Mother's Day is one of those holidays that immediately causes a brain white-out: So many loved ones to appreciate! So many gifts and keepsakes to choose from! Our tips: If you're able, share some extra-special activities on that day (Sunday, May 9), including embracing all the wry feels. (And if you’re a new mom, we wish you a warm welcome to the club!) Just remember—don't turn up to see Mom, or Nana, or your mother-in-law—empty handed: bring something for their relaxation, or a nice piece of jewelry or even something practical, like a gadget to inspire someone else to do the dishes. Here’s our list of loot to get and to drop hints for yourself, Mom.

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1. Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Scalp Massager

For the Beauty Enthusiast

This little device has become an internet sensation, relaxing women who want to de-stress, delighting people who want to grow thicker hair and, quite frankly, obsessing our reviewer. We recommend gifting with the brand's scalp detoxifying serum or hair growth serum to refresh locks that might be a bit dull or thinning due to stress, hormonal changes and environmental damage.

Buy it ($18)

2. 'Only the Good Stuff: PureWow's Top Recipes of the Past Decade'

For the Avid Cook

Help Mom break out of that dinner rut with dozens of fresh ideas. Only the Good Stuff features our top recipes over the past decade, all in a spiral-bound hardcover book that actually stays open while you cook (because the struggle of reading a recipe while sautéing is all too real). Plus, you can choose one of four cover images and dedicate it to her, if you'd like, and if you order by midnight on Sunday, May 2, it should arrive in time for Mother's Day.

BUY IT ($27)


3. Mejuri Solo Diamond Bracelet

For the Minimalist Jewelry Wearer

Every time she looks at her wrist, she’ll see a glint of diamond on a fine 14K chain, smile and remember that you love her.

Buy It ($200)


4. Dermelect Overnight Beauty Trio

For the Bedtime Ritual Lover

Your mom is going to love the self-care moment these three products give her right before bed—as well as the benefits she'll notice in the morning. It's fast, too—she'll only need apply a swipe of lash volumizer for lusher lashes, a pat of serum that targets fine lines and discoloration and a bit of lip mask to quench lips. Mmm, beauty sleep.

Buy It ($117; $79)


5. Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Sheets

Best for Hot Sleepers

We’re converts to this new fabric which blends five-percent cashmere into an otherwise all-cotton weave to make a sheet that is buttery soft and somehow warm without causing that middle-of-the-night overheated wake-up. And we appreciate Brooklinen’s “short” and “long” labels on fitted sheets, so there’s none of that bed-making frustration.

Buy it ($279; $251)

The Sill

6. The Sill Pink Anthurium

For the Lady with the Green Thumb

These blooms last up to eight weeks, and new ones keep popping up throughout the year. And the pale pink pot is so chic.

Buy It ($68)


7. Murad Age-Balancing Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30

For SPF Forgetters

It's her new daily one-and-done: Broad spectrum sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB light while phytoestrogens help improve skin elasticity and shea butter replenishes dull, dry skin.

Buy It ($74)


8. Winc Wine Subscription

Best for Wine Drinkers

Send her a gift card to let her choose her own bottles—most are less than $20 per bottle—based on a quick taste test recommendation, and she’ll toast to you all month long.

Buy It

9. You Are My Sunshine Mommy & Me Set

For the mama who likes to match

She never thought she'd be into matching outfits...until she had a kid of her own. We get it. And what makes Mini + Meep's designs so great is that they're not over-the-top. You can choose from a few different images and messages, and on a onesie or toddler tee, the illustration is big and bold. On the parent's tee, it's a palm-sized one. Better yet, each sustainably, ethically sourced set provides a meal to a child in need.


Olive & June

10. Olive & June The Spring Box

Best for the Well-Manicured Woman

Not only does this box include a happy rainbow of colors in the warm range (with a fun pop of ice blue thrown in), but it also comes with manicure essentials including Olive & June's innovative "Poppy," a rounded handle that fits on top of nail polish caps to make brushing on polish smoother and more precise than she's ever done freehand. (Extra points if you give your mom a manicure with her favorite hue.)

Buy It ($80)

Misfits Market

11. Misfits Market Subscription

Best for Organic Food Lovers

Now it's your turn to make sure Mom is getting all her fruits and vegetables by sending her an every-other-week shipment of seasonal produce that's been ix-nayed from grocer shelves because it's a bit oddly shaped, has outdated packaging or otherwise doesn't fit the supermarket standards of beauty. This eliminates food waste and keeps her on her toes, nutrition-wise.

Buy It (From $22)


12. Sunday Morning Naya Striped Linen Pajama Set

Best for Weekend House Putterers

Loose-fitting, machine-washable French linen will be hard to get her to change out of since it’s so comfortable and stylish.

Buy It ($155)


13. Pluto Pillow

Best for the Insomniac

In the brilliant idea department: A direct-to-consumer customized pillow. Your giftee just answers a quick questionnaire about their body stats, how she sleeps and what she likes in a pillow, then an algorithm creates an order that can be one of 35 variations. (The sleepy suspense alone makes this gift a win.)

Buy It ($95)


14. Foreo Bear

For the Skincare Fanatic

Our reviewer found it actually lifted her face right away, but regardless, this little doo-dad just feels luxurious.

Buy It ($299)


15. Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display

Best for Any Grandma (Seriously)

Our reviewer said this is a welcome advance in clear family communication—after her family sent this to their grandmother, they found that the subsequent intergenerational video calls were clearer than when they used Zoom and Facetime. Have your giftee set it up in her kitchen and you can visit for a quick video call during morning coffee.

$150 at Amazon


16. Lekue Quick Pasta Cooker

For the Woman Who Hates Doing Dishes

This silicone cookwarel lets you cook pasta in the microwave in a snap. Create penne alla vodka and lemon spaghetti, sauce and all, in the same vessel.

Buy It ($25)


17. Koamask Weighted Sleep Mask

For the Migraine Sufferer

Like a weighted blanket for your eyes, this helps lessen everything from puffy eyes to headaches and can be heated or cooled for whatever feels better on her aching face.

$25 at Amazon


18. Bean Box World Coffee Tour

For the Coffee Drinker

This set of 16 freshly roasted gourmet coffees from the world’s microlots comes with a guide so she’ll know her chocolately Latin American roasts from her fruit-forward African blends.

$89 at Amazon


19. Tile Sticker (2-Pack)

For the Absent-Minded

No more roaming around for her keys: These adhesive-backed, Bluetooth enabled trackers will ring if her lost item (say, a glasses case, or wallet, or whatever they’re stuck to) is within 150 feet. Farther away than that, and a pop-up map shows the location.

$36 at Amazon


20. Treadly

Best for Apartment Dwellers

Our reviewer loved this portable treadmill that fits under your couch. There’s also a nifty way to meet friends for virtual walks. Because we’re not all marathoners, okay?

Buy It ($849)

Higher Dose

21. Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3

Best for Detoxification Enthusiasts

This is the home version of the celebrity favorite infrared sauna craze. You lie down. You wrap a burrito of a heated blanket around you. You sweat a lot. And shockingly, you feel really clean and relaxed afterwards, thanks to the layers of charcoal, clay and amethyst and tourmaline crystals that (allegedly) draw impurities out along with your sweat.

Buy It ($499)


22. Bala Bangles

For the Long Walk Taker

These one-pound weights look so cute, she won’t even notice she’s building up her arm or leg muscles when she puts them on before her walkabout.

Buy It ($49)

You Go Natural

23. You Go Natural T-Shirt Bun Wrap

This jersey-knit turban has a pre-tied knot and is lined with satin so Mom can just throw it on and go, with no damage to her hair and lots of style.

Buy It ($35)

Gwynnie Bee

24. Gwynnie Bee Subscription Box

Best for Plus-Size Fashionistas

From $49 to $199 per month, based on the number of items you choose to receive, you get smart workwear to casual weekend attire that you can borrow or buy in sizes 10 to 32. And there’s a 30-day free trial period, so no commitment is necessary.

Buy It ($49)


25. Rachel Comey Adams Sandal

For the Sightseer

Not only are Rachel Comey ugly-chic sandals an entire fashion mood, they are incredibly comfortable, from the sturdy lug sole to the stamped leather uppers. These shoes are a promise that, post-pandemic, Mom will one day trek across Florence and take in the Duomo.

Buy It ($435)


26. Brightland Artists Capsule Oils

For the Foodie

What’s better—bragging rights that she’s got a pantry full of acclaimed, California-made blended olive oils with hints of lemon and basil? Or these Instagram-ready bottles with artist-designed labels and UV-coated glass to protect the delicate oils? Gift with a fresh baguette and let her be the judge.

Buy It ($115)


27. Dreamcutflowers Premium Roses Subscription Box

For the Rose Lover

Sure, anyone can send their mom roses on Mother’s Day. But what if you sent her roses every month? That’s easy with this subscription service that lets you choose between garden style, premium or tinted rose varieties, with no commitment. (Bonus: The first box is 30 percent off.)

$35 at Amazon


28. The Comfy

For the Woman Who’s Just…Done

Let’s say your gift recipient is comfort-first, comfort-last and comfort-always. Show her that you see her and love her just the way she is by gifting this wearable tunic our reviewer summed up as a “Frankenstein monster of a hybrid blanket/sweatshirt” that she hasn’t taken off since the first hard freeze of ’20.

$40 at Amazon


29. Possession by Katie Lowe

For the True Crime Aficianada

This novel tells the story of a woman who may or may not have murdered her husband and gotten away with it for a decade—until a popular podcast reopens the case. Our reviewer said it "fits snugly among the ranks of Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins and Attica Locke."

$21 at Amazon


30. Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier

For the Temperature-Regulated Home Dweller

She likes her home super-warm, say, or blasts the air on high all summer. That’s going to take a toll on the skin, sinuses and overall feeling of comfort. This attractive gadget looks like an art object, but it’s really a humidifier with aromatherapy function that has a two- and four-hour shut-off button.

Buy It ($150)

Six Gldn

31. Six Gldn On the Glow Mini Collection

For the Natural Beauty Fan

This new skincare system was formulated by a doctor of Chinese medicine to gently restore users’ complexions to a radiant glow. (And how skin looks after using the nourishing face oil is a game-changer.)

Buy It ($140; $97)


32. Breville the Bakery Chef

For the Baker

This sleek, sturdy and pro-quality mixer earned high marks from our cookbook-author reviewer, and that double sided scraper beater is ingeniously designed to swipe the sides and bottom of the bowl at every turn (legit, genius).

Buy It ($400)


33. Kreafunk toCharge Mini

For the Gadabout

Weighing just 2.3 ounces, this little phone charger ensures she’ll never have to be without enough juice to call you. You know, just to chat.

Buy It ($30)


34. Tempo Studio

For the Home Workout Buff

This all-in-one home workout tower includes a gym’s worth of weights, a heart-rate monitor and most innovatively, a large screen that not only has clear coaching sessions from 15 to 60 minutes—it uses artificial intelligence to read your body positioning and alert you to when you need to modify your form.

Buy It ($2,495)


35. Bloomscape Bloom Kit

Best for Patio Gardeners

Gift the mom on your list everything she needs to put together a sleek planter with colorful flora and lush greenery, following along with a video tutorial if she has any questions. Also, no pressure—there’s a 30-day guarantee to replace any plants that wither.

Buy It ($125)

No, Thank You

36. No, Thank You A Cream For Relief

Best for Muscle Ache Sufferers

Does Mom have a bad back (or a HIIT routine she's always overdoing)? This cream blends the minty freshness of menthol, skin-soothing moisturizing of aloe and other botanicals with a potent concentration of CBD extract that eases pain, right where you apply it.

Buy It ($95)


37. Sugarbreak Bundle

Best for Nutrition Buffs

This innovative supplement line-up is designed to curb your sugar cravings with a capsule to eat before carb-heavy meals and a set of “resist” dissolvable strips that you pop before you binge on sugar—it blocks the sweet taste, so suddenly that cupcake tastes all meh, not mmm. Eventually sugar cravings subside, post-meal glucose stabilizes and you’re able to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Buy It ($79)


38. Neom Organics Tranquility Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

Best for Home Spa Enthusiasts

This elegant candle is lightly scented with botanicals including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, and the wax is infused with oils so that you burn it a while, then pour it over your dry skin. PureWow reviewed it and raved.

Buy It ($46)


39. Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick

For the Glitzy Grandma

This twist-to-dispense fine jewelry cleaning tool is a great add-on to the diamonds you’re giving her. She'll also love using it to sparkle up the fine jewelry she already has.

$8 at Amazon

Our Place

40. The Always Pan

For the Coordinated Cook

Do you know a mom that’s not only a home cook, but also likes everything to look perfect and matchy-matchy? Get her this cookware that sells out as soon as a new color becomes available—there are six shades as of this writing—and see why our reviewer raves it hits the sweet spot in “aesthetics, quality and versatility.”

Buy It ($145)


41. Lookoptic Blue-Light Casper Glasses

For the Nighttime iPad Reader

The blue light emitted from digital devices has been linked to headaches, sleeplessness and at the very least, eye fatigue. These blue-light frames have a classic design and a smooth matte finish, and they are available in multiple magnification strengths.

Buy It ($78)


42. Madewell Tie-Dye Broadway Cardigan Sweater

Best for the Always Chilly

We all know that woman who always needs a sweater nearby—in the car, on the back of her desk chair—because she’s shivering. This simple cotton sweater is just thick enough to keep her cozy (and the gentle tie-dye pattern is so summer ’21).

Buy It ($98)

Hedley & Bennet

43. Hedley & Bennet The Smock

For the Home Chef

No more constricting waist ties to come untied or feel restrictive—this cross-back smock design just pops over your head (and has big pockets for whatever you need to stash).

Buy It ($80)


44. Baby Foot Original Foot Peel Exfoliator

For the Woman Who Misses Her Salon Experience

You put these little plastic booties on overnight, then a week later, all the callouses and dead skin on your heels and toes magically sloughs off. (Overall, way less ticklish than using a pumice stone.)

$25 at Amazon


45. Vuori Daily Joggers

For the Athleisure Ninja

These high-waisted, lightweight joggers with an airbrushed finish will convince her to set aside those bulky cotton sweatpants she’s been living in.

Buy It ($84)


46. Lasko LP 200 Desktop Air Purifier

For the Work-from-Home Staffer

Give her a breath of fresh air with this quiet, timer-enabled device which screens out virus-sized particles, mold, pet dander, pollen, dust mites and other allergens—all down to 0.3 microns.

$70 at Amazon


47. Hemp Bath Bomb

For the Tub Taker

These handmade bath bombs with essential oils and hemp extract come in pretty pastel hues, and we’re imagining one grey (sleep-inducing), blue (relaxing), purple (muscle-soothing) and orange (uplifting) in a set will let mom pick her mood adventure each time she soaks.

Buy It ($10)


48. Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine Alarm Clock

For the Sleep Disordered

Help her gently wake to a custom glowing sunrise light designed to support healthy cortisol levels. It also includes a soft reading light without eye-straining blue hues.

$130 at Amazon

Alo Yoga

49. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

For the Home Practice Yogi

This heavy-duty mat feels extra padded, but you can still feel the floor to really grip. Made with ethically sourced rubber, no PVC or formaldehyde, it’s anti-odor, too. We love the smoky quartz color because it’s a pretty pink that’s not going to show footprints when her pet trots over it.

Buy It ($100)


50. Fit King Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Best for the Mom of a Big Family

Heated compression. A rolling motion under your toes. Pressure point kneading all over your arch. Overall, 44 massage heads from toes to heel. Gift this, and you might even get tears of joy, because odds are, her dogs are barking.

$90 at Amazon


51. Piecework Puzzles Tutti-Frutti Puzzle

Best for the Detail-Oriented Woman

Puzzling emerged as a quarantine pastime, and this beautiful 500-piece bouquet won’t wilt like most Mother’s Day arrangements.

Buy It ($26)


52. SKG F5 Portable Massage Gun with Heat

Best for Massage Lovers

This genius design includes a handle that has a heated base to rub against your sore muscle, then a vibrating gun with three interchangeable heads that you can work into said muscle. Also, the compact size makes this easy to wield, unlike competitors’ larger massage guns.

$129 at Amazon



Best for the Fan of '70s Era Fashion

Maybe your mom was stylin’ in the 1970s, or she is just eternally groovy. Either way, this classic bag is a throwback accessories bullseye, with its supple leather roominess, magnet closure and a small inner pocket to keep your phone from getting lost.

Buy It ($158)


54. Link UV + Ozone Phone Sterilizer

For the Sanitation Minded

You just shut your phone inside this stylish Korean-made phone sterilizer and enjoy a germ-free handheld in six minutes and 30 seconds.

Buy It ($125)


55. Food 52 Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

Best for Neatniks

Our reviewer was surprised at how sleek and chic an over-sink drying rack could be, but this retractable, silicone-coated device is unlike any other kitchen helper you’ve experienced. Not only that, but the rack can be used for rinsing veggies and as a trivet.

Buy It ($45)

Saatchi Art

56. Saatchi Art Eeny, Meeny, Miny Sculpture by Brian Thomas Jones

Best for the Museum Goer

For the woman who made you the discerning aesthete you are today, gift a one-of-a-kind wall triptych that she can arrange and rearrange as the mood strikes her. Note: The artists featured on Saatchi Art are vetted as being up-and-comers, so your gift may even appreciate in value.

Buy It ($1,770)

Madison Reed

57. Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit

Best for Low-Maintenance Beauties

Our reviewer said her mom swears by the results of this at-home hair color system that determines which formula will work for you by analyzing a quick online survey. (We recommend springing for the extra pro boost, for extra shine.) Try it once, and you’ll think twice before you spend all that time and money in the stylist’s chair.

Buy It ($27)


58. HBO Max

Best for Entertainment Buffs

Seriously, your mom has to see Nicole Kidman in The Undoing. Or the 80s in It’s a Sin. For one monthly amount, she can now understand all your pop culture obsessions and possibly turn you on to some new ones.

Buy It ($15)

Lord Jones

59. Lord Jones The Mother's Day Gift Box

For the Who Craves Relaxation

She can relax, recharge and hydrate with this collection of yummy gumdrops, moisturizer and lip balm, all formulated with CBD.

Buy It ($144; $98)


60. Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera Gift Bundle

This instant camera prints directly onto the photo paper that comes with it. There’s also a scrapbook, sticker boarder frames, edged scissors and markers, so she can go wild with 2-D creativity.

$120 at Amazon


61. Cariuma OCA Low Sneaker

Best for Vintage Lovers

The throwback style of these Cariuma sneakers, which come in eight rainbow hues, will delight the woman who likes the look of classic tennis shoes. And she will appreciate the increased sustainability in their production (two trees planted for every pair sold) as well as the amped-up comfort thanks to the cushy cork footbed.

Buy It ($89)


62. Scentbird

For the Fragrance Aficianado

Scentbird delivers popular perfumes for $15 each month, with sleek refillable cases that hold roughly 140 sprays—until your giftee selects her next scent from the company's extensive catalog.

Buy It ($15)

63. Little Laughter Films

For the Grandmom Across the Miles

Perhaps your kids do the cutest things...but always just after you're hung up on your weekly Zoom call with your parents. Prove that your spawn actually are charming by sending video clips you've shot to Little Laughter Films, a husband-and-wife production team that will create an entertaining two-minute clip out of 75 or more snippets. You can send the result to Gram as a digital download, or for an extra $45, via a charming thumb drive with decorative etching.

Buy It ($150)

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