35 Arugula Recipes to Cook While It’s in Season

Arugula is more than just a peppery green that sometimes makes an appearance in fancy restaurant salads. You can buy it at any grocery store, and it’s packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants. And best of all, it’s delightfully versatile, since it adds magic to everything from pesto to smoothies. Did we mention it’s at peak deliciousness from late summer through the winter? Here are 35 arugula recipes you’ll want to try at home while its flavor is most intense.

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1. Roasted Peach And Arugula Salad

Let’s start with something simple, shall we? This 30-minute recipe highlights fresh peaches—one of our summer favorites—which turn uber sweet after a quick roast in honey and olive oil.

2. Onion And Arugula Frittata

Have leftover arugula and onions in the crisper? Toss them with eggs and you’ve got breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Pumpkin Pizza Crust With Arugula And Prosciutto

Admit it: You still have a can of pumpkin puree sitting in your pantry from Thanksgiving. Put it to good use with this tasty pizza you can eat all year round.

4. Crispy Goat-cheese Salad

In heaven, every meal comes topped with a warm, pistachio-coated goat-cheese ball.

5. Potato-chip Crusted Chicken With Arugula Pesto

Even your picky kids won't mind getting their greens in this dish, thanks to the shatteringly crisp chicken and the hazelnut-rich pesto spread.

6. Poached Egg With Frisée And Arugula Salad

Breakfast has never looked so elegant. Make it more filling by topping the salad off with sliced avocado or crumbled bacon.

7. Cornish Hens And Parmesan Polenta With Fennel And Arugula

TBH, we wouldn't complain if these beauties hit the table instead of a roast turkey on Thanksgiving. (Especially since it all comes together in a single skillet.)

8. Strawberry, Basil And Arugula Salad With Lots Of Black Pepper

You've had more strawberry-spinach salads than you can count. But we swapped our favorite peppery green in to make this dish way less retro. The berries are marinated in rice vinegar and honey, which brings out all their juices and sweetness.

9. Shrimp With Cauliflower “grits” And Arugula

Spicy pan-seared shrimp + creamy goat cheese grits + garlicky arugula = an impeccably balanced dinner that comes together in just 30 minutes.

10. Any-green Pesto

That's right—spinach, arugula, watercress, cilantro and parsley can all stand in for traditional basil. Our only nonnegotiable is that you toast the nuts before adding them to the pesto.

11. Bacon Mac And Cheese

You're only eight ingredients and a half-hour away from this comfort food masterpiece. Since the dish has fire-roasted tomatoes, crispy bacon and arugula, think of it as a fancy pasta-fied BLT.

12. Citrus, Fennel And Avocado Salad

Blood oranges, navel oranges and grapefruit galore. This citrusy salad will offer you a punch of brightness in the dead of winter.

13. Roasted Radishes With Butter

Radishes, the most underrated spring produce out there. Buttery roasted radishes are a classic French snack, but finishing them with wilted arugula turns the pretty-in-pink dish into a full-blown side.

14. Slow-cooker French Dip Sandwiches

The arugula is tossed in olive oil and fresh lemon juice before topping a mound of tender, au jus-soaked beef chuck.

15. Sweet Potato Rösti With Fried Eggs And Greens

Behold: Your new favorite healthy breakfast. The sweet potato rösti, which is like a Swiss take on a potato pancake, boasts lots of healthy fat, while the egg offers a satisfying boost of protein.

16. Breakfast Sliders

Citrus-kissed arugula meets breakfast sausage, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs for a sandwich that will redefine the phrase "good morning" for you at first bite.

17. Chicken With White Wine, Leek, Spinach And Arugula Pan Sauce

The best part of this dish by Coterie member Katie Workman? Sopping up the savory arugula and white wine sauce with fresh sourdough.

18. Arugula Walnut Pesto

Pesto doesn’t have to be basil and pine nuts. And did we mention you can whip up this version in 15 minutes flat?

19. Pesto Panini With Arugula, Avocado And Sun-dried Tomato

Why have a regular sandwich when you can make a panini? Grab your favorite bread, whip up this avocado-based pesto and top it with arugula for a filling lunch.

20. Emilie Raffa’s Everyday Sourdough And Spicy White Bean Arugula Dip

Sneak greens into your party food with this white bean and arugula dip from Coterie member Gena Hamshaw.

21. Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Fresh basil-arugula pesto (made with smoked almonds!) is the secret to these beyond-flavorful handhelds.

22. Arugula, Fig And Fried White Sweet-potato Salad

Forget everything you thought you knew about potato salad. Here, fried slices of sweet potatoes rest on top of a heaping bed of arugula for an autumnal twist on a summer classic.

arugula tartine with bacon feta and tarragon vinaigrette reicpe
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23. Arugula Tartine With Bacon, Feta And Tarragon Vinaigrette

This dish is so hearty, thanks to crumbled bacon, salty feta, a sunny-side up egg and a savory tarragon vinaigrette. Just add a glass of wine and you’re ready for lunch.

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24. Pan-seared Scallops With Creamy Lemon Beet Puree

Look at you, chef. This restaurant-caliber dish but will look fab on your dinner table. (And it’s easier than it looks, we promise.)

25. Creamy Arugula Risotto

Coterie member Gaby Dalkin helps us sneak some veggies into this creamy Italian rice dish. (Don’t worry, it’s not too healthy—there’s still white wine, Parm and a dollop of mascarpone cheese.)

26. Blackberry Goat Cheese Salad

Transform the blackberries and arugula in your farmers market haul into pure heaven. (Then Instagram the hell out of it.)

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27. Mushroom Pesto Flatbread Pizza

Thanks to the base being store-bought garlic naan, these pies only take 15 minutes to make from start to finish.

28. Arugula And Watermelon Salad In A Jar

Combine arugula, chunks of watermelon and fresh mint with a simple dressing—and watch the jealousy arise on your coworkers’ faces.

29. Five-onion Tart With Arugula Salad

This sweet-and-tangy tart has five types of onions—yellow, scallions, leeks, shallots and chives—all atop a deliciously flaky tart crust.

30. Asparagus And Arugula Pasta Salad

This is not your average pasta salad. Asparagus and arugula add festive pops of green alongside crumbled feta. Everyone will want to dig in.

31. Orange And Arugula Smoothie Bowl

See ya, kale. Arugula is our green of choice in this banana, orange and chia-seed smoothie. (Thanks for the tip, Coterie member Liz Harris.)

32. Cacio E Pepe With Arugula And Lemon

Sure, it’s not traditional cacio e pepe, but we love that we’re squeezing in some extra greens. Add arugula and a spritz of lemon for a flavorful twist on the classic Italian pasta dish.

33. Arugula Salad With Shaved Parmesan Three Ways

Coterie member Heidi Larsen gives us three ways to mix up this arugula and Parmesan salad. They’re each so good, you’ll want to try them all.

34. Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Cherry Pita Pizzas With Arugula

A package of whole-wheat pitas provides the base for these fruit-topped personal pizzas from Coterie member Monique Volz.

35. Havarti And Arugula Grilled Cheese With Smoky Bacon Jam And Triple-herb Butter

You deserve a major upgrade from your daily PB&J. If you want to keep it vegetarian, opt for savory homemade onion jam instead of bacon.

For even more great recipes, check out our first cookbook, Only the Good Stuff.

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