The cranberry sauce is cooked, the green bean casserole is bubbling and the roast turkey has taken center stage. Despite this Thanksgiving bounty, your plate may feel incomplete without a warm biscuit on it. This soft, leavened quick bread is an essential in our book come the holidays, whether it’s drenched in rich gravy, stuffed with cheese or slathered in butter. And luckily, there are a ton of canned biscuit options on the market that save you the hard work of making dough from scratch—but they aren’t created equal, so we set out to find the very best canned biscuits for every need.

To narrow down the list, we first rated the store-bought biscuits by their overall value, ingredients and ease of use. Once we baked and tasted them, we then rated the biscuits on their texture, height, appearance (they should be light, fluffy and soft, but still toasty on the tops, because presentation is everything when you want your shortcut to stay a secret) and overall taste. Read on for our favorite canned biscuits for every need, whether you’re a gluten-free baker or just looking for a bargain.

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best canned biscuits list at a glance
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Our Picks for the Best Canned Biscuits at a Glance:

Scroll down for in-depth reviews of each.

1. Immaculate Baking Organic Flaky Biscuits

Best overall

  • Value: 18/20
  • Quality and Ingredients: 20/20
  • Packaging and Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Texture, Height and Browning: 20/20
  • Flavor: 19/20

TOTAL: 97/100

Flaky layers and non-GMO ingredients that you can feel good about scarfing down? We can get behind that. Immaculate Baking’s Organic Flaky Biscuits contain organic wheat flour (it isn’t bleached, unlike other brands’ biscuits), palm oil and cane sugar, along with essentials like baking powder and sea salt. While there’s no buttermilk in them, their flavor is nothing short of delicious. They’re sort of like the best elements of both flaky and Southern-style biscuits rolled into one. Think a buttery, soft, layered interior, a gorgeously crusted exterior that lends flavor to each bite and impressive height and browning, all without the help of artificial flavors and preservatives. Did we mention that the can’s price comes out to 55 cents a biscuit?

Buy it ($4.50/eight-pack)

2. Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layers Original Biscuits

Best flaky biscuit

  • Value: 19/20
  • Quality and Ingredients: 17/20
  • Packaging and Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Texture, Height and Browning: 19/20
  • Flavor: 18/20

TOTAL: 93/100

Did you love peeling these babies apart as a kid and eating them layer by layer? Just us? Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layers biscuits have a super crackly, crisp outside and a light-as-air interior that make for a satisfying bite. The layers are visible inside and out, and the biscuits bake high and golden brown, so they’ll have nice visual appeal if you’re hosting. Our main issue is the ingredients: The first on the list is enriched bleached flour, then soybean and palm oils, sugar, hydrogenated palm oil and baking powder, plus a handful of preservatives. Nevertheless, their ingredients don’t make them any less tasty, and at 25 cents a pop, it may matter to you even less.

Buy it ($2/eight-pack)

3. Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Biscuits

Best Southern-style biscuit

  • Value: 18/20
  • Quality and Ingredients: 19/20
  • Packaging and Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Texture, Height and Browning: 18/20
  • Flavor: 18/20

TOTAL: 93/100

Southern-style biscuits are typically denser than the delicate, flaky biscuits you may be used to. Usually made with pastry flour and buttermilk, they should be crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and sturdy. Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Biscuits are just that. The main ingredients are much like some others on our list: wheat flour, water, palm oil, cane sugar, baking powder, sea salt, buttermilk and xanthan gum as a preservative. They have a wonderful bready flavor with just the right amount of tang (thanks, buttermilk) and salt. They brown wonderfully, creating a crisp, appetizing outer crust (especially on the bottoms). These biscuits are just as easy to prepare as any other ready-to-bake kind, and they’ll only cost you about 50 cents each. If you want a cheaper option that bakes similarly, try Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits instead.

Buy it ($4/eight-pack)

4. Mason Dixie Cheddar Chive Biscuits

Best flavored biscuit

  • Value: 17/20
  • Quality and Ingredients: 20/20
  • Packaging and Ease of Use: 19/20
  • Texture, Height and Browning: 18/20
  • Flavor: 18/20

TOTAL: 92/100

Usually if you want a biscuit infused with cheese, herbs, peppers or another tasty add-in, you have to make it yourself. But Mason Dixie’s line of buttermilk biscuits changes all that. They’re free of preservatives, corn syrup, flavorings, oils, bleached flour, gums and substitutes (that’s likely why the dough is sold frozen instead of refrigerated and canned—so it stays fresh longer than a few days). They come in seven fun flavors from savory herb to jalapeño cheddar, but the cheddar chive variety is our favorite. It’s made with both wheat and malted barley flours, buttermilk, butter, milk, sugar, baking powder and salt, as well as both yellow and white cheddar cheeses and sliced chives. The biscuits are pleasantly oniony; the cheese’s contribution is a bit more subtle, though it adds nice savory, salty flavor to the biscuit. These little guys also have top-tier lift and a beautifully browned exterior. The garlic parmesan biscuits are also worth adding to your cart: They’re made with buttery, fragrant roasted garlic, powdered Parmesan cheese and parsley. Mason Dixie is a bit pricier than others on this list at $1.08 a biscuit, but you really can’t put a price on biscuits that taste homemade…especially when they only take 20 minutes to bake.

Buy it ($6.50/six-pack)

5. Bake House Creations Jumbo Buttermilk Biscuits

Best value

  • Value: 20/20
  • Quality and Ingredients: 18/20
  • Packaging and Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Texture, Height and Browning: 19/20
  • Flavor: 17/20

TOTAL: 94/100

If you’re looking to whip up a holiday meal on a budget, look no further than ALDI’s Bake House Creations Jumbo Buttermilk Biscuits. Not only are they soft and pillowy on the inside with a crisp exterior, but an eight-pack will only cost you 79 cents—that’s 13 cents a biscuit, people. They contain mostly flour, water and vegetable oils (buttermilk is further down on the list, along with baking soda for lift, salt and a few preservatives). They bake a few minutes faster than some other canned doughs, but not significantly so. The package instructions are easy, and the biscuits come in a poppable can like others you’ve likely baked before. Pro tip: If you find that the biscuits are cooked through but not golden on top, pop the broiler on for a minute or two until they brown.

Buy it ($1/eight-pack)

6. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Gluten-Free Biscuits

Best gluten-free

  • Value: 16/20
  • Quality and Ingredients: 19/20
  • Packaging and Ease of Use: 18/20
  • Texture, Height and Browning: 17/20
  • Flavor: 20/20

TOTAL: 90/100

If you’ve ever taken a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, odds are Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit was on your to-visit list. Luckily, you don’t have to take a vacation to try their famous biscuits, since they’re available frozen online. While we didn't taste Callie's original buttermilk biscuits, the base for their chewy, doughy gluten-free biscuits is a special blend of cornstarch, white rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, milk powder and potato starch. They also contain cream cheese, which imparts extra tanginess and a unique flavor that sets these GF, preservative-free beauties apart from our other faves. The instructions are surprisingly a bit more finicky and time-consuming than the canned biscuits on this list, despite the biscuits being pre-baked: You’ll have to wrap the biscuits in foil, bake them for a half-hour, open the foil to brown the tops and bake them again for five more minutes. Their texture isn’t as biscuit-y as you might expect; they’re definitely on the softer side instead of having a crunchy exterior and pillowy interior. They’re a bit pricy at $3.75 a biscuit, but a wheat-free biscuit that tastes like the O.G. might be worth the investment if you’re sensitive to gluten.

Buy it ($30/eight-pack)

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