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Nana, Mimi, Abuela or Grammy, no matter what you call her, she’s likely your biggest fan. (Can you blame her?) Flip the script and show your grandma that she’s your number one with these 15 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll undoubtedly love—and then show everyone who visits.

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Uncommon Goods

1. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Filled with lavender and barley (instead of the usual cotton stuffing), this aromatherapy pillow eases stress and muscle tension. Nana can pop it into the microwave for two minutes and feel really relaxed in front of her soaps.

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2. GracefullyMadeStudio Grandma Necklace

She’ll take any excuse to tell everyone about her grandkids, so give her a piece of jewelry that does the bragging for her. With the option of one heart and up to eight engraved tags for the whole brood, this necklace will keep her family close by at all times.

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Uncommon Goods

3. Personalized Family Mugs

Have you ever visited Grandma without her pouring you a piping-hot cup of coffee or tea? These personalized mugs ensure you always have your own to sip from. Better yet, when you’re not actually there, she’ll feel like you are.

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Uncommon Goods

4. Wine Pairing Towel Set

Considering the amount of wine she’s consumed in all her years, Mimi is basically a master sommelier. But even the pros sometimes need help with wine pairings. Each towel in this set features 68 popular vinos and 56 different dishes they go with, for a total of 3,808 possible pairings.

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Uncommon Goods

5. Gardener’s Tool Seat

It’s a tool bag. It’s a stool. And it’s bound to be her most-used gift this spring. She’ll be able to easily tote her trowels, shovels and picks, while also having a comfortable outdoor perch for hours of potting and planting in the garden.

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6. Pix-Star 10-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

Grammy’s walls are already covered in picture frames, so get her a digital version to place on the entry table. Simply load it with snaps from recent family vacations and scanned photographs from her childhood—this one can store up to 30,000 pictures—to avoid any foreseeable technical difficulties.

$155 at Amazon


7. Echo Butterfly Wings Square Silk Scarf

We can only hope to one day be as chic as Gran. One accessory she never leaves the house without? A perfectly knotted silk scarf. Treat her to a new vibrant design for summer and she’ll think of you every time she ties it around her neck.

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8. Kathmandu Valley Co. Nepali Cherish Greeting Card & Envelope Box Set

Mimi appreciates the value of a handwritten letter and—now that you think about it—she’s never missed a birthday or a holiday. So save her a trip to Paper Source and treat her to a pretty box of handmade cards. These are handmade in Nepal from sustainable paper created out of the Lokta bush, which grows in the Himalayas. It’s sure to look just as lovely on her desk as it will on your fridge.

$23 at Amazon

Uncommon Goods

9. Birdie Yarn Bowl

We have approximately 342 handmade scarves, gloves and blankets from Nana. So we know this stoneware yarn bowl will be put to good use in her home.

Buy It ($48)


10. Audible Subscription

Her vision isn’t 20/20 anymore, but she still tries to keep up with every single Danielle Steel novel. With Audible, she can listen to her books instead of reading them. Plus, she’ll be able to multitask. (Knitting and “reading,” anyone?)

$15/Month at Amazon


11. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

After an hour-long stroll with her walking club, this heated foot massager will come in handy. To be honest, we want one for ourselves, but borrowing hers gives us another excuse to visit.

$130 at Amazon


12. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket, 20 lbs

Weighted blankets relieve anxiety and induce sleep. If your grandmother struggles with either, this is just the R&R accessory she needs. And yes, she can use it in warm weather too.

$59 at Amazon

Urban Outfitters

13. My Family Cookbook

Chances are, every family recipe you love came directly from your grandma. Add your own recipes to this customizable book and leave the rest of the pages blank for her to write down the instructions for her famous meatballs and chicken potpie.

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Standard Dose

14. Prima R+R CBD Cream

CBD helps relieve muscle soreness and inflammation, and it can also work wonders for people with arthritis and general aches and pains. This cream packs 750 milligrams of CBD, which is one of the most potent doses on the market, for nearly immediate relief.

Buy It ($55)


15. Airbnb Family Vacation

Rather than giving Nana a gift card, just go ahead and book a weekend getaway for the whole family. She’ll cherish the memories for years to come (and add the photos to her digital frame).

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