I’m a Millennial Addicted to Skinny Jeans. Here’s How I Make Them Look Cool & Modern

I’ll never forget the moment Gen Z told the world that skinny jeans were over. I gazed into my closet at the many (many!) pairs I own and loathed both the length of time it had taken me to land on what I deemed a figure-flattering style—hey, shopping for jeans is hard!—and also the fact that I was being told to move on.

Was I lame if I continued to keep my skinnies in my closet, or simply change averse? To answer my questions, I reached out to Katie Collins, a stylist whose knowledge I’ve come to rely on for all that’s fashion-forward and cool.

Her take: Skinny jeans are not over. We just need to re-inspire how we wear them. Here, three ways to modernize them for fall.

Meet the Expert

Katie Collins is a wardrobe stylist based in Los Angeles who has worked with Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and other celebrities.

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Skinny Jeans Feminine Masculine
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1. Try a Feminine/Masculine Aesthetic

A fresh way to style your skinny jeans is to play against the fit by pairing them with something oversized, like a blazer or bomber coat, Collins suggests. “I’d French tuck the T-shirt, leave the jacket open and push the sleeves up just a little bit,” she says. It’s casual yet tailored—all that’s left to add is a sneaker or a Chelsea boot. A pro tip from Collins: Always take your skinnies to the tailor to have them hemmed to hit just above the ankle bone. “You can cuff a straight leg, but steer clear of cuffing a skinny jean, since it can make you appear shorter,” she says.

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Skinny Jeans Off Duty Model
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2. Channel a New York City Model Off-Duty

In other words, it’s the classics that sing, says Collins. “A knee-high boot paired with a boxy sweater or a T-shirt and leather jacket: It’s effortless, but looks great with a skinny jean,” she says. For this look, you want to treat the skinny jean a bit like a legging, but one with texture. “Add a red lip and you’re done.”

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Skinny Jeans 90s Inspired 1
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3. Throw It Back to the ‘90s

Sure, skinny jeans took a bit of a hiatus during the ‘90s, but that’s why it’s fun to marry the trends—kind of a modern grunge if you will, Collins explains. “I love a skinny jean with a flannel shirt and lace-up boots. An oversize jacket also works with this look.” The goal is to make the skinny jean the focus. “You’re keeping things casual, but the skinny jean makes it chic,” she adds.

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