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Mornings are…mornings. But sinking your teeth into a hot, gooey breakfast sandwich is guaranteed to improve even the dreariest of days. And while a bacon, egg and cheese will always be a classic, there’s a whole world of other options to explore. Here, 17 of the most delicious creations that make mornings just that much better.


Fried Banana Nutella Croissant Sandwiches

Move over, pancakes.

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Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

Wake up south of the border.

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Buttermilk Waffle BLTs

Swap the white bread for waffles and call it a day.

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Baked Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

These sandwiches are covered in egg batter, then baked until golden brown. So, perfection.

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Smoked Salmon Bagel Grilled Cheese

Bagel meets Panini.

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Egg in a Hole Breakfast Burger

A hamburger can be eaten in the morning--when you stuff an egg in it.

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Bacon and Brie Waffle Sandwich

Sweet and savory in every single bite.

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Ham and Cheese Bagel Egg in a Hole

Why not make a croque madame with a bagel?

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Fried Egg Banh Mi

Give your typical a.m. routine a Vietnamese twist.

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Peanut butter, Jam and Banana Stuffed French Toast

For those with a sweet tooth…

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Italian Style “Roma Eggs” on Ciabatta

Meet the Italian version of eggs Benedict.

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Smoked Salmon Croissant with Chive Cream Cheese

Ooo la la.

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Reuben Breakfast Sandwich

Be warned: This recipe may induce a mid-morning food coma.

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Hash Brown Sliders

Hash browns > bread.

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Apple and Brie Stuffed French Toast Sandwich

We’ll have all our sandwiches on French toast from now on, thank you.

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Prosciutto, Egg and Gruyere on Baguette

French, to the max.

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Caprese Breakfast Sandwich

Move over, lettuce--we’ll have our caprese stuffed between carbs.

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