assembling a gift basket with picks from their shop and your favorite ready-to-bake cookie dough?

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