Nana, Mimi, Abuela or Grammy, no matter what you call her, your grandma is likely your biggest fan. (Can you blame her?) So for Mother’s Day this year, we suggest flipping the script and showing her that she’s your number one with a thoughtful gift. No idea where to start? No worries, we’ve done some brainstorming. If Gran loves to go to brunch, treat her to a waffle breakfast at home. Maybe she’s more interested in books. In that case, sign her up for Audible. Or maybe she’s the most fashionable woman you know, which means she’ll appreciate a new silk scarf. Here, find 25 Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma that are sure to impress.

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Our Place

1. Our Place Always Pan

For the grandma who loves to cook

GiGi loves nothing more than to be in the kitchen whipping up a three-course meal for the grandkids. But to be honest, her 20-year-old cookware has seen better days. Luckily, you can help her replace eight pieces in one fell swoop by gifting her the Always Pan. The multitasking design does the work of a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan spatula and spoon rest. Plus, it’ll look great perched on her cooktop.

Buy It ($145)


2. Simplicity Teas Tea of the Month Club

For the tea lover

After you sign Nonna up for this tea subscription, she’ll get four full-sized bags of loose leaf tea delivered straight to her door every month. Her first box will come with a cute tea steeper too. “I love this box, always a wonderful sampling of tasty seasonal teas. Great combo of caffeinated, non-caffeinated and herbal teas,” writes one happy subscriber.

Buy It ($19/Month)


3. Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath Oil Collection

For the grandma who needs to relax

If your grandma seems a little high-strung lately (who isn’t these days?) treat her to this set of luxury bath oils from Aromatherapy Associates. It features ten three milliliter bottles, each filled with a different scented oil that’ll leave her feeling totally relaxed when she steps out of the tub.

Buy It ($60)

Best Buy

4. Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling Device

For the grandma who lives far away from her grandkids

One PureWow editor says this device has been a total godsend for keeping in touch with her grandmother during the pandemic. Why? Well, it totally eliminates the hassle of having to hold up your phone or adjust the camera like you would on FaceTime or Skype. Simply set the Portal on a flat surface, and the camera automatically adjusts to fit everyone in the frame, and even follows you around the room if you’re busy multitasking while you chat. Plus, users say the sound and picture quality are much better than other video chat platforms, making it easier to have clear conversations.

Buy It ($180)


5. Dagne Dover 365 Large Landon Neoprene Carryall Duffle Bag

For the grandma who’s always visiting

This roomy duffle makes it easy for Nanny to organize everything she could possibly need for a weekend getaway at your house, which is her favorite destination. The water-resistant neoprene bag includes plenty of pockets, a laptop sleeve, top carry handles and an optional crossbody strap. But our favorite feature has to be the clever separate pocket for shoes.

Buy It ($185)

Uncommon Goods

6. Gardener’s Tool Seat

For the gardener

It’s a tool bag. It’s a stool. And it’s bound to be her most-used gift this spring. She’ll be able to easily tote her trowels, shovels and picks, while also having a comfortable outdoor perch for hours of potting and planting in the garden. Our advice? Order it soon, because it’s currently backordered through late April.

Buy It ($40)

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7. Lady Grey Jewelry Drift Earrings

For the fashionista

You’ve always admired Gram’s impressive earring collection, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to help her add to it. We suggest giving her this asymmetrical pair of dangly freshwater pearls. As soon as she gets past the fact that they’re two different lengths on purpose (you might need to explain that part to her), she’ll be raving about them to all of her friends.

Buy It ($108)


8. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket, 20 lbs

For the insomniac

If your grandmother has a habit of staying up late worrying, surprise her with a weighted blanket. Their soothing pressure has been shown to relieve anxiety and induce sleep. And yes, she can use it in warm weather, too.

$59 at Amazon


9. Grandma I Wrote This Book About You Fill-in-the-blank Book

For the grandma with young grandkids

Looking to get Mom a gift “from the kids”? Go with this sweet fill-in-the-blank book. It’s full of prompts like ‘I love it when you _____’ and ‘I think you are so cool because _____’ which you can help the little ones fill out in their own handwriting for a present that’s sure to make her tear up.

$7 at Amazon

Harry & David

10. Harry & David Waffle Brunch Gift Box

For the grandma who loves to brunch

In our opinion, going out for Mother’s Day brunch is a little overrated—after all, you can’t stay in your PJs. That’s why this year, we’re treating our Mimi to a fancy waffle brunch at home. This shipment comes with eight different Belgian waffles, two types of cake, berry preserves, maple syrup and coffee so the only prep work she has to do is turn the oven on.

Buy It ($70)

Uncommon Goods

11. My Family Cookbook

For the grandma with a famous lasagna recipe

Chances are, every family recipe you love came directly from your grandma. Add your own recipes to this customizable book and leave the rest of the pages blank for her to write down the instructions for her famous meatballs and chicken potpie.

Buy It ($30)


12. Bloomscape Multi Tube Propagation Kit

For the green thumb

Gran’s been talking about growing her houseplant collection forever—she just can’t stomach how expensive they’ve gotten. Solve that problem by getting her this three tube propagation kit. This way, she’ll be able to sprout some new plant babies from her thriving philodendron.

Buy It ($45)


13. Shutterfly Personalized Wall Calendar

For the grandma who likes to plan

She’ll take any excuse she can get to hang some more pictures of the great grandkids on the fridge, but this personalized calendar will actually be pretty useful, too. Include important dates like family birthdays and anniversaries for her so all she has to do is remember to write in her next doctor’s appointment.

Buy It (From $25)


14. Airbnb Gift Card

For the jet setter

Ever since her first vaccine appointment, Gammy’s been researching vacation destinations nonstop. Needless to say, the highlight of her Mother’s Day will be getting an Airbnb gift card from you to use towards booking her first post-pandemic getaway.

Buy It (From $25)

Standard Dose

15. Prima R+R CBD Cream

For the grandma with arthritis

CBD helps relieve muscle soreness and inflammation, and it can also work wonders for people with arthritis and general aches and pains. This cream packs 750 milligrams of CBD, which is one of the most potent doses on the market, for nearly immediate relief.

Buy It ($55)


16. Greetabl

For the grandma who loves to send letters

Grandma is always sending you snail mail, so we have a feeling she’ll be totally blown away by this updated version of a greeting card. Greetabl allows you to create a personalized box, complete with a message and photos, then fill it with a little gift like chocolate hearts, a mini mug or a candle. Yup, she’s definitely going to ask you for a link to the website so she can start ordering them for every family birthday.

Buy It (From $10)


17. GracefullyMadeStudio Grandma Necklace

For the sentimental grandma

She’ll take any excuse to tell everyone about her grandkids, so give her a piece of jewelry that does the bragging for her. With the option of one heart and up to eight engraved tags for the whole brood, this necklace will keep her family close by at all times.

Buy It ($39)


18. Winc Wine Subscription

For the sommelier

Give her a gift card for a Winc wine subscription and your grandma can choose three new bottles to try per month. Start with the one- or two-month option and if she likes it, you can treat her to a whole year’s-worth of wine at a later date.

Buy It (From $60)


19. Tory Burch Colorblock Logo Silk Square Scarf

For the trendsetter

We can only hope to one day be as chic as Gran. One accessory she never leaves the house without? A perfectly knotted silk scarf. Treat her to a new vibrant design for summer and she’ll think of you every time she ties it around her neck.

Buy It ($158)


20. Pix-Star 10-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

For the grandma who loves family photos

Grammy’s walls are already covered in picture frames, so get her a digital version to place on the entry table. Simply load it with snaps from recent family vacations and scanned photographs from her childhood—this one can store up to 30,000 pictures—to avoid any foreseeable technical difficulties.

$155 at Amazon

Best Buy

21. Fitbit Versa 3

For the grandma who wants to get her steps in

“I just got this new Fitbit and I’m amazed by how it can do so many things,” one grandma told us during the holidays, referring to built-in GPS, fitness tracking, call and texting features. There was just one problem: She couldn’t seem to get the Fitbit app on her phone to sync up with it at first, so she suggests that if you’re going to get your grandma one for Mother’s Day, be sure to offer to sit with her to set it up.

Buy It ($230)


22. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

For the grandma with sore feet

Speaking of getting her steps in, after an hour-long stroll with her walking club to get, this heated foot massager will come in handy. To be honest, we want one for ourselves, but borrowing hers gives us another excuse to visit.

$110 at Amazon


23. Audible Subscription

For the avid reader

Her vision isn’t 20/20 anymore, but she still tries to keep up with every single Danielle Steel novel. With Audible, she can listen to her books instead of reading them. Plus, she’ll be able to multitask. (Knitting and “reading,” anyone?)

$15/Month at Amazon

Uncommon Goods

24. Birdie Yarn Bowl

For the knitter

We have approximately 342 handmade scarves, gloves and blankets from Nana. So we know this stoneware yarn bowl will be put to good use in her home.

Buy It ($48)

Urban Stems

25. Urban Stems Flower Subscription

For the grandma who loves to get flowers

With this fresh flower subscription, Gam Gam will get a bountiful bouquet delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on which plan you choose. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Buy It (From $50/Delivery)

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