Whether you’re waking up with anxiety or just curious about the hype, it’s time to seriously consider a weighted blanket. These bedcovers and throw blankets come in a range of weights (more about that below) and are endorsed by sleep scientists such as Dr. Whitney Roban, Ph.D., family, educational and corporate sleep specialist at Solve Our Sleep (as well as our cousin who won’t stop talking about hers). Users say these blankets help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer, so you wake up feeling more refreshed and less stressed out.

There are two major styles of weighted blankets: comforter styles where dense little beads are sewn into the baffled squares and knit designs where the weight comes from layers and layers of cotton or wool yarn. And of course, there are always colors, fabrications and removable covers to sort through; after our research, we’re sure there’s something in this product category to meet almost every need (and interior design scheme). We judged our blankets on customer reviews and staff feedback—note, all blankets are priced in 15-pound sizes unless otherwise noted.

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What Weight is Best for a Weighted Blanket?

The general rule of thumb is that weighted blankets should equal approximately 10 percent of your weight. So, let’s say you’re 135 pounds of pure insomnia; in that case, a 15-pound model would be the closest of the standard 10, 15, and 20-pound iterations for you to sleep under.

How Do You Wash a Weighted Blanket?

A note for germaphobes: Don’t hesitate to try a weighted blanket if you’re unsure about how to launder it, in all its hefty, potentially washing machine-damaging glory. Elizabeth Grojean, founder of Baloo Living, recommends that blankets under 20 pounds can be washed in a home machine on the gentle cycle. Over that size, she suggests taking the blanket to a laundromat where an industrial machine is better able to withstand the wear and tear. Another option? Consider tucking yours into a duvet cover, which can cut down on a number of washes of the blanket itself.

And now, onto the soothing, stress-busting blankets.


1. Baloo Heavy Cotton Quilted Comforter

Best for Chic Cover Choices

Even naked of a cover, this is a gorgeous blanket that comes in hefts ranging from 12- to 25-pounds. The tight quilted pattern distributes the weight evenly, without bulking up. But it’s the brand’s accompanying French linen covers we’re really swooning over, available in soft shades of blush pink, oatmeal, dove grey and charcoal. It’s the sexy wrinkled chic bed of our dreams, now with the calming effect of weighted blanket therapy.

$219 at Amazon


2. Brookstone World’s Softest Weighted Blanket

Best for Plush Feel

The claim of “softest weighted blanket” holds up for this extra-cushy, removable plush cover. (One editor went so far as to proclaim the extreme softness to be “MAGICAL!”) For truly undisturbed, cocoon-style sleep, the editor recommends her method of sleeping with this blanket: Fold the blanket in half lengthwise, then lay flat on your back between the halves. (Yes, it’s like a self-swaddle.) When you wake up in the same position as you fell asleep, your back will feel better than the night before, as will your nervous system.

$185 at Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

3. Sleep Philosophy 12-lb. Plush Weighted Blanket

Considering most weighted blankets retail for well over $100, this blanket’s $80 price point feels like a major steal. And based on its reviews, affordable doesn’t equal cheap in this instance. “I’m so glad that I shopped around and found the perfect weighted blanket. It has a cover that easily zips off to wash. It’s very good quality and super soft,” writes one customer. A few reviewers mention that the weighted beads do move around and make a bit of noise, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a totally silent option.

Buy It ($80)


4. Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket

Best Organic Cotton Option

In graphite and taupe organic cotton velvet, this baffled comforter is filled with glass beads that sink the loft of the velvet into your face as you snuggle into it. This one skews warm, thanks to the fabric, so it’s perfect for always-cold types who like to snuggle on the couch during winter. One con: It is dry clean only, so no more ice cream or chocolate in front of the TV with this blanket.

Buy It ($295)

Bed Bath & Beyond


Best for Hot Sleepers

If you regularly wake up sweating, the last thing you want to do is add another hot, heavy layer to your bed. That’s why this number combines the standard benefits of a weighted blanket with a bamboo cover that won’t trap excess heat. “The cooling feature is perfect for those who want the extra weight without the extra heat,” confirms one buyer.

Buy It ($120; $84)


6. YNM Weighted Blanket

Best for Kids

This Amazon favorite comes in sizes up to Queen/King and 25 pounds, but the baby bear-sized seven pounder is the standout for its even distribution of glass beads that don’t get too hot, even over little bodies with their furnace metabolisms. Also, it comes in a range of shades in its sustainable bamboo fabrication, including fun flower and jungle prints. Best of all? You can get optional covers to go over it, so juice spills and other expected mishaps don’t require washing the whole blanket.

$56 at Amazon


7. Bearaby Cotton Napper

Best-Looking Knit

Not too keen on the baffled-panel comforter style of weighted blanket? There’s also the knitted design, which Bearaby has become a go-to for. Long strands of fat organic cotton with just a touch of spandex (which offer a teensy hugging stretch), are woven into delicious afghans in hues that range from a soft rose, midnight blue, rich grape, butternut and both a moonstone and slate shade of grey. However, the knit style does require a bit more care in terms of laundering: according to the brand's instructions, you can wash at home but don’t lie it flat or hang it up to dry it, just keep tumbling. It’s all worth it, according to our staff reviewer, who says “it’s more soothing and comfortable than other weighted blankets I’ve tried, since the knit construction ensures an even distribution of weight and pressure throughout.”

Buy It ($249)



Most Reviewed on Amazon

More than 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon praise this blanket’s quality and comfort. If you’re not sure whether a weighted blanket is for you, this is the model that will make you a convert—at least according to several buyers. Seven layers of fabric make sure the glass beads stay in place while still offering plenty of cuddly comfort. Six combinations of blanket and cover are available, including poppy pink and a stylish chevron pattern. Our favorite part about this blanket? The range of weights it’s available in, including seven, 12, 15, 20 and 25 pounds, so you can zero in on exactly the heft you want.

$90 at Amazon


9. Casper

Best for the Couch

At only 10 pounds, the channel-quilted Casper is a great option for someone who wants a little more than regular blanket weight, but not a full-on cover hug. The navy cotton fabric is a go-with-everything neutral, and the throw-blanket size is couch-ready.

Buy It ($169)


10. Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

Best for Claustrophobes

The breathable moisture-wicking polyester cover does more than just wick away heat (and also stress, anxiety, etc.); it actually allows air to move in and around your body. So, you’ll get the pluses of having blanket weight, without the overheated-in-your-coat-in-a-crowded-elevator feeling. We’re big fans of the sleek grey and navy neutral shades.

Buy It ($199)

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