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Onesies, swaddles, board books and NoseFridas: New moms get tons of thoughtful gifts when their baby arrives. But it’s rare that the mother of a newborn receives something special that’s just for her, even though she’s currently going through countless physical, mental and hormonal challenges…while somehow still getting up to feed a tiny screaming human every two hours. Let’s change that. Here are six amazing postpartum gifts that every new mom will appreciate.

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1. The Ebi Essentials Kit

A thoughtful care package will remind a new mom that she should take care of herself from time to time (or better yet, for a few minutes every day). Created by fellow mom Breighl Robbins to help women navigate the postpartum period, this kit contains a restorative herbal tisane to support healthy milk production, calm the nervous system and stave off fatigue. There’s also an herbal bath soak with ultra-soothing comfrey, yarrow and burdock. A soothing 15 minutes of silence in the bath? Yeah, that might be the best gift of all.

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2. Coyuchi Women’s Solstice Organic Robe

One of the toughest parts about being a new mom? She’ll have a million visitors during the first three months, which is also when she’ll want to wear pajamas exclusively. Give her a robe that she’ll feel just as comfortable sleeping and breastfeeding in as she will hanging out in the kitchen with Uncle Bob.

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3. The Glow Light by Casper

New moms do a lot of stumbling around in the dark while trying not to wake up the rest of the house. This genius invention by Casper emits a calming glow that can be customized and is easy to tote from room to room—kind of like a lantern for the digital age. And when those sleepless nights are over, it doubles as an alarm clock that uses soft light to gently wake you up in the morning and lull you to sleep at bedtime.

Buy It ($129; $110)

4. Sunshine in a Box Snacks by Mouth

Did you know that nursing moms should be consuming at least 500 extra calories a day? That can feel like a tall order when you’re also changing approximately 7,382 diapers a day. If she’s breastfeeding, she’ll be endlessly thankful for a box full of good-for-you (and OK, some not-so-good-for-you) snacks she can munch on at all hours of the day and night.

Buy It ($70)

5. Rae's Roots Essentials Blend Tea

A new mom has exactly zero extra minutes of free time, but luckily, sipping a cup of warm (not hot) tea can easily be accomplished while holding a sleeping baby. This blend created specifically for mothers contains ginger to aid digestion, lemon balm to soothe her nerves and energy-boosting rhodiola. 

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6. Hatch X Tenoverten Nail Polish Trio

You can’t go wrong with any gift from the mom-friendly clothing and beauty brand Hatch Collection. But there’s something so delightful about this simple three-pack of clean, cruelty-free and vegan nail polishes. Chances are, the new mom in your life isn’t pampering herself nearly enough, and this set of cute lacquers will get her started on the right foot. Pro tip: Pair these polishes with a gift card for a Glamsquad mani or pedi (so she doesn’t have to leave the house) and she’ll be forever grateful.

Buy It ($36)

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