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It’s freezing outside. And you’re hitting the open road. Here, 15 items to stock your car with this winter. (Hey, it never hurts to be prepared.)

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winter car blankets
everydayplus/Getty Images

1. A Blanket

For chilly nighttime drives—or in case your heater goes on the fritz.

2. Matches and Flares

They’re still the best way to flag down roadside assistance. (You know, while you wait for AAA.) 

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3. Extra Windshield Wiper Fluid

Get the kind with antifreeze so it has extra power to fight the ice.

winter car ice scraper
ratmaner/Getty Images

4. An Ice Scraper

Just in case your wiper fluid fails you.

5. A First Aid Kit

Gah, you overdid it with the ice scraper.

6. A Portable Phone Charger (or USB Cord)

Because, after using Waze, you’re suddenly at 4 percent.

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winter car jumper cables
jarih/Getty Images

7. Jumper Cables

Cold overnight temps are a major cause of battery issues, FYI.

8. A Collapsible Shovel

A game changer for when it unexpectedly snows.

9. Gloves

Baby, it’s cold outside (and you have to shovel).

winter car flashlight
nevodka/Getty Images

10. An LED Flashlight

Don’t just rely on the one on your phone. 

11. Rock Salt

Clutch for icy patches—and spinning wheels. 

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winter car energy bar kind

12. Energy Bars

Friends don’t let friends get hangry in 28 degree weather.

13. A Bag of Sand

Keep it in your trunk for extra weight (and traction) on a slippery drive.

14. A Water Bottle

Open it and pour a little out at the top so even if it freezes, it doesn’t burst.

winter car sunglasses

15. Sunglasses

Never underestimate the glare of snow.

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