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When your parents get promoted to Grandma and Grandpa, their new titles can come with both perks (free babysitting!) and annoyances (unsolicited advice!). But one thing’s for sure: They’re gonna spoil the hell out of their new little grandbaby.

So what do you get for the folks who brought you into this world and now treat your kid like absolute royalty? Just consult our list of the best gifts for new grandparents, of course. (And bite your tongue when the unsolicited advice starts rolling in, OK?)

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1. Nixplay Seed 10-Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Grandchild photos are a no-brainer. But now you can streamline the process with a shared photo album, wherein you upload pictures and they’re automatically streamed to this lovely digital frame. Boom, fresh pics of the kiddo in Mum-Mum’s living room without her having to lift a finger.

$170 at Amazon


2. Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

With all the babysitting new grandparents do, having an extra stroller is ideal. This one’s lightweight design and easy foldability make it one of our top picks. Give it to Mom and Dad so they can stop asking to borrow yours.

From $73 at Amazon


3. Family Tree Grandmothers Birthstone Bangle

This customizable charm bracelet comes with a birthstone and hand-stamped initial tag, and can be added to as more grandchildren come along. (No pressure.) Plus, how great would it look with Grandma’s classy/funky scarf-wearing vibe?

Buy It (From $26)

Little Nomad

4. Roam Free Play Mat

Help Grandma and Grandpa babyproof their house…in style. This safe, squishy play mat looks just like a chic rug, but it prevents toys from scratching floors—and tiny foreheads from getting bumped on the hardwood.

Buy It ($99)


5. Snapfish Wall Calendar (with Personalized Dates)

A calendar featuring photos of their new grandchild might seem pretty obvious. But this one from Snapfish has a bonus: You can personalize specific dates (like Sophie’s birthday) with added text and even tiny photos. Genius!

Buy It (From $20)

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6. “Grandma Wishes” Book

In this charming bedtime story, Grandma wishes on a special star (that only grandmothers see) for a kind, silly, thoughtful, brave and mindful child. Warning: Gram will 100 percent cry the first time she reads this—and probably many times after that, if we’re being honest.

Buy It ($7)


7. “How to Babysit a Grandpa” Book

And a book for Pops too! In this clever tome, kids learn what Grandpas like to snack on (anything with ketchup), what to do with them on a walk (find lizards) and the best activities for a fun-filled day (build a pirate cave, of course).

Buy It ($8)

Vine Box

8. Vinebox Compare & Contrast box

Pay the grandparents back for all those hours of watching the kids with something they wouldn’t splurge on themselves: a wine-tasting box. Each package includes nine hand-selected wines (six red and three white) by the glass, along with tasting notes to compare and contrast. It’s the next best thing to sending them to Napa.

Buy It ($80)


9. Airbnb gift card

And speaking of getaways, if you really want to spoil them, treat them to an Airbnb gift card, which they can use to book a stay—near or far—without being tied to dates or nonrefundable flights. And hey, maybe they’ll even invite the grandkids if you’re lucky!

$25 to $200 at Amazon



“Your belly looks like tuna fish.” “When I grow up, I’m going to be a penguin.” Filled with bare pages, this journal is designed for grandmas and grandpas to jot down all the memorable quotes their grandchildren say.

$9 at Amazon


11. StackedSkincare Cooling Ice Roller and Face Massager for Eyes, Face and Body

She may not be as sleep-deprived as you are, but Gram could still use a little pampering. PureWow’s favorite ice roller is a stainless-steel facial massage tool filled with water and gel, and designed to relieve irritation, inflammation and puffiness. Did we mention it’s perfect to use while suffering through your ninth episode of Paw Patrol?

$30 at Amazon



Trade Grandpa’s worn-out slippers for a swanky pair of moccasins. Our top pick? These guys, which feature a suede upper, real sheepskin lining and a no-slip rubber sole. Perfect for chasing around a little one (who will be crawling in no time)!

Buy It ($125)

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