We love French food. But who the heck has time to make it? On those nights you don’t have four hours to channel your inner Julia Child, here are 24 quickie French recipes you can make in less than 60 minutes.

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caramelized onion french lentils and cheesy toast (45 minutes)

Taking comfort food to a whole new level.

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Thyme and Garlic Baked Camembert (25 Minutes)

Baked Brie is for beginners. Kick your skills up a notch with this tasty (OK, and kinda stinky) French cheese.

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Sweet Crepes (45 minutes)

These caramelized pears are everything.

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Bacon, Egg and Swiss Soufflé (45 Minutes)

Soufflés are notoriously easy to mess up, but we believe in you. If you have half an hour, we promise you can make this.

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Cheddar Dill Gougères (45 Minutes)

Best of all, you can keep a bag of these on hand in the freezer, then pop ’em in the oven a few minutes before guests arrive.

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Cheater’s Bouillabaisse (30 Minutes)

You had us at one pot.

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One-Pot Coq au Vin (45 Minutes)

Chicken and wine: A match made in heaven.

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Moules Marinières (20 Minutes)

That’s French for “mussels in white wine sauce.” And yes, you can eat the whole bowl yourself.

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Mini Quiches with Hash Brown Crusts (60 minutes)

What’s better than one big quiche? Multiple minis, of course.

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Croque-Monsieur (25 Minutes)

It’s basically a ham sandwich covered in cheese. We’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

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Croque-Madame (40 Minutes)

…Except for maybe this, a ham sandwich covered in cheese and an egg.

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Banana Tarte Tatin (60 minutes)

Dear caramel lovers: This is what heaven looks (and tastes) like.

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White Wine Coq au Vin (55 minutes)

Ohhh, fancy.

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CRÈME BRÛLÉE (50 Minutes)

This classic French dessert looks super impressive but is actually super easy to make.

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Tartiflette Savoyarde (45 Minutes)

We’re swooning over this hearty baked gratin with potatoes, onions, bacon, wine, cream and cheese.

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Beef Bourguignon (30 Minutes)

Julia Child’s took over two hours. This one takes the length of a Seinfeld rerun.

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Moules-Frites (30 minutes)

Close your eyes. We promise you’ll feel like you’re in France.

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Mini Quiche Lorraine (45 Minutes)

Good things come in small packages.

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Spiralized Ratatouille (55 Minutes)

Remy the rat would be so proud.

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Veggie Niçoise Salad with Red Curry Green Beans (60 minutes)

We’ve never seen a salad so French.

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French Onion Soup (60 Minutes)

Topped with tons of melty cheese, s'il vous plaît.

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Roasted Chicken with Herbes de Provence (60 Minutes)

Give a French twist to this weekend staple.

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Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis (30 Minutes)

Aka French baked custard.

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Basque Pipérade with Eggs (40 Minutes)

We’ve never met a skillet meal we didn’t like.

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Additional reporting by Alexandra Hough

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