The 56 Best Gifts for New Moms (That Are for Her, Not the Baby)

She deserves all the pampering.

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Onesies, swaddles and board books. When I was a new mom, I got tons of thoughtful gifts when my baby arrived. But I found that it was rare to receive something special that was just for me, even though I was currently going through countless physical, mental and hormonal challenges…while somehow still getting up to feed a tiny screaming human every two hours. Let’s change that with considerate gifting with an eye toward pampering and creative problem-solving.

What Is A Good Gift For A New Mom?

Get the new mom in your life a gift she actually needs, whether that's a laugh, help with postpartum recovery, help around the know your friend best. Maybe she wants to feel pretty when she looks down at her manicured nails? Let's help her. Or she needs the world's easiest-to-make-great-coffee as well as a way to keep it ever-hot. We've got that for her, too. Or, heck, maybe she just needs an excellent foot massage—check. "During those first few weeks you really just don't have the time or energy to grocery shop or even cook (but you're also starving) so it was kind of the best thing ever," says Alexia Dellner, who oversees PureWow's Family content and is a mom of two. She recommends any kind of food gift as a way to help mom out.

How We Chose the Top Gifts for New Moms

I polled our in-house mamas on the things they loved during their new motherhood journey, while also asking the moms in my life and pregnant new-moms-to-be what they're most looking forward to getting post-baby. After scouring the internet for top-quality items for new moms, I collected a great list of gifts she's sure to love, and made sure to hit all price points and sizes (because sometimes she doesn't want another enormous thing entering her house.) Babysitting aside, here are 56 amazing postpartum gifts that every new mom will appreciate.

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Never underestimate the power of a good baby carrier. This is one of the most wearable and beautiful on the market, thanks to adjustable neck cushioning, a comfortable padded waistband and the ability to carry your child facing in or out, for up to two years. This carrier is also a favorite of new mom Abby Plesser, who raves "I love how stylish it is...and that it allows me to use my arms again." Devotees also note that it pairs perfectly with oversized shirts and linen dresses.

Speaking of not having use of her hands...she'll definitely appreciate a functional (and fashionable) crossbody phone bag, so she can keep her phone on her person while holding a baby, a bottle and 19 million other things. I love that this one comes with hidden compartments that allows you to keep your phone, cards and cash all locked in place.

3. The Honest Company Bubble Bath

The Honest Company

The gentle, hypoallergenic formula of this soap means that it’s safe for sensitive skin so both mom and baby can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath together. The calming essential oils and scents will leave you smelling fresh while feeling relaxed after a nice (much deserved) bath. Not to mention, the formula is paraben free and is not tested on animals.

She needs the energy boost but just as soon as she’s brewed a fresh cup of joe, the baby needs changing (or burping or rocking or feeding). This handy travel mug will keep her drink at a consistent temperature. It keeps the drink warm from 86- to 150-degrees Fahrenheit, so there's no need to reheat throughout the day. Bonus: The lid helps protect against spills.

Sometimes she just may not feel like cooking. That's where a food delivery service comes into play. Starting at $56 a week, Sakura allows you to select a range of different nutritious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner packages that will allow her to take a break from cooking multiple meals a day. " PureWow Executive Editor Alexia Dellner agrees: "A food gift card means you don't have to cook dinner!"

It's the small things that count for a new mother, and she'll certainly find a soothing cream for her hands and nails a helpful gift. "Fluctuating hormones, breastfeeding and washing your hands between diaper changes can leave your hands extremely chapped," explains PureWow's senior food editor and new mom Katherine Gillen. This intensive cream is loaded with grapeseed oil as its main ingredient, and works towards repairing and nourishing your skin. Plus, reviewers say it smells amazing.

She would never think to splurge on one for herself which is exactly why you should get one for her. This massager offers a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage with three kneading intensities, three air pressure levels and a soothing heat function. PureWow's executive editor Alexia Dellner recently reviewed this massager saying: "I love using the RENPHO Foot Massager on a near daily basis to ease my sore feet and help my muscles relax. There are lots of options to customize the settings to whatever kneading and pressure level feels best for you, and it’s very intuitive to use." Sounds like a great gift don't you think?

While a phone charger may not be the first thing that comes to mind in terms of gifts, new moms claim it's a lifesaver. "It's not a "sexy gift," but a phone charger is a must," explains Dellner. She adds: "Feeding a newborn takes FOREVER per session so you'll be on your phone a lot. Keep that baby charged!" This charger comes with a maximum of 20W output, meaning your phone will charge 3x faster than standard 5W chargers. No more slow charging with this bad boy!

No, this isn't an excuse for her to "buy more clothes." Many moms say that an attractive maternity top with efficient nursing capabilities is an essential item to have. "You definitely only want to wear sweats and slouchy t-shirts for a while, but eventually it feels nice to have something that doesn't scream "I just had a baby!," says Dellner. This cotton v-neck top meets the requirements with its laid-back-but-still flattering silhouette. Shoppers also love the overall comfort and support the top offers.

10. Amazon Prime


When it doubt—sign her up for Amazon Prime. "Amazon is a fantastic gift because new moms are always ordering last minute needs like burp cloths, different binkies, more diapers or C-section scar patches. Having this on-hand makes it feel like you aren't spending too much," says PureWow's Commerce Editor and new mom Olivia Dubayk. Pricing for Prime starts at $15 a month, but you can purchase a year-long subscription for $140.

This sleek pendant necklace is customizable so she can add her first born, and then add more pendants for any additional children she may have. It’s available in three set lengths and comes in four material options: 14K gold fill, sterling silver, rose gold fill and 14K gold. “I got this necklace for my sister after she had her baby last year, and she loves it. She can wear it everywhere since it doesn’t overwhelm an outfit, plus she can shower in it and it won’t tarnish,” says Dubyak.

Breastfeeding is one responsibility that will leave her absolutely parched, and being stuck without water is not fun. Take it from us (and all of TikTok), these Stanley tumblers are our emotional support water bottles, which means we won’t forget to grab it when we head to the rocker to nurse. Once she starts using this, she’ll be easily hydrated all the time, since its 40-ounce capacity (the largest size available) means her cup won’t be left empty after two gulps. Oh, and it can keep beverages cold for up to 11 hours and two days iced, and hot drinks warm for up to seven hours.

Cozy, warm and made to stand the test of time, these slippers are a great pick for wearing around the house. “I’ve had these slippers for three years and they’re still my favorites, even when it’s warm outside,” says Dubyak. The soles can withstand mild outdoor terrain, like walking to the mailbox or taking the dogs out, so she won’t have to swap shoes when she pops outside for a second. The shearling lining is very soft and warm, too.

If the new mom in your life misses being able to have some “me time” gardening in her yard, she can have a mini one to tend in her kitchen until. It holds six seed pods and has an auto timer to feed each pod as well as a counter that lets you know how long your seedlings have been planted. It doesn’t use any soil either so her countertops will stay clean.

Night feedings, random need for snacks, pumping time and everything in between, this three-tiered shelf can hold her must-haves right beside her nightstand so she doesn’t have to get out of bed every time she needs something (think: pumping parts, extra diapers and wipes, snacks and more). The bottom has wheels to easily roll it to her (and they lock in place) and the top tier has handles. If you really want to impress her, fill it with her favorite snacks she can keep on hand and stock in the cart when she runs out.

While there are no gifting options available for this pick, you can select the “this is a gift” option so when you purchase it won’t be connected to your Amazon account when they go to purchase books. You can buy the eight- or 16-gigabyte option for storage, and she can have access to more than 2 million book titles and the lighting on the screen is adjustable so it won’t impact her eyes when she’s reading in the dark. 

Grab this candle and a bottle of wine for your new momma bestie to have a relaxing night alone. The wry label will make her laugh and think of you every time she lights it. It is available in seven scents, from sweet (vanilla bean and coffee and cream) to crisp (prosecco, clean cotton) and earthy (sage and lavender, sea salt + orchid, apple harvest). “She absolutely loved the scent and the fact that the candle is natural and non-toxic. I gifted it shortly before baby's due date, but my friend couldn't wait—she lit it right away,” says one customer.

A sweet book for the first Mother’s Day in her books is sure to leave a tear or two in her eyes. You can read through the full book in the description, and it’s customizable so you can add her child’s name and choose to add her partner if she has one. “Absolutely in love with this book. It's for my sister's first Mother’s Day and I cried reading it! I was overwhelmed with emotion, and I know she will be too,” reports one customer.

19. Kifasyo Mama Bag


The durable canvas is a great option for an easy tote to run errands or use as a bag to take to the beach. It has an internal pocket to hold a cell phone, but other than that, it’s entirely open inside for a roomy fit. The mama print is sure to get her excited about her new mom life and ready to show it off. The faux-leather handles are a nice touch to add a sleek look to the bag, too.

Designed to help support mom’s midsection and posture after vaginal or caesarean birth, this waist trainer will feel nice for her to wear to assist in feeling reinforced. It has a seamless silhouette and reaches from the hips up to the bra line for full coverage. “I love this waist trainer; it is comfortable and the fabric is soft. It made me feel comfortable post C-section. Would definitely recommend,” says Natasha, a Bumpsuit customer.

Encourage her to unwind during those blessed hours (OK, minutes) when the baby’s gone to sleep with a decanter that will make her favorite bottle of wine taste even better. It aerates the wine to let it breathe and enhance the flavor profile. “This decanter makes my bottles of red taste flavorful and delicious,” says commerce editor Olivia Dubyak.

This hair mask is easy to use and will even save her time in the shower. If using the mask, she won't condition her hair and will add a few pumps of this serum to her locks after she towel dries her ends. It takes four minutes to activate and she can style as usual. It's meant to help rebuild weak or broken hair bonds for a fuller, healthier head of hair, which is great if postpartum hair loss is something she's struggling with.

Newsflash: Walking around barefoot all day is bad for your feet. These suede clogs are as soft and cozy as slippers, but she can wear them outside thanks to the rubber outsoles. Sometimes slippers aren't the best pick for everyone, and a comfy pair of clogs is a great alternative, especially if she's finicky about her feet getting too warm.

She's been through a lot, what with pushing a new human out of her body and all. And for those days when she wants to remember what it felt like to be a woman as well as a milk truck, gift her this cute shirt dress that has a flowing skirt and generously proportioned sleeves.

The long tub soak may not be in the cards as much while her little one needs so much attention, so turn your giftee on to how good even a quick shower can feel with this combination handheld and rain shower unit.

Is she crafty? Does she like fly nails? Using this home kit, she can whip up some cute nail looks that won't chip or peel for a week to 10 days...and she won't have to worry about scheduling a salon visit. "It’s easy to use, there are instructions and it worked exactly as expected. The UV light is strong enough to cure. I would recommend this for anyone who want long lasting color at home," says one reviewer.

She's going to be checking her baby bag supplies over and over, but it's easy to walk out of the house with no wallet or ID. A small crossbody in a distinctive color is easy to remember to throw on and know the essentials are covered.

A little teddy bear stud earring is pretty, and when you're gifting it, you're acknowledging her child will never be far from her mind. In sterling silver plated with 18K gold, these are durable enough to wear every day.

One of the toughest parts about being a new mom? She’ll have a million visitors during the first three months, which is also when she’ll want to wear pajamas exclusively. Give her a robe that she’ll feel just as comfortable sleeping and breastfeeding in as she will hanging out in the kitchen with Uncle Bob.

New moms do a lot of stumbling around in the dark while trying not to wake up the rest of the house. This genius night light invention emits a calming glow for midnight feedings. And when those sleepless nights are over, it doubles as an alarm clock that uses soft light to gently wake up your kids in the morning and lull them to sleep at bedtime.

Did you know that nursing moms should be consuming at least 500 extra calories a day? That can feel like a tall order when you’re also changing approximately 7,382 diapers a day. If she’s breastfeeding, she’ll be endlessly thankful for a box full of good-for-you (and OK, some not-so-good-for-you) snacks she can munch on at all hours of the day and night.

You can’t go wrong with any gift from the clean beauty brand Sparitual. But there’s something so delightful about this simple four-pack of clean, cruelty-free and vegan nail polishes. Chances are, the new mom in your life isn’t pampering herself nearly enough, and this set of cute lacquers will get her started on the right foot. Pro tip: Pair these polishes with a gift card for a Glamsquad mani or pedi (so she doesn’t have to leave the house) and she’ll be forever grateful.

33. A HelloFresh Gift Card

Hello Fresh

Things that become a lot harder when taking care of a newborn: Going to the grocery store, making complicated recipes and deciding what’s for dinner. Take the guesswork out of cooking with this delicious meal kit that will deliver food weekly with easy step-by-step recipes. They can customize their delivery with their dietary needs and preferences whether they're vegan or gluten free.

34. Nol Cooler Bag


Whether she’s heading back to work or going out for an afternoon with the girls, this insulated purse/cooler will keep her breastmilk cold. It holds up to 68-ounces and has multiple interior and exterior pockets for storage. Plus, reviewers mention it's very lightweight. Pumping never looked so chic.

After baby arrives, hardcore exercise is likely not in the cards for new mama, but if she’s dying to get some movement back in her life once she’s cleared by a doctor, she’ll probably enjoy some walking here and there when baby’s asleep or her partner’s on duty. Dr. Sarah Prager M.D., M.A.S, an OB-GYN mentions to Right as Rain by UW Wellness that walking can help with recovering postpartum. This tread has a 12 percent incline and 12-speed limit, as well as a 300-pound weight capacity.

She can’t wait to enjoy her first sip of wine in nine months but...she also doesn’t want to leave the house. The fix? This box that will deliver 12 vino samplers (four different kinds in each box) straight to her door so she can enjoy delectable rosés this summer.

She's so busy living her new mom life. Between the pumping schedule, diaper changes and mommy-and-me classes, needless to say, her hair appointments have taken a back seat. So give her the gift of hair care with this Augustinus Bader hair treatment system. It's just about as luxurious as a hair kit can get, featuring the brand's scalp treatment and leave-in hair treatment, both of which contain all sorts of hydrating and soothing ingredients that her strands will just soak up. The formulas include watercress and Indiancress extracts, as well as the brand's legendary Trigger Factor Complex, a patented formula which helps to tackle all types of hair concerns from thinning to frizz. In other words, gifting her this system is like paying for her appointment at a really good hair salon. The bonus is that she can do it from home, and pair it with her favorite shampoo and conditioner to return to her best hair days.

If she recently moved into a new (read: bigger) space, she probably has a few home projects on her to-do list. And trying to build a new bed/TV center/dresser is never fun. But trying to do so while bouncing a newborn and functioning on two hours of sleep? Yeah, not happening. Amazon to the rescue. The retail giant lets you book furniture assembly through its website, whether you’re mounting a home theater or a storage cabinet. Genius. While you may not be able to wrap this up and gift it to her in a big bow, you can set up the service for whatever project she needs help with.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind but if you could, this WiFi-enabled baby monitor comes pretty damn close. It scored top marks in our PureWow 100 review of the top baby monitors on the market thanks to the easy installation, clear picture and extra features like the option to get remote alerts about how baby is napping with her sitter or two-way audio that makes it possible to sing a lullaby from anywhere. There’s also an optional breathing band that monitors your baby’s breaths per minute and integrates seamlessly with the app. Plus the brand has Smart Sheets—a crib sheet that gives parents the ability to measure their baby’s height and track their growth in real-time from home. So long, guesstimates!

40. Artifact Uprising Gift Card

Artifact Uprising

“I don’t want any more photos of my baby,” said no new mom ever. From photo books to calendars to print sets, she’s going to want it all when the baby arrives. She'll be able to put this money toward a customizable memory book, whether she wants a pregnancy through birth book to commemorate her journey, or a first-year book for all of those one-year and under milestones.

Yes, it’s expensive but trust us—this powerful vacuum will get a lot of use: dirt, crumbs, dust bunnies and pet hair won’t stand a chance. It has personal cleaning and a 90-minute charge hold so you can get the whole house swept without recharging. "Our floors are much cleaner now that we run this machine every few days. Because we have it, we are mindful of cords, cat toys and other items on the floor that could tangle it up, so its presence also kind of enforces a level of tidiness," says one happy customer.

This memory foam sleep mask blocks out light without putting pressure on eyes, helping her catch some precious shut-eye during the day while the baby is napping. But don’t take our word for it—trust the more than 19,000 five-star reviews. "I tried this mask on for a quick nap before work and I love it. It is soft and cooling, the memory foam molds to my face, the concave shape does not touch my lashes, even if I open my eyes and the strap is soft and comfortable. Plus, not a bit of light peeks through because it molds over my nose and blocks everything," says this night nurse who takes her zzzs in the middle of the day.

One of these cute little hair wraps is a great option to wear while sleeping to preserve texture and prevent frizz, protect the locks from friction on a pillowcase and help avoid bedhead. If she's not into getting ready in the morning during maternity leave (we're right there with her), then she can pop one of these on at night so she doesn't wake up with her hair in a rat's nest.

These fan favorites work double-duty to provide comfort and support both during pregnancy and after, users say. Available in multiple colors and lengths, these leggings are a top-seller for a reason. "They're infinitely comfortable and are my go-tos for yoga and Pilates. Plus, the wide waistband is super supportive," says Dubyak.

This pretty book spans five years and features writing prompts to help her capture all those precious parenting moments, both big (first steps!) and small (tried green beans!). Me-time includes self-reflecting, too, and some time alone with her journal will help her feel like she's tapping in with her mind.

46. Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Aka the top kitchen invention since, well, ever? She can dump in a few ingredients, set the machine, go tend to the baby and have a delicious dinner waiting for her when she’s done. It can do seven different functions in just one machine including pressure cook, slow cook, make rice, make yogurt, steam, sauté and warm.

New moms sometimes can't believe how dehydrating breastfeeding can be, not to mention how constantly holding a new baby can make guzzling down their usual gallons more difficult. She can just pop one of these dissolving tablet into her water bottle to keep her energy levels high and her skin dewy. "My husband is a heart patient and his cardiologist and electrophysiologist recommended these to replace electrolytes when working in the Texas heat. We like that they're tablets in a plastic tube instead of powder in a packet. It's just easier to keep in a backpack, car, purse or travel trailer. We don't have to worry about them tearing like the packages and powder flying everywhere," reports one customer.

The number one thing a new mom craves? Sleep, precious sleep. And while you can’t gift her that, you can make sure that the conditions are ripe for getting that baby to snooze peacefully (at least for a couple of hours). This cool-mist humidifier lasts up to 24 hours with a variable mist control knob to incrementally adjust moisture output to meet mom and baby’s comfort level. It also functions as a nightlight so she can see what the heck she’s doing when the baby cries at 3 a.m.

49. "Go The F**k To Sleep" Picture Book

Go the F**k to Sleep

An instant classic of parental humor upon its publication in 2011, this is going to tell the new mom in your life: I see you. I feel you. And, TBH, I'm glad I'm not you at 3 a.m. these days. "I bought this for a friend that has a sense of humor. This book does have profanity so if that is something that would offend you this isn't for you. I initially heard the audio version on YouTube read by Samuel L. Jackson, which makes it even better," says one reviewer.

50. Audible Credits


You know she's been dying to read more, but she barely has time to take a shower, let alone delve into a 300-page novel. An audiobook, on the other hand, is the ideal gift. She can listen to it while taking the baby for a walk or play it in the background while washing bottle parts.

Supermodel and mom Miranda Kerr developed this line and her skin is off-the-charts glowy. Or, put it this way: Even if your giftee forgets to put on her moisturizer every night, remembering to apply this super-emollient night mask a couple times a week and she's good. "I have only been using this face mask for a few nights now, but it's amazing how soft and revitalized my skin feels in the morning! So refreshing and keeps my skin feeling smooth throughout the day," raves one customer.

Hydration to the third power: An oil, cream and belly butter (mmm, lightly scented with lavender, mandarin, sandalwood and rose) to use during pregnancy and after to really help skin bounce back. Itchiness of stretch marks is very common, and this trio is formulated to help soothe that irritation.

Containing USDA-certified organic ingredients and lanolin-free, this nipple cream feels like the nicest lip balm ever. Except, it's for your aureoles. It can be used on your skin as well, and the nourishing ingredients will help hydrate and soothe irritated or dry skin.

Hooray—she can finally drink more than one cup of coffee a day. Gift her this clever coffee machine that will do all the hard work for her: Just insert a pod, select the desired cup size and a steaming cup of Joe will be ready for her in under a minute. Extra bonus? The 66-ounce water reservoir means she can brew more than six cups before having to refill, thereby simplifying her morning routine.

Because it’s all she’s going to feel like wearing for the next couple of weeks. "I have this set and the brushed material is incredibly soft and cozy," says Dubyak. Tip: Go for a lighter color to hide spit-up stains.

Fill the house with an invigorating scent for the morning (like citrus) and then a relaxing fragrance (like lavender) at bedtime. Best of all, it's designed with a built-in timer and automatic shutoff so she can operate it worry-free. Maybe grab her a set of soothing essential oils to go with it.

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