Meghan Markle and Reese Witherspoon Are Obsessed with Mother Denim, but Are They Worth the Splurge?

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Rachel Bowie

Value: 18/20
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Comfort: 18/20
TOTAL: 94/100

I’ve spent a large portion of my life in dressing rooms trying to find jeans with a flattering fit. That’s why when I landed on a brand that worked, I committed to it. (Finding properly fitting denim is like finding a great hairstylist—if they get it right, you don’t stray.)

But jeans are a style staple that are destined to be changed up. There are trends (like puddle pants, which are bubbling up in 2023) and more sustainable choices. In fact, a simple silhouette adjustment is enough to reinvent your entire wardrobe. (Yes, I’m a skinny jeans addict, but I’m down to experiment.)

Still, it can be intimidating.

For years, I’d heard about Mother denim—thanks Meghan Markle for putting it on my radar—as being in a league of its own. But it wasn’t until a recent discussion in a local parenting group I’m a part of that I decided it was worth my own trial run. (Someone floated the question to the group: “Best denim—go!” Instantly, there was a chorus of moms championing Mother.)

Cue my confidence to try something new. Here, the style results.

What Makes Mother’s Jeans So Unique?

As the brand describes, the name Mother plays off the idea of duality—it can be nurturing and a cuss. From the minute I stepped into the first style I tried (the Looker with its signature ankle fray), I felt that: comfortable and cool. The denim is buttery soft—as in, you kind of can’t believe how good it feels against your skin. The material yields a fit that almost melds to your curves—I was blown away by how good even the most form-fitting pair felt. But it’s also the aesthetic: Even in the pair with the relaxed fit, I felt almost model-like (even at 5’2”). There’s an ease, but one that feels luxurious. Like I could breeze from the playground into a sophisticated neighborhood bar wearing the same pair.

How Do They Fit?

Like I said, I tested out a few different styles—the Looker, but also the High Waisted Looker and the High Waisted Rider Skimp. But I toggled the sizing up by one for the Looker with the ankle fray. I stuck to my typical size with both high-waist pairs, but I liked how going up by one size afforded me a more relaxed fit in the ankle fray style. As a result, I live in that pair. (I actually think I need more than one.) No matter what, each pair feels polished, but with its own unique vibe. (I’d also be remiss as a petite woman if I didn’t tout the necessity of finding a good tailor to adjust the length.)

How to Care for Mother Denim

There’s actually a handy guide on the brand’s site that provides an illustrated how-to for caring for—and stretching the life of—your jeans. I’ve followed it for the most part: I find you really can get quite a few wears out of your jeans before a wash is required. (Honestly, I’ve gone a week.) I also always line dry and, hot tip, I now wash my denim turned inside out to protect the dye. That’s an easy enough step.

A Final Word

Mother isn’t cheap. The styles hover around $230 a pair. But if you live in your denim like I do, this is a sartorial investment you’ll be pleased with and proud of. (The brand also takes a more sustainable approach to fashion, something that’s easy to get behind.) More than anything, I’m blown away by jeans that deliver such a comfortable and stylish fit. There were no tears during the try-on, just confidence. With denim, it doesn’t get better than that.

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