21 Lightweight Comforters That Are Perfect for Hot Sleepers

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Pottery Barn

We’ll never turn down a chance to hibernate, but snagging that coveted shuteye can be elusive without the right lightweight comforter or blanket. Because the last thing our over-stressed bodies need to wake up in the middle of the night with that suffocating, too-hot feeling. People suffering from perimenopausal hot flashes, anyone prone to night sweats and hot sleepers who are comfy-cozy in colder weather will want to switch to a more lightweight and breathable option as the days get longer. Here's what you need to know, plus 21 of the lightest comforters for everyone (from a NASA-developed cooling comforter for sweaty sleepers to a Parisian-inspired Ralph Lauren number for design lovers).

The Best Lightweight Comforters at a Glance 

What Are the Lightest Types of Comforters?

If you’re looking for something lightweight, there are three types of comforters you want to target: down, down-alternative and quilts. Here’s what you need to know about choosing one that’s lightweight, according to Mitchell Chitiz, owner and COO of Westex, a family-run bedding company with decades of experience:

  • Down Comforters: “Down refers to the soft undercoating of geese and ducks,” which tends to be light and airy, says Chitiz. “Loft, or fill power, is an extremely important factor to take into consideration when determining how warm you want a comforter to be. It’s the measure of how fluffy the down fill is [and] specifically refers to the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill.” So, according to Chitiz, you should look for a loft of 400-500, which is the lightest weight you can choose. “The higher the loft level, the fluffier the down and the warmer it will be per ounce,” she explains. Plus, you want to make sure the down meets Responsible Down Standards (RDS). Basically, a RDS certification ensures that the down comes from animals who weren’t subjected to unnecessary harm. 
  • Down Alternative: If you’re not into using an animal-sourced fill, down alternative comforters mimic the feel of down with natural and synthetic and synthetic fill materials: “Cotton fill makes an ideal lightweight comforter fill option, perfect for summer or warmer climates,” Chitiz says. She also adds: “Bamboo-derived fill tends to be thinner, but very durable and long-lasting—as well as very breathable.” And finally, you have synthetic microfiber fill, which is among the lightest synthetic fills out there. “Microfiber is designed to be as close a synthetic replacement for down as possible, having extra-fine fibers to try and give the same feel…This lets you get something close to the feeling of down, but hypoallergenic and at a cheaper price,” she explains. 
  • Quilts: A quilt is a decorative bed cover that is traditionally made with three layers: top, inner batting, and bottom. The top layer of a quilt is generally crafted using different pieces of fabric that are stitched together into artistic patterns,” she explains. “The inner batting layer is typically made using either wool or Down material, while the bottom layer consists of a single piece of fabric…They are light in weight, making them perfect as a bed cover during the summer or as an extra comfy layer during the winter.”

How to Choose a Lightweight Comforter

Before you begin your search for a lightweight comforter, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What level of warmth do you prefer? As mentioned above, cotton is a great all-weather option as a fiber-fill, while new technical fabrications can include bamboo or synthetic bedding for similar lightweight warmth. And of course, beware of high-numbered down counts, which might be too heavy for sleepers who want a lightweight option.
  • Do you want a whole lot of fluffy? Explore the loft—i.e., the thickness of the blanket—before you buy. While a fluffier blanket is no indication of increased warmth, it is a design choice that sleepers longing for a cuddly feeling often opt for. But a fluffy comforter does not a crisply bed make, so if you want the option of hospital corners, better to choose a thinner profile.
  • Need extra help staying cool? Say you're a sleeper who needs a warm hug-like feel to fall asleep but finds herself waking in a full sweat a few hours later. That calls for a cooling option. These comforters use high-tech fabric and special construction to keep your body as close to its restful set point throughout the night.

How We Chose the Best Lightweight Comforters

After researching the top-reviewed comforters on the web, we vetted them based on whether they had breathable or cooling materials, how thick they were (or a fill power between 400 and 500, for down options) and whether they had a durable construction that resists piling or fading over time. 

The 20 Best Cooling Comforters for Hot Sleepers

lightweight comforter overall

Best Comforter Overall

1. Coyuchi Diamond-Stitched Comforter

  • Materials: Crinkled cotton percale
  • Why We Love It: 360 gsm weight is good for all seasons, double-needle diamond-shaped quilting, includes a reusable organic cotton bag, organic and GOTS-certified, available in 4 colors

This year-round comforter can be used on its own (it's attractive enough, in blue, white or undyed colorways) or layered with a duvet cover for extra winter warmth. The crinkle percale is light and airy—while the double-needle stitching helps keep the all-cotton batting in place—and it's easy to store with an included reusable cotton bag. Take it from one rave review: “I am in love with this comforter. It has just the right weight to it for use alone in the summer (I sleep hot), and I paired it with the honeycomb organic blanket for winter. The stitching on it gives it a beautiful texture and sculptural quality.”

slumber cloud

Best Cooling Comforter

2. Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter

  • Materials: ClimaDry by Outlast fiberfill, 300 thread-count cotton 
  • Why We Love It: NASA-approved temperature-regulating technology, 0.25-inch thickness, Oeko-Tex certified cotton cover, moisture-wicking, 

Temperature-incompatible couples will love this state-of-the-art comforter that uses specially developed cooling technology by NASA. The proprietary Outlast fiberfill draws off body heat as you get toasty, then redistributes that heat as the body cools down—all while regulating your temperature as you snooze. Plus, the blanket wicks moisture with its 100 percent cotton outer cover, so no soggy midnight wakeups.


Best Down Comforter

3. Brooklinen Down Comforter

  • Materials: Canadian down, cotton sateen 
  • Why We Love It: Available in 3 weights, Canadian down filling, microbial treated, sateen cotton shell, baffle box construction

Canadian-made, this down cluster-filled comforter has cuddly baffle box construction that's snuggly, yet lightweight enough to prevent sweating in the middle of the night. It's the rare all-down model that's going to please hot and chilly sleepers alike, without any heavy weight. Take it from this editor, who’s been sleeping with the comforter for two years now: “When I was on the hunt for the best down comforter, I wanted something super-fluffy for that just-out-of-a catalog bedding look, but lightweight enough that I wouldn’t feel suffocated in my sleep. This comforter hit both categories with flying colors. Not only did it give my bed that cozy, sink-into-me aesthetic, but I was cool and comfortable sleeping under this one all night long.”

pottery barn
Pottery Barn

Best Down Alternative Comforter

4. Pottery Barn Hydrocool Duvet Insert

  • Materials: HydroCool performance polyester, 300 thread-count-cotton
  • Why We Love It: HydroCool technology and performance down, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, provides all-over warmth, machine-washable

Both extra-fluffy and moisture-wicking, you’ll feel like you’re drifting off to sleep at a five-star hotel with this comforter. It’s wrapped in a 100 percent cotton-filled down-alternative cocoon with 300-thread count damask stripes—and its Hydrocool technology last the life of the bedding. One reviewer writes: “The comforter features moisture-wicking fibers to keep you cool and dry while you sleep. Even in warmer weather or when I had the heat cranked up, I never felt hot or stuffy underneath it. Using baffle box construction, the blanket's filling remains evenly distributed and provides all-over warmth throughout the night.” 

cosy house

Best Comforter Under $100

5. Cosy House Down Alternative Comforter

  • Materials: Bamboo, rayon, polyester microfiber fill
  • Why We Love It: Pricing starts at $80, fluffy without feeling heavy, corner loops, breathable and moisture-wicking, baffle box prevents fill from shifting

Bamboo is mixed with rayon inside this down alternative comforter in a ratio that gives a fluffy loft without heaviness or too much warmth. Corner loops let you keep a cover in place, should you decide to layer this blanket to match your bedroom. Plus, with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, you know you're not sacrificing quality for affordability (pricing starts at $80): “For someone who likes to sleep cool, this blanket keeps you at the perfect temperature. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling sweaty. Also save on electricity because I don’t need to run the fan all night either. We have the king size and it’s perfect for two people,” one reviewer explains. 


Velvet pillowcases and comforter
Serena and Lily

Best Luxury Comforter

6. Serena & Lily Delwood Quilt

  • Materials: polyester fill, velvet, linen 
  • Why We Love It: reversible design with velvet on the front and lightweight linen on the back, channel quilted with piped edges, machine-washable, matching pillow shams included 

There's nothing like the rich texture of velvet and its subtle glow, thanks to the nap of the fabric. This channel-stitched quilt has that sort of regal presence in the bedroom, along with the lightness that linen affords as its reverse layer. It also happens to be machine-washable (which is rare for luxury bedding that utilizes hand-stitched quilting). And of course, the piping on the edges and included matching pillow shams bring the whole look together.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Home

Best Patterned Comforter

7. Ralph Lauren Home Genevieve Comforter

  • Materials: cotton sateen, polyester fill
  • Why We Love It: Parisian-garden-inspired toile print, silky soft feel, lofty without being too warm, machine-washable, colorfast fabric prevents fading, durable and ideal for long-term use

Spun from silky cotton sateen with a plush polyester fill, this Ralph Lauren staple draws inspiration from a Parisian garden with a toile, floral print design in a classic palette of blue and white. The soft hand of the sateen only gets softer as it's washed (that’s right; it’s machine-washable), but the colorfast fabric stays vivid. And, despite its lofty appearance, reviewers say it still hits the mark as an all-season option: “I love the soft feel and that I can use this year-round. The comforter is not overly hot, so it works perfectly in warm and cool weather. The design is adorable, it’s a classy, understated pattern that really completes the look of my room.”


Best Comforter Set

8. Saatva Channel Quilt + Sham Set

  • Materials: organic cotton batting, sateen weave
  • Why We Love It: all-season weight, 1-inch channel quilting, available in 3 colors, machine-washable, durable and pet-approved 

The 300-thread count sateen of this comforter is soft enough to be comfortable for everyday use, and the one-inch channeling keeps the organic cotton batting in place. It includes two matching shams with an envelope opening, so you know it’ll keep your pillows exactly where they’re meant to be. Plus, the soft grey, white and ivory colors are as restful as the fabrication. One happy customer writes, “The material is soft and lightweight yet a decent thickness. We have a large dog that sleeps with us so we needed something that wouldn’t get ruined/tugged by claws. Great quality, not just with the top layer, but also in the organic cotton filling…AND we’ll be able to machine wash it.”

lightweight comforter softest

Fluffiest Comforter

9. Quince Down Comforter

  • Materials: white down fill, cotton sateen shell
  • Why We Love It: 650 fill is substantial yet lightweight, RDS-certified down is ethically sourced, loops on every corner, machine-washable, available in two weights 

A traditional cotton duvet, done exactly right. The 650-fill down is sure to give your bed some loft—and you can rest easy knowing it’s certified Responsible Down (aka manufactured with animal welfare in mind). The loops on every corner also ensure that, should you be inspired to cover it during winter, you can keep it neatly encased. Machine wash it in cold water, then low-temperature tumble dry, and it's fresh for another season. “It's the perfect weight for San Francisco (warm, but breathable). It's got the structure of a far more expensive goose down comforter, with a very soft crinkle,” one reviewer writes. 

cozy earth bamboo
Cozy Earth

Best Bamboo Comforter

10. Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter

  • Materials: viscose derived from bamboo, silk 
  • Why We Love It: choice of bamboo or silk fill, lightweight and breathable with an all-season feel, machine-washable and enhanced to resist piling, corner loops keep it in place

Moisture-wicking viscose that's derived from bamboo feels degrees cooler than cotton, so this comforter is a boon for hot flash sufferers and sleepers who tend to get overheated. It has two fill options, where you can choose between viscose derived from bamboo (lightweight and temperature-regulating) or 100 percent mulberry silk (extra plush and moisture-wicking). That said, many reviewers describe bamboo as the ideal lightweight feel: “This is a Goldilocks comforter. It keeps you at the perfect temperature: not too warm, not too cold, but just right. It also fully fits a king-sized duvet cover (not overfilled, so it’s bursting at the seams). There are tie slots on the corners of the comforter to better connect it to a duvet cover and ensure it stays put.” And to top it all off, the fabric is machine washable and enhanced to resist pilling. 


Best Cotton Comforter

11. Parachute Air Cotton Quilt

  • Materials: 100 percent cotton 
  • Why We Love It: garment-dyed for softness, 3-ply gauze makes it breathable, organic and GOTS-certified, extra-long construction, available in 3 colors, machine-washable and fade-resistant 

GOTS-certified cotton is a lighter version of Parachute's bestselling Cloud Cotton Quilt, made more lightweight. The gauze gently drapes across the foot of your bed or as a coverlet, and the extra layer it provides keeps you warm. “This quilt is soft, squishy, and warm! I threw it on top of a down comforter and it’s perfect for winter. In the summer, I’ll ditch the comforter and just use the quilt on its own. I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough for my Cal-king, plus my husband and I are not small people… not to worry though, this thing practically hits the floor all around,” one person raves in the reviews. Bonus? It comes in white, pebble and our favorite, the on-trend jewel-toned color named midnight.


Best Eucalyptus Comforter

12. Buffy Breeze Comforter

  • Materials: Tencel lyocell fill and shell
  • Why We Love It: plant-based fabric is biodegradable, distinctive wave stitching, soft-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking and breathable, good for all-seasons

The Tencell lyocell fiber in this number absorbs moisture better than cotton, so your skin is cool and dry though the night. Since the fiber is harvested from eucalyptus trees, it's sustainable, and Buffy touts the biodegradability and compostable nature of its soft covering. If you want to make the comforter even warmer, there are loops in the corner to accommodate duvet cover ties. Not to mention that this guy scored 84 points out of 100 in a PureWow100 review: “It doesn’t trap heat like polyester or down—and its [materials feature] cool to the touch eucalyptus [with a] fiber shell that’s temperature-regulating. All that to say: This blanket was made for down-blanket devotees who can’t give up that cozy feel...even in July,” writes former fashion director Dena Silver. 

cozy earth linen
Cozy Earth

Best Linen Comforter

13. Cozy Earth Linen Quilt

  • Materials: viscose from Bamboo, linen
  • Why We Love It: French flax linen and box-stitching has a relaxed look, washed for softness, breathable bamboo fill, available in 4 colors, machine-washable, includes a travel bag 

Lightweight like a linen shirt and breathable like a sunny day in May. In four earthy colors, this is like Grandma’s quilt on steroids. The French flax linen and box-stitch weave lands you that relaxed, Parisian-style bedding look while the viscose from Bamboo fill adds to its lightweight feel. The soft-washed finish also makes it dreamy on the skin: “I was worried the linen would be too scratchy, but I find that it’s still amazingly soft. It's a nice texture—and I was surprised by how thin it was, considering it’s a quilt. I love how it’s light yet heavy enough to keep me warm,” one person writes. They also add, “The quilt came in the CUTEST bag. I was not expecting that, but it was a very pleasant surprise.” Add to that, the fact that its fabric is durable and enhanced to resist piling when you throw it in the washer. 


Best Silk Comforter

14. Lilysilk Silk Comforter

  • Materials: long-staple cotton and silk strand floss
  • Why We Love It: cotton cover is breathable while silk fill is temperature-regulating, buttery soft-to-the-touch, machine-washable with special detergent for silk 

Natural fibers are great heat regulators; cotton and silk are among the most prized. This comforter combines the best of both by sandwiching long-fiber silk floss between two covers made of super-soft cotton. The result is maximum temp regulation, durability and comfort: “Oh my gosh. No one will believe how warm and temperature-regulating these silk comforters are. Although the silk batting inside is thin, it works great,” writes one person. Plus, another adds: “A great weight for the summertime.” And despite its luxurious construction, the comforter is still 100 percent machine-washable (just be sure to use special detergent for silk). 

gravity weighted 1
Gravity Blanket

Best Weighted Comforter

15. Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

  • Materials: Lyocell from eucalyptus, glass beads
  • Why We Love It: stress-reducing properties, available in three weights (15-, 20 and 35-pound), stitching prevents glass beads from shifting around, moisture-wicking fabric, hypoallergenic, available in 6 colors, machine-washable cover

Need something to help you really chill out this summer? Gravity conducted a 2019 sleep study, where 72 percent of participants reported deeper, more restful sleep and 76 percent reported falling asleep faster when using the Gravity Blanket. “[The] cooling weighted blanket can theoretically increase serotonin and melatonin and decrease cortisol by using deep pressure stimulation to replicate the feeling of being held or hugged,” writes senior editor Dana Dickey. “The breathable moisture-wicking polyester cover does more than just wick away heat (and consequently, stress and anxiety); it actually allows air to move in and around your body. You’ll get the pluses of having blanket weight, without the overheated-in-your-coat-in-a-crowded-elevator feeling.” 

On top of its stress-reducing properties (and the fact that its cover is machine-washable), it includes gridded stitching that ensures the glass beads remain uniformly distributed and don’t shift when you toss and turn in your sleep.

pottery barn cloud
Pottery Barn

Most Stylish Comforter

16. Pottery Barn Cloud Quilt

  • Materials: linen, cotton, polyester fill
  • Why We Love It: hand-stitched for supreme softness, 8 dreamy colors, cotton-linen front reverses to all-cotton, fill doesn’t clump or shift over time, machine-washable

Chambray. Shell. Flax. These and eight other meditative hues are the palette of this gorgeous hand-sewn quilt that is sure to become a family heirloom. The reversible design is supremely soft on each side, featuring a hand-stitched front fabric with a luxurious linen and cotton blend and 100 percent cotton on the back for unprecedented breathability. The polyester batting offers plenty of loft while the hand-stitched pockets keep it from clumping or shifting over time. Add to that, the fact that it’s durable (machine washable) and cozy—and the blanket's thin profile makes it perfect for layering in cold months, then starring solo on your bed in spring and summer. 

brooklinen quilt
  • Materials: 100 percent long-staple cotton
  • Why We Love It: hand-stitched by artisans, pin-tucked design, ultra-soft, four colorways, lightweight yet cozy, available in 2 sizes and 4 colors, machine-washable

The intricate hand-stitched texture on this thin and elegant quilt sets it apart from most (as does the ultra-softness of its 100 percent long-staple cotton construction). On one side, there’s a medley of neutral color-blocking; on the other, a solid dark grey with subtle stitched accents. Yet, the real showstopper is its lightweight loft and how it holds up over time: “This quilt has been amazing. It's warm enough for our late winter, early spring nights—and I haven't been kicking it off my feet because I'm overheated in the middle of the night,” one reviewer writes. 

Another adds, “Although it’s white, and does get dirty, it washes so well. Over six months later, the quilt is still so soft, unstained, and overall, in perfect condition.”

lightweight comforter colors

Best Quilted Comforter

18. SunStyle Home Quilt

  • Materials: 100 percent microfiber
  • Why We Love It: 6 bold colors, classic diamond pattern, 8-needle stitching enhances the strength of the seam, machine washable, colorfast and fade-resistant, breathable and prevents overheating

Ultra-lightweight microfiber makes this quilt a champ for withstanding numerous washings and keeping sleepers just warm enough in the heat of summer. And in a classic lightweight diamond pattern, this quilt will be the one that you'll be carrying to the couch to snuggle under. Couple that with the fact that it has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with more than 2,400 reviews—and you know you have a winner: “Perfect for summer, doesn't cling to the body or make you overheat. Also, it was very easy to wash and dry, fits easily in the machine. Soft, great color,” writes one person. 

lightweight comforter color range
Company Store

Most Colorful Comforter

19. La Crosse Down Comforter

  • Materials: RDS-certified down and feathers, cotton twill
  • Why We Love It: ethically sourced down, cotton twill cover for premium softness, 18 colors, holds up in the wash, colorfast prevents fading, 4 fill power options

In four weights and 18 colors, this comforter is the juust right option for hot sleepers who don't want to sacrifice their decor scheme to have a not-too-heavy comforter. It’s filled with RDS-certified down and the 295-thread-count cotton cover stays bright through perennial washings, making this a great choice for families who love to pile on the bed (sippy cups and all): “I run cold, my husband runs hot, so I purchased this in a twin to go over just my half of our king bed. It's just the right weight for a little added warmth. The russet color is attractive and has held up well to stains.”

company store
Company Store

Most Simple Comforter

20. The Company Store Voile Quilt

  • Materials: cotton voile with cotton fill
  • Why We Love It: simple sumptuous weave, 22 dusty hues, lightweight loft is breathable, machine-washable, pet-approved and durable in the wash

Dusty-saturated hues and cuddly baffles make this cotton voile quilt the topper everyone wants to nap under. Should you need to fold back the blanket (which has a thin layer of machine-washable cotton batting inside), you're still looking at the same rich color and textural appeal. The cherry on top? It’s pet-approved: “I needed something very basic. It has great color and is very well made; I have dogs that sleep on the bed and digging sometimes happens when they nest. Not a pull or string has come loose—fabric hasn’t frayed or torn. This should last for years,” writes one reviewer. 

lightweight comforter kids

Best Comforter for Kids

21. Mooreeke Kids Bedding Set

  • Materials: 100 percent microfiber 
  • Why We Love It: bed-in-a-bag includes 1 comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 1 pillowcase, 1 pillow sham and 1 decorative toy throw pillow; comes in 6 playful patterns; machine-washable and ultra-durable; lightweight yet cozy

Unicorns, dinosaurs, dump trucks, planets, butterflies: These are the fetching patterns your child can choose among with these ultra-durable comforter-and-sham sets that don't run, no matter how often you wash them: “My son loves this comforter set so much that it has to be washed and put back on his bed the same day or he says he doesn't sleep as well! Made of microfiber so washes well,” writes one reviewer. 

Plus, another adds: “Lightweight, soft and sheets are nice and cool for summer. Very cozy. I've napped in my son's bed just to try it out…very comfy.” And as a bonus, there's a toy pillow with each set that will make your little one feel extra special—maybe enough to inspire them to make their own bed. 

The 19 Best Summer Blankets for Hot Sleepers

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