30 Ground Lamb Recipes That Will Help You Break Out of a Dinner Rut

You’ve cooked your way through all your favorite chicken, salmon and beef dishes ten times over, so you’re eager for something new that will spice up your dinner rotation. Have you considered lamb? It’s a versatile protein that pairs beautifully with everything from hummus to pasta to mint jelly. And if you start with ground lamb, it’s a total breeze to prepare. Whether you grill it, bake it or add it to a stew, this secretly simple meat will quickly become one of your go-tos. Presenting 30 ground lamb recipes that will surprise and satisfy your guests every single time.

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1. Antoni Porowski’s Moroccan-style Pasta Bolognese

This recipe doesn’t ask more of you than spaghetti and meatballs, besides a bit of patience. The sauce is gently simmered for about three hours to deepen its flavor.

2. Spiced Meatball And Escarole Soup

Thanks to canned beans and quick-cooking veggies, this soul-soother only takes 45 minutes to come together.

3. Meatballs In Sour Cherry Sauce

A Syrian-inspired dish that’s just the starter for your next dinner party. Serve them with buttery pita and toasted pine nuts.

4. Oven-baked Chicken Kofta Wraps

Chicken makes for a lighter dish, but the Middle Eastern staple is traditionally made from ground lamb or beef. Go ahead and deviate from the recipe—or create a sampler. (All three pair beautifully with the lemon-garlic aioli.)

5. Hummus And Spiced Lamb Sambusas

These handhelds are sort of like Ethiopia’s answer to Indian samosas. They’re flaky, expertly spiced and packed with your favorite hummus.

6. Baked Coconut-curry Meatballs

Opt for baking the meatballs instead of pan-frying them. Not only will the oven help them hold their shape and moisture, but you’ll also save yourself from standing at the stove all night.

7. Lamb Gyros

Pile ’em high with briny feta cheese, juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, sharp red onion and alllll the creamy tzatziki. (Fries couldn’t hurt either.)

8. Spicy Lamb Grilled Pizzettas

Decadent ricotta and mascarpone cheeses are just the cooling foils for smoky ground lamb. Pop the naan pizzas on the grill for a barbecue main that your guests won’t see coming.

9. Grilled Ground Lamb Kofta Kebab

Instead of rolling seasoned lamb meat into balls, mold them into flat, patty-like pieces on bamboo skewers. (This makes them a cinch to grill.)

10. Slow Cooker Greek Tacos With Lamb

Complete with gluten-free corn tortillas, black olives and fresh produce. You can finish them with Greek yogurt, but we’re betting the usual Taco Tuesday condiments (like sour cream and guac) would still do the trick.

11. Borek

Aka spiced lamb-filled filo pastry. The beyond-flaky swirled masterpiece is studded with pine nuts and currants, but the best part is that it’s served with lemon yogurt sauce for dipping.

12. Australian Lamb Meatballs With Buttery Lemon Orzo And Tzatziki Sauce

Substitute cauliflower rice for orzo to make this meal low-carb and keto-friendly. (It’s already packed with protein.)

13. Lamb Pie

You may think shepherd’s pie is filled with beef because that’s how your fave local pub makes it, but the O.G. actually starred minced lamb meat.

14. Lamb Burgers With Pesto Whipped Feta

Catch us slathering the basil-infused cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches, stirring it into mac and cheese, stuffing it into chicken breasts and so much more.

15. Greek Lamb Lettuce Cups With Mint Yogurt Sauce

They’re low-carb, satiating and ready to devour in 30 minutes—what more can you ask for in a weeknight dinner?

16. Greek Lamb Meatballs With Avocado Goddess Sauce

Ground lamb is the most natural pairing for couscous, hummus, feta and cukes, but you could always use beef or chicken instead.

17. Lamb Burger With Harissa Mayo And Pickled Red Cabbage

The quick-pickled red cabbage slaw adds a refreshing, zingy je ne sais quoi to the handheld.

18. One-pot Mediterranean Ground Lamb Pasta

Meaty baby bella mushrooms, Roma tomatoes and red wine get a distinctly Mediterranean makeover, courtesy of ground lamb, feta cheese and fresh mint.

19. Turkish Lamb Wraps

These beauties are finished with labneh, a type of strained yogurt that’s extra creamy and thick (yup, even more so than Greek yogurt).

20. Mediterranean Lamb & Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Tell ground beef and cheddar cheese to make way for this Greek-inspired twist on a weeknight classic.

21. Hummus With Lamb

This aromatic appetizer is a guaranteed home run. Save time by starting with store-bought hummus—just don’t skip the toasted pine nuts on top.

22. Grass-fed Lamb Meatballs

The meatballs 1) are served atop a bed of egg noodles, 2) get doused in buttery gravy and 3) freeze like a charm. Need we say more?

23. Mediterranean Lamb Bowl

Because you can only stay excited about your daily salmon bowl for so long. Did we mention it’s gluten free, dairy free and Whole30- and Paleo-friendly?

24. Pastitsio

Think of this uber-rich baked dish as Greece’s equivalent to lasagna. We’re talking pasta mixed with red wine- and tomato-kissed lamb, coated in a thick layer of cheesy béchamel.

25. Gozleme

This recipe for stuffed Turkish flatbread starts with the easiest pastry dough of all time. (Seriously—no yeast required.)

26. Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves

Also called warak enab, these popular appetizers taste just as (if not more) delicious when they’re packed to the brim with ground lamb instead of ground beef.

27. Lamb Meatballs With Mint And Pea Pesto Pasta

This delightfully simple recipe screams spring. Might we suggest making it the main event of your casual Easter dinner?

28. Spiced Lamb-filled Roasted Garlic Hummus

Make this drool-worthy starter even easier to whip up: Trade top round lamb for ground lamb, so you won’t have to for the meat to marinate.

29. Spaghetti And Moroccan Lamb Meatballs With No-cook Romesco Sauce

You’re only a few pantry staples (roasted red peppers! sun-dried tomatoes! Marcona almonds!) and a blitz in the food processor away from the lightning-fast sauce.

30. Best Greek Moussaka

This dreamy eggplant casserole is bursting at the seams with ground lamb meat sauce and nutmeg-laced béchamel.

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