40 Great Gifts for New Grandparents (That’ll Totally Encourage Them to Want to Babysit More)

Think massagers, etched wine glasses and video call monitors.

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When your parents get promoted to Grandma and Grandpa, their new titles can come with both perks (free babysitting!) and annoyances (unsolicited advice!). But one thing’s for sure: They’re gonna spoil the hell out of their new little grandbaby.

So what do you get for the folks who brought you into this world and now treat your kid like absolute royalty? Just consult our list of the best gifts for new grandparents, of course. (And bite your tongue when the unsolicited advice starts rolling in, OK?)

The Top 5 Gifts for New Grandparents at a Glance

What Do You Get Expectant Grandparents?

According to the AARP, each year grandparents are spending, per grandchild, "approximately $2,562 per grandparent. Those dollars are going toward a variety of expenses and spending choices, the survey found, from gifts to education and day-to-day costs." Welp! It makes sense to get them a gift even before little Buster is born, to say welcome to the money pit, aka grandparenting.

All kidding aside, grandparents are busier now than ever—four in ten work—so one category of a welcome gift would be the new tech options they're embracing to interact with their grandkids. For example, group texting and video calls are up, and plain old phone calls are down (46 percent phoned their grandchildren in 2018, compared with 70 percent in 2011). So any gift to do with technology or making it easier to connect with each other is a good start.

Where to Buy Gifts for New Grandparents?

Is the new grandparent in your life excited about the opportunity for video chats where they can see the little of bundle of joy without being in the household? Electronics specialists like Best Buy are a sure place to browse. Does Gran enjoy her wine o'clock? Hand-crafted glassware is the kind of bullseye gift you'll find on Etsy. And for a tasteful piece of jewelry that commemorates baby's birth month, we like Kendra Scott or one of the new wave of demi-fine jewelry boutiques.

How We Chose the Best Gifts for New Grandparents

Personal recommendations from new moms and dads, reviews from new grandparents and five-star product ratings from people who've bought each item were our starting point. And we reviewed scientific studies to note the psychological benefits and life enhancements of becoming a grandparent, so we could choose gifts that leaned in to the best part of grandparenting (hint: regular babysitting is healthy). For one example, studies show the proximity grandparents have to the young ones increases their satisfaction with the role—so we think a nearby Airbnb rental or blended family vacation might be just the ticket.

Tops for Photo Lovers

1. Nixplay Digital Picture Frame


  • Why They'll Love It: wakes when someone enters the room, auto-turns to horizontal or vertical perspective
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: two-day with Prime

Grandchild photos are a no-brainer. But now you can streamline the process with a shared photo album, wherein you upload pictures and they’re automatically streamed to this lovely digital frame. Boom, fresh pics of the kiddo in Mum-Mum’s living room without her having to lift a finger.

Most Convenient Gift

2. Summer 3dlite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant

  • Why They'll Love It: weighs 13 pounds, four-position reclining
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: free two-day shipping with Prime

With all the babysitting new grandparents do, having an extra stroller is ideal. This one’s lightweight design and easy foldability make it one of our top picks. Give it to Mom and Dad so they can stop asking to borrow yours.

Top affordable jewelry gift

3. Family Tree Birthstone Bangle


  • Why They'll Love It: customized with initials, available in gold or silver plating
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns
  • Shipping: $5 standard shipping

This customizable charm bracelet comes with a birthstone and hand-stamped initial tag, and can be added to as more grandchildren come along. (No pressure.) Plus, how great would it look with Grandma’s classy/funky scarf-wearing vibe?

Top Safety Decor

4. Little Nomad Play Mat

Little Nomad

  • Why They'll Love It: water-resistant EVA foam, looks like a Moroccan rug
  • Return Policy: refunds on unopened rugs within 30 days minus $30 restocking fee
  • Shipping: $19 standard shipping

Help Grandma and Grandpa babyproof their house…in style. This safe, squishy play mat looks just like a chic rug, but it prevents toys from scratching floors—and tiny foreheads from getting bumped on the hardwood. Plus, it's available in seven sizes (from 4- x 6-feet to 10- x 12-feet).

Ideal for the Tech Friendly

5. Nest Hub Max Smart Display


  • Why They'll Love It: screen in 10-inch HD,  built-in Chromecast lets users stream movies and TV shows 
  • Return Policy: free returns online or in-store
  • Shipping: free overnight shipping

Nest Hub Max helps everyone stay in touch. letting you make video calls or leave video messages with Duo. Since the system is hands-free, she can just say, “Hey Google, call Grandbaby.” The 10-inch HD touchscreen delivers sharp images, while the 6.5MP camera captures crisp detailed photos. There's even a built-in stereo speaker system with a 30W subwoofer for high-quality audio, and Google Assistant makes issuing commands simple.

Top Board Book for Grandma

6. Grandma Wishes by Julia Lobo

Cottage Door Press

  • Why They'll Love It: durable padded cover, sweet illustrations by Helen Rowe
  • Return Policy: free 30-day returns
  • Shipping: free eight-day shipping

In this charming bedtime story, Grandma wishes on a special star (that only grandmothers see) for a kind, silly, thoughtful, brave and mindful child. Warning: Gram will 100 percent cry the first time she reads this—and probably many times after that, if we’re being honest.

Top Picture Book for Grandpa

7. How To Babysit A Grandpa by Jean Reagan

Random House Childrens

  • Why They'll Love It: written in "how to" style, geared to ages 5 to 8
  • Return Policy: free 30-day returns
  • Shipping: free two-week shipping

And a book for Pops too! In this clever tome, kids learn what Grandpas like to snack on (anything with ketchup), what to do with them on a walk (find lizards) and the best activities for a fun-filled day (build a pirate cave, of course).

Great for wine lovers

8. Vinebox Trivia Tasting Box


  • Why They'll Love It: 6 one-glass wine servings, includes detailed tasting notes
  • Return Policy: no returns
  • Shipping: free standard shipping, $25 for expedited delivery

Pay the grandparents back for all those hours of watching the kids with something they wouldn’t splurge on themselves: a wine-tasting box. Each package includes six hand-selected wines (three red and three white) by the glass, along with tasting notes to compare and contrast. It’s the next best thing to sending them to Napa.

Ideal for Travel Buffs

9. Airbnb Gift Card


  • Why They'll Love It: can be used for any stay, experience or Airbnb online experience, funds never expire
  • Return Policy: no returns or refunds
  • Shipping: can be sent immediately, or scheduled ahead, via text or email

And speaking of getaways, if you really want to spoil them, treat them to an Airbnb gift card, which they can use to book a stay—near or far—without being tied to dates or nonrefundable flights. And hey, maybe they’ll even invite the grandkids if you’re lucky!

  • Why They'll Love It: spaces to write down funny quotes, ribbon marker and photo window
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: one-day free shipping with Prime

“Your belly looks like tuna fish.” “When I grow up, I’m going to be a penguin.” Filled with bare pages, this journal is designed for grandmas and grandpas to jot down all the memorable quotes their grandchildren say. With 144 pages to fill, this has plenty of space for all the darndest things the kids are bound to say.

Top Beauty Device

11. Stacked Skincare Ice Roller

Stacked Skincare

  • Why They'll Love It: great for de-puffing eyes, stays chilled in freezer for any-time use
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns (minus shipping and handling)
  • Shipping: free shipping

She may not be as sleep-deprived as you are, but Gram could still use a little pampering. PureWow’s favorite ice roller is a stainless-steel facial massage tool filled with water and gel, and designed to relieve irritation, inflammation and puffiness. Did we mention it’s perfect to use while enjoying a Bluey marathon?

Top Men's Slippers

12. Polo Ralph Lauren Collins Moccasin

Polo Ralph Lauren

  • Why They'll Love It: classic moccasin design, fuzzy lining
  • Return Policy: free returns via post or in store
  • Shipping: free shipping
  • Size Range: 8 to 13

Trade Grandpa’s worn-out slippers for a swanky pair of moccasins. Our top pick? These guys, which feature a suede upper, cushy lining and a no-slip rubber sole. Perfect for chasing around a little one (who will be crawling in no time)!

Top Pick for Diaper Bag

13. Birdling Backpacker


  • • Why They'll Love It: zip top, padded shoulder straps
  • Return Policy: 14-day return window
  • Shipping: free over $100, or $7 standard shipping

It's the ideal size (13 x 15 x 6 inches) to fit all the accessories that kids require, from little toys to burp clothes to, yes, extra diapers. It's got a zippered top and zippered envelope front, as well as a preppy-cute pair of canvas top carry straps. In summation: If a Wes Anderson character went camping with their new grandkid, this would be their tote of choice.

Top Plush Toy

14. Bluey & Bingo Mini Plush Bundle


  • Why They'll Love It: makes the fan fave character "their thing" with the grandkid, easily storable when visit's over
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: free with Prime

We love this as a small gift to signal the happy onslaught of Bluey, the Australian animated children's show that's stolen the hearts of children (and PureWow staffers). Eight-inch plush toys will thrill the kids, and can accompany the whole family while watching the show.

Most Sentimental Gift

15. Silver Leaf Handprint and Footprint Frame

Pottery barn

  • Why They'll Love It: room for 9.5" x 7.5" images, customization available for $15
  • Return Policy: non-eligible if customized
  • Shipping: standard delivery within 5 days

Make your own hand and foot print of baby with the ink kit included in this frame set. Silver leaf with a hinged attachment, each side of the matted images carry individual text, so you can fit the young'un's full name or first name and birth date inside. And decor-wise, grandparents will appreciate that this can sit upright on a tabletop or hang on a wall.

Tops for Active Seniors

16. Fit King Leg and Foot Massager

Fit King

  • Why They'll Love It: three modes and intensities of massage, optional heat feature
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: free one-day delivery with Prime

Chasing after even an energetic crawling baby, much less an actual toddler, is its own workout. Give the grandparents this remote-control operated lower leg compression massager that addresses tight muscles, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome and the generalized tired and swollen feet that child care inspires.

Most Fun Yard Toy

17. Sunnylife Unicorn Inflatable Sprinkler


  • Why They'll Love It: can be deflated and stored between grandkid visits, includes hose adapter and patch kit
  • Return Policy: 30-day return window
  • Shipping: free with free AnthroPerks signup

This kid-sized (14.5- x 24.75- x 36.25-inch) inflatable sprinkler squirts water out of its horn, so it will let the grandkids, pets and yes even the grandparents have fun running in front of it. And because it's made of durable PVC, it folds up to fit in the garage once the kids have gone home.

Great for Thirsty Types

18. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

  • Why They'll Love It: can be customized with text and designs, 20-ounce size
  • Return Policy: 30-day return window on non-customized tumblers
  • Shipping: free standard shipping (2 to 5 business days)

Made of durable stainless steel that's double vacuum-walled to keep beverages hot or cold as needed, this Yeti will be used in heavy rotation because it fits in most cup holders. And any personal words ($6) or designs ($10) can be uploaded to make it super special.

Best to Toast to the Birth

19. BRVO Glass New Grandparents Glass Set

BRVO Glass

  • Why They'll Love It: customized, hand-etched glass
  • Return Policy: no returns
  • Shipping: $5 standard shipping

A set of cocktail hour glassware for the grandparents acknowledges, in a tasteful way, that 1) their grandkid's birth year deserves to be commemorated and 2) after a babysitting session, they have earned a relaxing drink. These hand-etched glasses are dishwasher-safe; we like the idea of including a bottle of each of your giftees' favorite tipple with the glasses, and a card that says "Cheers!"

Ideal Commemorative Jewelry

20. Kendra Scott Davie Stud Earrings

Kendra Scott

  • Why They'll Love It: stones correspond to baby's birth month, sterling silver
  • Return Policy: free returns within 30 days
  • Shipping: free ground shipping (3-5 days)

Tell her you know she's sentimental, without telling her she's sentimental: Choose the semi-precious stone for her new grandkid's birth month to give her in subtly elegant stud earrings. Shown here in rainbow moonstone (for June births), the collection of 12 stones include red garnet, blue iolite and turquoise.

Perfect for Seafood Lovers

21. Topsail Steamer Full Steamer Pot

Topsail Steamer

  • Why They'll Love It: comes with paper tablecloth for easy cleanup, choice of four seasoning blends
  • Return Policy: no returns
  • Shipping: send as an e-gift so recipients can schedule at their convenience

Set the tone for your family dinners with this no-fuss dinner kit—basically a pot of snow crab legs, jumbo shrimp, little neck clams, andouille sausage. Surf City, North Carolina-based Topsail Steamer makes it easy by sourcing the best local seafood and packaging it with sweet corn and red potatoes that you just pour beer or water on, steam and eat. The best part is, once it's steamed you just assemble the seafood on the paper tablecloth included, then when the feast is done, roll up all the mess in the paper and discard. So you've got less cleanup time and more time to coo over the baby.

Tops for Growing Families

22. Oak and Luna Singapore Necklace

Oak and Luna

  • Why They'll Love It: minimalist chic, can be expanded with diamonds and future children's names
  • Return Policy: returns within 60-day window for exchange or store credit
  • Shipping: free shipping

Gift the new grandma a necklace with her special little pickle's name on it, and she'll always have them close to her heart. In gold vermeil, which is a thick coating of 18K gold over .925 sterling silver, this piece keeps its luster for years, and makers Oak & Luna let you order additional names when your family grows. P.S. Grandmas that are all about the bling can upgrade their necklaces with colored diamonds.

Super for Overnight Stays

23. Pamo Babe Portable Crib

Pamo Babe

  • Why They'll Love It: easily lockable wheels, sets up and folds with ease
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: one-day shipping with Prime

A whopping 6,100 five-star ratings are behind this multi-use product, which has a sturdy frame made of iron tubes, yet weighs only 25.6 pounds. "Great purchase for grandparents," one reviewer says. "[I] bought this for my grandson as I'm watching him a few days a week while [his] parents work. I'm glad we didn't have to purchase a separate change table too and you just wipe it clean." It comes loaded with extras, such as a removable changing table, carry bag and an overhead toy bar with three plush toys.

Perfect for the Family Cook

24. Uncommon Goods My Family Cookbook

Uncommon Goods

  • Why They'll Love It: room for 100 recipes, can put in family lore and pictures next to the recipes
  • Return Policy: free returns, no time limit
  • Shipping: $9 economy (7-9 business days) $11 standard (3-7 business days)

Never lose touch of where you come from, or what your family loves to eat, with this family cookbook that lets the recipient record their most-loved recipes. It comes in bound and binder forms: the bound volume has blank pages for conversion tables, photos and places where family members can record each successful recipe (or flop!). This is a great intergenerational bonding exercise, since you can fill in the pages with your family, and ask them contribute all their favorite dishes. The binder version includes 50 blank double-sided recipe cards—room for 100 dishes in total. Clear vinyl sleeves protect each insert from spills, and six tabbed dividers keep it organized.

For the Plan Ahead Gram

25. Route 529: A Parent's Guide to Saving by Patricia A. Roberts

Button House Publishing

  • Why They'll Love It: written in easy-to-understand terms, each chapter has takeaway summaries
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: free two-day delivery with Prime

Written by a mom who sent her son through college debt-free, largely by saving using a 529 plan, this guide written in first-person is a great intro to long-term savings. "She’s lived the process on both ends — digging out of her own student debt, and successfully helping her own child avoid student debt of his own through the use of 529 plans," says one five-star reviewer. "I highly recommend this book to parents, grandparents, or anyone saving for loved ones in their life of any age. With the right mindset, it’s never too late to start and make a difference with 529 plans."

Top for Back Pain Sufferers

26. Sharper Image Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Sharper Image

  • Why They'll Love It: rolling and kneading massage action, optional heat and vibration
  • Return Policy:
  • Shipping:

Picking up a baby or toddler repeatedly can strain parts of a back that gramps or gram isn't used to exercising, so this seat cushion lets them focus their massage on their upper, mid or lower back sections if need be, using the handy remote. Grandparents can select pre-set massage modes or customize vibration and heat settings to make it just like they like it. And there's a 15-minute auto-timer, in case a special someone nods off while using it.

  • Why They'll Love It: up-to-date parenting intel, chock full of specific advice in medical, psychological and interpersonal arenas
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: free two-day shipping with Prime

"We were taught to always put a baby to sleep on its stomach, to use cribs with drop-down sides, to liberally apply baby powder, and so forth. Times have changed," says one pleased reader. "You can adjust to the new changes and get to see your new grandchild, or you can cling to the past and be the grandparent that is not trusted with the baby. I know which one I want to be. Another big feature of this book is about setting boundaries and how to ask the new parents if they want help, and if so, what kind of help. Don't be the mother or mother-in-law from hell."

Tops for the Forgetful Types

28. Snapfish Wall Calendar


  • Why They'll Love It: special dates can be personalized with photos and text, spiral-bound for easy hanging
  • Return Policy: nonreturnable
  • Shipping: 11-day standard processing and shipping

A calendar featuring photos of their new grandchild might seem pretty obvious. But this one from Snapfish has a bonus: You can personalize specific dates (like Sophie’s birthday) with added text and even tiny photos. And best of all, your Snapfish account saves special dates from year to year.

Great for the Jetsetter

29. Calpak Jewelry Case


  • Why They'll Love It: tangle-free necklace/ring/bracelet storage, convenient 7” x 5” x 2.5” size
  • Return Policy: 30-day return window
  • Shipping: free, delivery in 3 to 8 days

Faux leather exterior and faux suede interior are the durable and attractive materials that make up this hard-side jewelry case for travel. With four snap-topped pockets for necklaces, a snap holder for rings, a 28-hold earring card and a central drawstring area with pockets to hold bracelets and pendants, Grandma will wonder how she ever left home without this handy case. It comes in 10 hot shades and neutrals, so pick the color you think she'll most appreciate open on her bureau.

Great for Aromatherapy Lovers

30. Heart of Hope Lavender Warming Pillow

Jessica Leff

  • Why They'll Love It: microwaves or chills in freezer, handmade in New Hampshire
  • Return Policy: returns without expiration date
  • Shipping: free standard shipping with free Uncommon Perks loyalty program signup

This delightful cotton cushion measures 8 x 7 x 2.5 inches and can be heated or cooled to rest of the face, so that the pressure of the one-pound of flax seed and buckwheat hulls that are infused with lavender can be relaxing. And when it's not in use, your giftee can rest in on their pillow or in a drawer to enjoy the scent in their clothes.

Best for Bathing Beauties

31. Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

Parachute Home

  • Why They'll Love It: gauzy fabric, not too heavy
  • Return Policy: 60-day return window
  • Shipping: free standard shipping
  • Sizes : ranges from XS to 3X

These unisex robes would be cute his-and-hers gifts, since they come in a wide range of sizes, and are made of four-ply gauze, have a snug waist tie and include two hidden side pockets. Seven dusky neutrals and pastels are each more appealing than the last, and we predict these robes are going to be in heavy rotation during those long days running around the house in jammies with the baby.

Perfect for the Classical Connoisseur

32. Vosego Ludwig Van Beethoven Bear


  • Why They'll Love It: plays 40 minutes of classical Beethoven, max volume meets under-3-years-of-age restrictions
  • Return Policy: free returns
  • Shipping: same-day with Prime

Is your grand-giftee a classical music buff? Then they will want to pass that love and learning on to the next generation, and this plush bear not only has Ludwig von's big hair, he plays the maestro's greatest hits in seven tracks. Under the bear's velveteen coat, there's a brief biography of Beethoven's life, which can be read to the tyke as a bedtime story. And the sound of Beethoven wafting from a sleeping baby's crib? Priceless.

  • Why They'll Love It: genuine leather, adjustable 48” to 52” strap
  • Return Policy: 30-day free returns
  • Shipping: $8 standard shipping

Grandma can't be expected to both keep her phone by her side and race to the baby's every coo and cry, so this crossbody phone strap keeps it by her side at all times. There's a 3- x 4-inch card case that snaps closed, so this can be her new all-in-one carry-case both around the house and out and about.

Great for the Gardener

34. Cute Stone Kids Gardening Tool Set

Cute Stone

  • Why They'll Love It: various tools let kids grow (!) into real gardening skills, wheelbarrow sized for tiny hands
  • Return Policy: within 30 days
  • Shipping: free two-day with Prime

This set of wheelbarrow, watering can, gloves, hand rake, shovel, double hoe, cultivator, hedge clippers and washable apron is just the thing to make a green-thumbed grandparent light up at the prospect of planting with her new next of kin. The wheelbarrow measures 26.5 x 9.8 x 13.8 inches, so it's suitable for little kids to maneuver, and while the set is overall rated for three years and older, even a toddler can enjoy using the little shovel and watering can to play in the dirt. Tell grandpa it's only a matter of time until he's getting junior to weed the flower beds.

Great for the Fashionable Grandparent

35. Caddis Gift Card


  • Why They'll Love It: makes reading glasses hip, all coasted with blue-light filters to reduce eye strain
  • Return Policy: free exchange within 60 days
  • Shipping: $8 standard shipping

Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConnaughey have been spotted in frames from this indie eyewear company that's set itself apart from the rest of the over-the-counter eyewear pack by creating cool-looking glasses made with premium materials such as bio-based acetate and scratch-resistant lenses to help hip people with fuzzy eyesight. Most glasses cost around $130, so this gift card will let your recipient try on several pairs virtually and select the reader, progressive reader or sunglasses they like the best and enter their own prescription. (This is a great gift for grandparents because there are a lot of toy assembly instructions with fine print on the horizon.)

Top Baby Shower Gift for Grandma

36. Nana Embroidered Sweatshirt

Creations by Wynns

  • Why They'll Love It: dozens of sweatshirts colors, machine-washable embroidery
  • Return Policy: customized pieces not returnable
  • Shipping: $7 standard shipping

These cotton-poly sweatshirts can be embroidered with just about any short word or series of letters, but Grandma's new nickname strikes us as just the right thing. Calico florals in your choice of blue or red are sewn into place securely, so even if there are multiple spit-ups, Gran doesn't have to worry about her special top being stained.

  • Why They'll Love It: helps find all the bags, carriers and accessories that come with baby, easy to use
  • Return Policy: 30-day return window
  • Shipping: free shipping

"Love these AirTags, I purchased to use on grand babies when on outings," says one five-star reviewer. That's super, but these little tags work just as well locating all the new detritus accessories that come with kids, from diaper bags to the same old house keys. You just link it to the Find My app, and using bluetooth you can track of and find any items on the premises or even farther away, using encrypted technology.

38. Oura Ring


  • Why They'll Love It: makes sleep intel and other health metrics accessible, attractive jewelry look
  • Return Policy: 30 day return with receipt
  • Shipping: $15 standard shipping

Does Gramps enjoy a good workout, interested in his heart health or does he struggle with getting a good night's sleep? Well, you need him firing on all cylinders so he and the grandkid can have maximum fun for the maximum years. So get him (or grandma) this ingenious biometrics ring that looks like a sleep piece of jewelry, but actually gives detailed biometrics in real time via an app. PureWow favorably reviewed it, and we predict soon your giftee will be bragging about their heart health and sleep quality to you.

For the Essential Oil Lover

39. Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Diffuser


  • Why They'll Love It: essential oils elevate or calm while dispelling diaper smell
  • Return Policy: device has 30-day return window
  • Shipping: free in continental U.S.

Does your giftee have the loveliest-smelling home, and do you dread bringing your stinky little guy or gal over? This diffuser, which offers four-hour continuous or eight-hour intermittent diffusing, is a great gift. Discuss essential oil diffusing with your pediatrician (it's been given the green light to use after six months of age), and then encourage her to use it while you visit. And of course, children and their smells aside, this is a fantastic bathroom element or bedroom feature that comes with an optional nightlight.

Great for the One with Lovely Hands

40. Olive & June Mani System

Olive & June

  • Why They'll Love It: fast-drying colors, includes pink poppy polish brush holder
  • Return Policy: none
  • Shipping: e-gift card available upon purchase

Does Gaga have the loveliest manicure? Well, signal to her that you support her in that but if she's going to hang with the baby, she's going to want some fast-drying, "15-free" nontoxic nail tech at the ready. So gift her a $100 gift card and direct her toward the six-polish option with fast-drying polishes, and have her add on some quick-dry drops to make the dry time even faster. That way, she's got a faster turn-around time between hands-on baby sessions.

60 Unique Gifts for Grandma, from a Pet Portrait to a Personalized Apron

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dana dickey

Senior Editor

Dana Dickey is a PureWow Senior Editor, and during more than a decade in digital media, she has scoped out and tested top products and services across the lifestyle space...